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Dr Andrew Webster
BA (Harvard), MPhil (Cambridge), PhD (Cambridge)

Dean Academic Operations, College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences

About me

I am Dean of Academic Operations for the College of Arts, Business, Law and Social Sciences. I have previously served as Dean of the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Deputy Dean of the School of Business and Governance (formerly Management and Governance), Dean of the Murdoch University International Study Centre Dubai, and Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching) in the School of Arts. 

As an historian of the politics, diplomacy and international relations of modern Europe, my research centres around the period between the two world wars and the linked themes of international disarmament and the rise and fall of the League of Nations. My current research project traces the history of the international disarmament process from the first Hague peace conference of 1899 to the birth of the nuclear age in the late 1940s. I obtained my PhD in History from the University of Cambridge in 2001, under the supervision of Zara Steiner. Since my appointment to a lectureship in history at Murdoch in 2006 I have developed and taught a series of undergraduate units on the evolution of the modern world, and have been privileged to supervise a series of impressive Honours, Masters and Doctoral research students.

Teaching area

Main teaching areas
  • modern European history
  • international relations since 1789
Units for 2019

Semester 2

  • HIS301: The Age of Extremes, 1929-1968

Research areas

Research Interests
  • Europe between the world wars
  • international disarmament since 1899
  • pacifism and peace movements since 1899
  • the League of Nations, the United Nations and the European Union

Current projects

Current Projects

  • Strange Allies: Britain, France and the Dilemmas of Security and Disarmament, 1929-1933 (forthcoming with Routledge, 2019)
  • The Prize of Peace: A History of International Disarmament, 1899-1955

Doctoral and masters supervisions

Recent doctoral students

  • Luke LeCras, ‘A.K. Chesterton and the problem of British fascism, 1915-1973′ — completed 2017
  • Michelle McKeough, ‘A community and its crises: Challenge and response in Fremantle during plague, war and depression, 1900-1939′ — completed 2017

Current doctoral students

  • Heather Hannah, ‘Gendered expectations of the nineteenth century: Male use of the female pseudonym’ (with Anne Surma)
  • Paula Magee, ‘Child migration to Western Australia in the twentieth century: The Kingsley Fairbridge Farm School at Pinjara’ (with Arjun Subrahmanyan)
  • Margo Warburton, ‘Communities of correspondence: Assessing the meaning of community in the Great War letters of an Australian soldier’ (with Michael Sturma)



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 Edited Works
  • The Encyclopaedia of Diplomacy. Edited by Gordon Martel, 4 vols. (Wiley Blackwell, forthcoming 2018): Contributing Editor, on entries covering 1900-1945 period
  • French History, 24, 2 (June 2010): editor of special issue on ‘France amidst the World Wars’
Recent Conference and Research Papers
  • ‘The failure of the French proposal for European federal union in 1929-1930′, Australasian Association of European Historians, [25th] biennial conference, Monash University, July 2017
  • ‘Reconsidering disarmament at the Hague Peace Conferences of 1899 and 1907’, Conference on War, Peace and International Order? The Legacies of The Hague Conferences of 1899 and 1907, University of Auckland, April 2016
  • ‘The League of Nations and international disarmament, 1925-1932’, Symposium on League of Nations: Histories, Legacies and Impact, University of Melbourne, December 2015
  • ‘Disarmament at the Paris Peace Conference, 1919’, Australasian Association of European Historians, [24th] biennial conference, Newcastle, NSW, July 2015