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Dr Ana Rita Sequeira

Academic Chair Health Administration, Policy and Leadership Program Lecturer in Health Policy

About me

Dr Ana Rita Sequeira is the Academic Chair of the Health Administration, Policy and Leadership program and a Lecturer in Health Policy at Murdoch University. Ana Rita research interests include Global Health and Public Health; health policy and economics; critical and interpretative approaches; development studies and how to translate research into practice, bringing together both community perspectives and policy towards health and social development.

Besides her post- and undergraduate teaching and research collaborations, Ana’s professional experience also encompassed program management in humanitarian organisations in Mozambique, and applied research to inform public policy in Mozambique, South Africa, Zambia, East-Timor and Australia.

Teaching area

SWM514 Global Public Health

SWM517 Health Policy and Governance

SWM519 Strategic Health Leadership and  Management

Digital Learning:

Future Learn Program on Health Policy and Governance


Research areas

Sequeira’s unique profile combines experience in complex study design and analysis and applied health economics and policy to inform policy-making. She has been involved with research using population-based linked data to study health outcomes of marginalised populations and health service utilisation, as well as lead and collaborates with inter and multi-disciplinary research teams on refugee health, aboriginal health, among others. Other areas of research interest include health systems research in resourced-limited countries.
Past projects:
  • Supporting the Development and Implementation of the WA Health Networks Action Plan (2017). Francesco Paolucci and Martin Whitely. Health Network Directorate, WA Department of Health. 
  • Economic and social impact of Rare Diseases (2017). Emmanouil Mentzakis and Francesco Paolucci.  Office of Population Health Genomics, WA Department of Health.
  • Using natural resource wealth to improve access to water and sanitation (Mozambique)”. Principal Investigator – Dr Ryan Admiraal, Murdoch University. (2014-2015) | DFAT Funding
  • “Driving policy in mine closure and abandonment management, environmental risk mitigation, and rehabilitation of abandoned mine sites as a pro-poor development Strategy”. Principal Investigator – Assoc. Prof. Angus Morrison-Saunders, Murdoch University (2013-2015) | DFAT Funding

Current projects

  • Some of my current projects:
    • COVID 19 in Latin America
    • The COVID-19 pandemic: Nurse leaders’ decision making to prepare Western Australian hospitals: Informing practice to improve preparedness and response
    • An analysis of the health and well-being of humanitarian entrants arrived in Australia


Awards and grants

  • 2020
Vice-Chancellor Learning and Teaching Citation (Early Career Category)
ABLSS Excellence in Learning and Teaching
  • 2019
Associated Fellowship, Higher Education Academy
College of ABLSS Learning and Teaching Awards (highest mean score in teaching surveys) in semester 1 (SWM517 Health Policy and Governance) and semester 2 (SWM514 Global Public Health).
  • 2020
WA North Metro Health Service “Health Service Utilisation and Health Outcomes among temporary Humanitarian Entrants in Western Australia” (Principal Investigator).
  • 2019

ABLSS Small Grant Scheme “Menstrual Pain Project: Exploring the individual and economic burden of period pain in a large cohort of women” (Co-Investigator), AUD5000.

ABLSS Small Grant Scheme “An analysis of the health and well-being of humanitarian entrants arrived in Australia using a National Longitudinal Survey” (Lead Investigator), AUD4924.

ABLSS Small Grant Scheme “A cost-benefit analysis of chiropractic education within Australian Universities” (Co-Investigator), AUD4924.

Murdoch LEAD Academy “Assessing postgraduate students’ perception, engagement and understanding on individualised written, audio and video feedback”, AUD4370.52.

  • 2018

Ishar’s Multicultural Women’s Health (2018), An Exploratory Study of Ishar’s Services in the Perth Metropolitan Area: Social Return on Investment Analysis.

2017 - Research Scientific Award by ISCTE-IUL.

2011-2015 – Scholarship for PhDStudies (SFRH/BD/71314/2010) funded by FCT – Science and Technology Foundation.

2004/2005 - Professor António Mendes Corrêa Award: Highest classification in Anthropology, by School for Social and Political Sciences, Technical University of Lisbon.

Media, Events and speaking engagements

Speaking engagements:

Sequeira, Ana Rita (2017) Stakeholder Engagement and Patient Activation, Health Policy Forum: Sustainable Future for Health, Murdoch University, 18th July 2017.

Sequeira, Ana Rita (2016) Local Knowledge and Public Health Policy: Perspectives from a Medical Anthropologist, Curtin University, 17th May 2016. Convenor: Dr Tod Jones.

Sequeira, Ana Rita (2016) Primary Health Care Programmes from the ground to top decision-making levels: It’s all about the people!, University of Notre Dame University (School of Health Sciences). 29th April 2016. Convenor: Prof. Gerarn Hoyne.

Sequeira, Ana Rita (2016) Graduate Seminar in African Studies (16th January 2016). Malaria in Southern Mozambique: knowledge, practices and relationship between healthcare providers. ISCTE-IUL Lisbon, Portugal. 

Admiraal, R., Sequeira, A.R., McHenry, M.P., Doepel, D., Herculano, L.M.L., Conceição, F., Monguela, A., Urama, K. and Manzambi, O. (2015) Making Growth Inclusive: The role of mining in the post-2015 development agenda for Africa. In: “Using Natural Resource Wealth to Improve Access to Water and Sanitation”, 2 October 2015, Maputo, Mozambique.

Admiraal, R., Sequeira, A.R., McHenry, M.P.and Doepel, D.(2015) Maximising the impact of mining investment in water infrastructure for local communities. In: Africa Australia Research Forum, 1 September 2015, Perth, Western Austrália.

Sequeira, A.R., McHenry, M.P., Morrison-Saunders, A., Gorey, P., Mtegha, H. and Doepel, D.(2015) Raising the bar: Environmental disclosures in the extractives, transparency, and innovative legal frameworks. In: Africa Australia Research Forum, 1 September 2015, Perth, Western Australia.

Morrison-Saunders, A., Sequeira, A.R., McHenry, M.P.and Doepel, D.(2014) Exploring alternatives to bonds for financing rehabilitation contingency measures in the mining sector in Africa. In: 37th annual African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) conference, 25 – 26 November 2014, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Sequeira, A. R., (2013)  The introduction of Rapid Diagnostic Test for malaria in Mozambique: Between evil spirits and an uncertain biomedical authority In 37th annual African Studies Association of Australásia and the Pacific (AFSAAP) conference, 28-29 November 2013, Perth, Australia.


The Conversation Africa. 17.04.2019 - Mozambique water project: insights into supply and use in a peri-urban area 

The Conversation Global. 26.05.2017 - Trump budget’s cuts to international aid put global health security at risk

Jornal A Verdade, 16.04.2014 – “Maus espíritos interferem no diagnóstico da malária em Moçambique” 

Diário de Notícias, 2.05.2014 – “Crenças populares levam moçambicanos a curandeiros antes de teste de malária


Professional and community service

Ana Rita Sequeira is an associate fellow at the Australasian College of Health Service Management (ACHSM) and Higher Education Academy (HEA), and member of the Institute of Public Administration Australia.

Doctoral and masters supervisions

Students interested in undertaking a postgraduate research degree should email for further information on Expressions of Interest and Applications. 

Current PhD supervisions:

Thanh Van Nguyen – HIV/AIDS among vulnerable populations in Vietnam – Co-Supervisor

Susannah Nichols  - Understanding Childhood Obesity Prevention Policy in Australia: A Historical Institutionalism Approach

Elaine LLarena – An Integrated Communication Approach to Address Zoonotic Diseases



Sequeira, Ana Rita, Mentzakis, Emmanouil, Archangelidi, Olga, Paolucci, Francesco (2021) The economic and health impact of rare diseases: A meta-analysis, Health Policy and Technology, 10(1), pp. 32-44.

Benítez, M., Velasco, Carolina, Sequeira, A.R., Henríquez, J., Menezes, F., Paolucci, F (2020) COVID-19 pandemic in five countries of Latin America: Public Health and Technology Responses, Health Policy and Technology, 9(4), pp. 525-559.

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