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    Dr Amanda Woods-McConney
    BSc, MS, PhD

    Senior Lecturer

    About me

    Dr Amanda Woods-McConney is Senior Lecturer in Science Education at Murdoch University’s School of Education. Amanda achieved her PhD at Florida Institute of Technology where she held a Fellowship from the Pew Charitable Trusts for the program initiative: Integrated Approaches to Training in Conservation and Sustainable Development. Amanda has also held academic positions in Science and Teacher Education and Environmental Studies at Western Michigan and Western Oregon Universities. Importantly, in support of her role as a science teacher educator, Amanda has taught high school science in the USA, and primary school science in Western Australia.

    Amanda’s research currently centres on deepening understanding of students’ engagement in science and science literacy, particularly for girls. In addition, complementing her role as a science teacher educator, Amanda’s research spans the effective use of small group work in science, development of teachers’ efficacy in science, and inquiry-based science teaching. In developing each of these lines of research, Amanda remains committed to linking theory and practice through partnerships with schools, science teacher education grounded in practice and science teaching informed by current research.

    Teaching area

    At Murdoch University I have taught in the areas of primary science teacher education and postgraduate educational research methods. Currently I coordinate and teach the following units:

    • Thinking Scientifically (EDN 115), a first year science content unit for prospective science teachers.
    • Teaching Science in Early Childhood and Primary (EDN442), a fourth year science curriculum and methods undergraduate unit.

    Research areas

    My current areas of research include:

    • Understanding qualitatively how teachers conceptualise and enact inquiry-based teaching in their science classrooms
    • Investigating the effectiveness of various pedagogical approaches to teaching science using Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) data
    • Students’ engagement and literacy in science, including girls (Girls in STEM) and Indigenous students
    • Students’ small group work in science and STEM
    • Teachers’ self-efficacy for teaching science and STEM

    Current projects

    • Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship - Demystifying career paths for parents and teachers.
    • Review of Rio Tinto Earth Assist, Conservation Volunteers Australia’s primary environmental education and secondary school community service program funded by Rio Tinto.

    Awards and grants

    2017-2018 Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science. Women in STEM & Entrepreneurship – Demystifying career paths for girls, parents and teachers (with Professor Cassandra Berry)

    2015-2018 Conservation Volunteers Australia. Review of Rio Tinto Earth Assist programme. Review of Conservation Volunteers Australia’s primary environmental education and secondary school community service program funded by Rio Tinto (with Dr Katie Roe)

    2014 Commonwealth of Australia, Department of Education, Indigenous Higher Education Policy, Research and Strategy Group. Indigenous Student Success in Science. (Co-Investigator with Dr Andrew McConney)

    2011-2013 Australian Learning and Teaching Council (OLT) (Curriculum Renewal Projects). Renewing the sustainable energy curriculum in the 21st century: providing internationally relevant skills for a carbon constrained economy (Tertiary Curriculum Framework Specialist with Associate Professor Chris Lund, Professor Philip Jennings, and Dr. Trevor Pryor, Co-Project Leaders)

    2011 New Zealand Post Primary Teachers’ Association (NZ PPTA). A Systematic Review of the Literature surrounding Fast Track Schemes in Teacher Education, with particular focus on Teach for All ($40K) Project (Researcher with Dr Andrew McConney and Dr Anne Price)

    2010 DET Innovation Projects, Western Australia (Department of Education and Training) The Gwynne Park Model: Teachers as Tutors (University Partner with Gwynne Park Primary School Sam Prodonovich, Principal Investigator)

    1990/1991 Pew Fellowship for the Program Initiative: Integrated Approaches to Training in Conservation and Sustainable Development, Pew Charitable Trusts

    Events and speaking engagements

    McConney, A., & Woods-McConney, A. (2019). Inquiry-based, teacher-directed and adaptive instruction in secondary science: A cross-national analysis of associations with science literacy and interest using PISA 2015. Paper presented at 11th annual International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation (ICERI). 11‑13 November, Sevilla, Spain.

    Woods-McConney, A., Wosnitza, M., & Delzepich, R. (2018). Teacher Education Students’ Self-Efficacy for Teaching Primary Science in Australia.Paper presented at Australasian Science Education Research Association. (ASERA) Conference, 27-29 June, Gold Coast, Australia

    McConney, A., Oliver, M., Woods-McConney, A., & Maor, D. (2016). Does More Inquiry Mean Better Literacy and Engagement in Science? An Analysis of Australia, Canada and New Zealand using PISA. Paper presented at European Conference on Educational Research. (ECER) Conference, 23-26 August, Dublin.

    Woods-McConney, Oliver, M., A., McConney, A., & Maor, D., (2015). Developing engagement and literacy in science: What do the girls say? Paper presented at Australasian Science Education Research Association (ASERA). Conference, 30 June-3 July, Perth, Australia.

    Woods-McConney, A. & Wosnitza, M. (2012). “What do you reckon the prediction or hypothesis will be?” Examining high-level content-related interactions among students in an Australian upper primary science cooperative group work setting. Paper presented at American Educational Research Association (AERA) Conference, 13-17 April, Vancouver, Canada.

    Mansfield, C. & Woods-McConney, A. (2011). “I didn’t always perceive myself as a science person”: Examining development of efficacy for primary science teaching. Paper presented at Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Conference 27 November – 1 December, Hobart, Tasmania.

    Woods-McConney, A., Oliver, M., Maor, D., Schibeci, R. & McConney, A. (2011). Science engagement in Australia and New Zealand: A comparative, secondary analysis. Paper presented at European Science Education Research Association (ESERA) Conference, 5-9 September, Lyon, France.

    Professional and community service

    Manuscript Peer Reviewer, International Journal of Science Education, Educational Studies, Journal of Curriculum Studies, The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education

    Editorial Board, Research in Science Education, Teaching Science 

    Applecross Senior High School Board Member 2016, 2017, 2018

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Doctoral and Masters Research Students (Current)

    • Keryn Sturrock (PhD). Science inquiry pedagogy in Western Australian classrooms. (Principal supervisor). Research Training Program Scholarship.
    • Shennae Searle (EdD Part-time). Engaging Australian primary school girls in STEM: A case study. (Principal supervisor).
    • Felicity Baker (MEd Research Part-time). Teachers’ Perspectives and Experiences in Planning for and Delivery of Mathematical Problem Solving in Western Australian Primary School Classrooms(Co-supervisor).

    Completed Higher Degree by Research (Graduate) Students

    • Kristina daSilva-Branco, MEd Research (2019). Education for Sustainability: Understanding the dynamics among curriculum guidelines, teachers’ perceptions of sustainability and its implementation within primary schools in Western Australia. (Principal supervisor)
    • Ani Widyati, EdD (2017). Professionalism of teachers in Indonesia. (Co-supervisor) Murdoch University School of Education Prize for best EdD Dissertation, 2017
    • Deborah Netolicky, PhD (2016). Down the rabbit hole: Professional identities, professional learning, and change in one Australian school.(Co-supervisor)
    • Robert Mowbray MEd Research (2011). Improving Lecture Effectiveness through Training in Public Speaking. (Co‑supervisor)


    Refereed journal articles

    Oliver, M.C., McConney, A, & Woods-McConney, A. (2019). The efficacy of inquiry-based teaching and learning in science: A comparative analysis of six countries using PISA 2015Research in Science Education, DOI: 10.1007/s11165-019-09901-0

    Oliver, M.O., Woods-McConney, A., Maor, D., & McConney, A. (2017). Female senior secondary physics students’ engagement in science: a qualitative study of constructive influences. International Journal of STEM Education, 4(1) DOI 10.1186/s40594-017-0060-9Full text access.

    Rowen, C., Woods-McConney, A., Hughes, L. & Laird, D. (2017). Outcomes of a chemistry content professional learning session: Teachers’ perspectives. Teaching Science, 62 (2): 42-47.

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    Chapters in Edited Books

    Woods-McConney, A., McConney, A., & Sturrock, K. (Expected Publication date May 2020). Inquiry-based teaching and learning in primary STEM. In A. Fitzgerald, C. Haeusler, and L. Pfeiffer (Eds.), STEM Education in Primary Classrooms: Unravelling Contemporary Approaches in Australia and New Zealand. Routledge

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    Technical Evaluation and Research Reports

    Woods-McConney, A., Roe, K. & Burgess, M. (2019). Classrooms brought to life: Rio Tinto Earth Assist. Perth: Murdoch University, School of Education.

    Woods‑McConney, A. & McConney, A. (2014). Indigenous Student Success in Science. Perth: Murdoch University, School of Education. A research report for the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Higher Education Advisory Council (ATSIHEAC) and the Indigenous Higher Education Policy, Research and Strategy Group, Department of Education, Australian Government.

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