Associate Professor Andrew Lewis
BA(Hons), BSW, GradDipPsych, PGDipPsych, Ph.D.

Associate Professor in Clinical Psychology

About me

Andrew Lewis is a Clinical Psychologist and an Associate Professor in the School of Psychology and Exercise Science at Murdoch University. In 2001 he completed a Ph.D in the School of Psychology, Psychological Medicine and Psychiatry at Monash University. From 2007 to 2015 he was a Research Academic in Clinical Psychology based at Deakin University. Andrew has over two decades of clinical experience and has worked clinically at the Royal Childrens Hospital and the Centre for Young People’s Mental Health (now Orygen Youth Health) in perinatal, child and adolescent mental health.

Andrew has published over 80 refereed journal publications and contributed over 20 book chapters. He is an editor of two books: Integrative Assessment in Clinical Psychology (Australian Academic Press, 2011) and Psychopharmacology and Pregnancy:Treatment Efficacy, Risks, and Guidelines (Springer, 2014).

He has published on developmental aspects of depressive and psychotic disorders as well as perinatal and adolescent mental health. He has also undertaken clinical research developing and evaluating parenting and family based interventions by designing cohort studies and running clinical trials. Andrew has a strong interest in the interface between biological systems and the psycho-social environment as early determinants of mental disorders.

He was formerly the course chair of the award winning Master of Psychology(Clinical) at the Geelong Campus of Deakin University and from 2000-2007 established and then co-ordinated the Master of Psychotherapy and Counselling at the University of Ballarat. He has taught in areas such as clinical assessment, psychological therapy, research methodology and biological factors in human development.

Teaching area

 PSY664 Clinical Psychology: Working with Children and Families (Semester 1)


Research areas

Topics of research interest:

Perinatal Mental Health

Fetal development and pregnancy health

Parenting and Family development

Developmental psychopathology

Development and Evaluation of Child and Family mental health interventions


Current projects

 Mercy Pregnancy and Emotional Wellbeing Study (MPEWS): Andrew Lewis and Megan Galbally are the principle investigators on the Mercy Pregnancy and Emotional Wellbeing Study (MPEWS) which has been funded by Beyondblue (2012) and an NHMRC project grant in 2015. MPEWS was established to provide a comprehensive investigation of early developmental mechanisms and modifiers for maternal, fetal and child wellbeing. MPEWS is a prospective, longitudinal study from early pregnancy to 36 months postpartum that includes diagnostic measures of mental health, observational measures of the mother-infant relationship, child developmental measures and repeated biological samples. Over 300 pregnant women were recruited in early pregnancy from the Mercy Hospital for Women in Melbourne, Australia who have contributed to a biobank of over 10 000 biosamples.


 The Family Options Study: Since 2008 Andrew has led the development of a structured multi-family group approach to the treatment of adolescent depression called Behaviour Exchange Systems Training for adolescent mood disorders (BEST MOOD). This project has already undertaken two multicentre clinical trials, funded by beyondblue and the ARC. Currently a third trial is planned evaluating a version of the intervention modified for use for children 3-12 years of age who present with depressive symptoms or anxiety.




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A full list of publications, some with attached full text of the paper, can be found here:

Selected Publications:

Hameed, M. Lewis, A.J., (in press) Offspring of Parents with Schizophrenia: A Systematic Review of Developmental Features Across Childhood. Harvard Review of Psychiatry

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