Dr Ameer Ali
B.A. Hons (Ceylon), M. Phil (LSE), Ph.D. (Australia)

Lecturer in Economics

Research areas

Professional and community service

Previous Positions:  (Academic)

1965 – 1967 Probationary Assistant Lecturer in Economics  (University of Ceylon)

Oct 1967 – 1970  Research Scholar (London School of Economics)

Sept 1970 – 1975 Lecturer in Economics (University of Ceylon)

1976 – 1977 Senior Lecturer in Economics (University of Ceylon)

Mar 1977 – 1980 Ph.D Scholar at the University of Western Australia

1979 Part-time Tutor in Macroeconomics at Western Australian Institute of Technology

1980 Part-time Tutor in Macroeconomics at Churchlands C.A.E. Western Australia.

 1980 – 1986 Lecturer in Economics at Murdoch University.

1981 – 1984 Part-time Lecturer in Middle East Economies at the University  of Western Australia.

1986 – Aug 1994 Associate Professor in Economics, University of Brunei Darussalamt.

1995-July 1998 Tutor in Economics, UWA

 August 1998- 2004   *             Lecturer in Economics at UWA.

2004 – Present  Visiting Fellow/Lecturer at Murdoch Business School, Murdoch University.

 Previous Positions:  (Semi-academic)

1970 – 1975 Warden of Akbar-Nell Student Residence Hall at the University of Ceylon.  This was an Administrative position where I was in charge of the Hall  Finance, Discipline and general Administration.  This Hall had a total of 500 students.

1976 Member of the University Admissions Committee appointed by the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka.  This committee was responsible for the number of students admitted to various University Campuses in Sri Lanka.

1965-67 & 1970-77 Chief Examiner in Economics for G.C.E. (Advanced Level) in Sri Lanka.

1978 Resident Tutor, Currie Hall, University of W.A.

1977 – 1984  Examiner for Tertiary Admissions Examination in Economics in Western Australia.

1985 Supervising Examiner for TEE Economics in W.A.

1990 – Present Associate editor, Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs

1998   Academic advisor to South Eastern University of Sri   Lanka

1999-2002 Vice president of the Australian Federation of Islamic Council

 2002-2006 President of the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils

2005- 2009 Vice-president, Regional Islamic Dawa Council of Southeast Asia and Pacific (RISEAP)

2006 Chairman, Prime Minister’s Muslim Community Reference Group. The Action Plan published by the government is the product of this group.

2006 Member, Coordinating Committee, World Muslim League Mecca, Saudi Arabia.



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Papers presented at International Conferences: (A selected list)
  • “Muslims and the Export Sector of Sri Lanka” Conference on Muslims of Sri Lanka, Naleemiya Institute, Sri Lanka, 1985
  • “The Quest for Cultural Identity and Socio-economic Advancement: Parallels and Contrasts in Minority Experience in South Asia”, Muslim Minority/Majority Relations Conference, City University, New York, October 1989
  • “Working Women and their Wealth Related Health Problems in Brunei Darussalam”  Industrialisation and Women’s Health: A regional Workshop for the ASEAN Countries, Singapore, April 1992
  • “Human Capital Formation and Survival of Muslim Minorities”, – Conference on Muslim Education, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, April 1993
  • “Reconciling the Quest for Religio-Cultural Identity and Socio-economic Development”, International Conference on Comprehensive Development of Muslim Countries, International University, Kuala Lumpur, August 1994
  • “Pedagogy for a Plural Society: A Muslim Perspective”, paper to be presented at the colloquium on Managing Christian –Muslim Relations, February 2004 in Monash Univeristy, Melbourne
  • “Islam and Globalization: thesis, antithesis and synthesis”, International Islamic Conference, Jakarta, 2004.
  • “Muslim Diaspora in the West: An Australian Perspective”, Third International ASAA Conference, Kerala, South India, July 2004.
  • “Improving the Dialogue: A Muslim Community Perspective” paper presented at Security in Government Conference, Canberra, May 9-11, 2006.
  • “Interfaith Dialogue: The Australian Context” paper presented at the Peace and harmony conference in Singapore on 1st-3rd September 2006
  • “Islamic Culture or Muslim Cultures: Missing Pieces in the Australian Cultural Kaleidoscope”. Keynote address to be delivered at the Symposium on Islamic Culture in Adelaide, May 2008.
  • “Muslims in Sri Lanka after the Civil War”, Public Lecture, Colombo: Sri Lanka, January 9 January 2011.

Contribution to newspapers and book reviews: Too many to list.