Adrian Gleiss  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Adrian Gleiss
    BSc (Hons.), PhD

    ARC DECRA Fellow

    About me

    I am physiological/behavioural ecologist, broadly interested in understanding the interactions of ecology and physiology in driving the evolution of organisms.

     I am interested in a diverse range of unconventional model systems, I am interested in the functional consequences of buoyancy in marine vertebrates, the implications of temperature for ectotherm performance and the ecology and evolution of locomotor capacity. These questions are being addressed in a range of organisms ranging from jellyfish to whale sharks.

    I am always looking for eager students to participate in my research. If you are interested in pursuing graduate research or bolstering your CV while doing your undergrad; get in touch!

    Awards and grants

    2015 ARC Discovery Early Career Research Award

    2014 Human Frontier Science Program Long Term Fellowship

    2011 Endeavour Research Fellow

    2009 Wingate Foundation Scholar

    Professional and community service

    Peer Review Service

    Metrics: Number of Reviews: 43, in the past 12 month: 13, Mean Impact Factor: 3.09

    All data according to

     National Science Foundation,Natural Environmental Research Council, Proceeding of the Royal Society B, Ecology, Journal of Animal Ecology, Marine Ecology Progress Series Marine Biology, Endangered Species Research, Aquatic Living Resources, Revista Biologica Tropical, Marine and Freshwater Research, Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, Journal of Experimental Biology,Functional Ecology, PlosOne, Hydrobiologia, Journal of Fish Biology, Nature Scientific Reports, National Geographic, Behavioural Ecology and Sociobiology, Methods in Ecology and Evolution, Animal Behaviour, Movement Ecology, Biology Letters

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    2010-2011 Serena Wright (MSc, Swansea University) – Diel activity patterns of Whale   Sharks at Ningaloo Reef

    2013-present Lauran Brewster (PhD, University of Hull) – Ecological Energetics of the Lemon Shark

    2015 – present Samantha Andrzejaczek (PhD, University of Western Australia) – Drivers of vertical movement in elasmobranch fishes

    2016-present Karissa Lear (PhD, Murdoch University) – The thermal ecology of riverine elasmobranchs

    2016 – present Andrew Broadley (PhD, University of Western Australia) – The eco-hydrology of the Fitzroy River in relation to Climate Change

    2016 – present Garry Ogston (PhD, Murdoch University) – The energetic consequences of environmental flows on the freshwater cobbler



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    Selected Refereed Journal Articles

    1. Gleiss A.C., Potvin J., Whitty J., Keleher J, Morgan D.T. , Goldbogen J. (2015) Mechanical challenges to freshwater residency in sharks and rays. Journal of Experimental Biology 
    2. Fossette S*., Gleiss A.C.*, Chalumeau J., Bastian T., Armstrong C.D.,Vandenabeele S., Karpytchev M., Hays G.C.  (2015) Current-oriented swimming by jellyfish in the absence of a fixed reference frame and the role in bloom maintenance. Current Biology *joint first author with equal contribution
    3. Fossette S., Schofield G., Lilley M. K.S., Gleiss A.C. &  Hays G.C. (2012) Acceleration data reveals the energy management strategy of a marine ectotherm during reproduction. Functional Ecology 26 (2): 324-333.  
    4. Fossette S., Gleiss A.C., Lewis A.R., Hays G.C. (2012) Does prey size matter? Novel observations of feeding in the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) allow a test of predator–prey size relationships. Biology Letters 8 (3): 351-354.
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    Book Chapters

    1. Whitney N.M., Papastamatiou Y.P. & Gleiss A.C. (2012) Emerging techniques in physiological ecology of elasmobranchs in Biology of Sharks and their relatives III. Edited by Carrier J., Musick J., Heithaus M. (Invited book chapter). CRC Press, Boca Raton.