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    Dr Anne Price
    B.A. , Dip. Ed. , M.Ed.(Hons) , Ed.D.

    Senior Lecturer Curriculum and Professional Issues for Teachers

    About me

    I am a Senior Lecturer in Curriculum Development for Practitioners and Professional Issues for Teachers.

    I am currently undertaking research into the teaching of Indigenous Studies within Initial Teacher Education Programmes in Australia.

    My teaching focus is Indigenous Studies in Initial Teacher Education, Ideas in Education and Introduction to Teaching

    I have  worked and written extensively in the field of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education with a particular focus on the work of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Workers within schools. I was a co-recipient of a Category One Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) grant focused on Up Skilling Aboriginal and Islander Education Officers (AIEOs) with the use of digital technologies (The Skilling Up Project).

    I am part of an international collective researching the reasons for and impact of the phenomenon of  Teaching Out of Field (TOOF) on teacher’s work, student learning and the broader educational milieux.

    I have also been the successful co-recipient of a Category One Australian Government Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) Grants concerning Teacher Resilience (Keeping Cool) and have published widely in this field.

    I also have broad knowledge in the field of curriculum theory and practice across a range of disciplines including Tourism Education.


    Teaching area

    I am the Co Coordinator for

    • EDN 353 Country, Cultures, Peoples: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Perspectives Across the Curriculum
    • BED 100 Ideas in Education
    • BED 150 Introduction to Teaching

    Research areas

    I have a range of research interests but my research is informed by:

    • Critical Education Policy Studies
    • Indigenous Research Theories and Methodologies
    • Labour Process Theories
    • Critical Curriculum Theories
    The major focus for my research currently is theory and practice in teaching Indigenous Studies in Teacher Education
    My research has also been concerned with Teachers’ Work and the ways in which teachers and their work are shaped by education policy turns.  These include:
    • Teacher Professional Standards
    • Initial Teacher Education programmes and policies
    • AITSL Standards 1.4 and 2.4
    • Teacher Resilience
    • Curriculum Theory and Development
    • Teaching Out of Field
    • Tourism Education Theory and Practice
    • Teach for All programmes


    Current projects

    A critical analysis of teaching Indigenous Studies in Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Programmes in Australia with a particular focus on the AITSL Standards 1.4 and 2.4. This preliminary research includes:

    • A review of the extant literature including historical data of past practices and
    • An auto ethnographic study of one mandatory unit of Indigenous Studies in one ITE programme at an Australian University. The latter study involves journaling and collection of artefacts from the unit.

    Past Projects

    Improving Educational Opportunities for Aboriginal Education Workers through Technology Based Pedagogy (OLT $220,000).

    • I am co Investigator on the OLT funded research grant. The project uses Design Based Research methodologies to develop an understanding of the potential educational roles for AEWs that are enabled by mobile and e/Learning technologies. The project also aims to develop a module for Pre Service Teachers working with AEWs

    Keeping Cool: Building Teacher Resilience (ALTC $217,000) – completed

    • I was co chief Investigator for this ALTC funded project from 2009 to 2011. The project investigated ways in which teacher resilience may be used to address alarmingly high rates of Early Career Teacher attrition. Key outcomes from the project were a comprehensive literature review, a website and Facebook page, several international peer reviewed papers and a White Paper to inform curriculum change within Initial Teacher Education programmes.
    The Pilbarra Aboriginal Health Education and Needs Analysis (Gumula Aboriginal Corporation and Rio Tinto $ (220,000) – completed
    • I was a co investigator for this research project which is jointly funded by the Gumula Aboriginal Corporation and Rio Tinto.  The project involves a review of the literature regarding Indigenous health and educational needs and services in the Pilbarra region of WA, as well as extensive surveys and interviews with Gumula members and key stakeholders. The aim of the project is to provide broad and practical recommendations to improve the provision of health and education services for Aboriginal communities in this region.

    Awards and grants

    Research Grants

    Ms E.Jackson-Barrett, Dr A.Price, Prof. J.Herrington, G.Gower (2014-2015) Office of Learning and Teaching (OLT) $220,000. Improving educational opportunities for Aboriginal  Education Workers through technology based pedagogy

    Dr B. Walker, Dr A. Price, Ms E. Jackson-Barrett and N. Stomski (2012) a health and education needs analysis of Gumula Aboriginal Corporation members. GAC and Rio Tinto $200,000 (approx)

    Dr A. Price, and Dr C. Mansfield.  (2009-2011). Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC) PP9-1370 ‘Keeping cool: embedding resiliency in the initial teacher education curriculum’. $217,000.

     Dr Anne Price and  Ms Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett.  (2009 – 2010). Condensed Early Childhood Education Program (Stage One). Department of Education and Training WA  $90,000  WA Government Tender

    Dr Anne Price and Ms Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett. (2009).   North West Early Childhood and Primary Teacher Workforce Development Strategy: Stage Two. Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations. $30,000  DEEWR Tender


    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    I currently supervise HDR students researching the areas of:

    • A Systems Thinking approach to Australian curriculum design
    • Critical, spiritual and sustainable tourism pedagogy.
    • ‘On Country” Learning
    • Critiquing the Year 7 Australian History Curriculum
    • Professional Development for teachers in International Schools
    • Professional Development for Teacher Assistants

    I have successfully supervised HDR students in the areas of:

    • Classroom Management Strategies
    • Tourism education in TAFE and Universities
    • Critical analysis of the Australian Curriculum – History
    • Malaysian rural parents views on small schools
    • Teaching Aboriginal Studies in WA schools
    • Teacher experiences of Professional Learning in WA schools



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     Unpublished Conference Papers

    Thompson, G. & Price. A. (2011).  Performance Pay for Teachers: Back on the Agenda. AARE Conference Hobart

    Beltman, S., Glass, C., Jackson-Barrett, L., Kuzich, S., Price, A. & Thompson, G. (2011). Writing in Community: Academics supporting academic writing.  AARE Conference, Hobart.

    Mansfield, C., Beltman, S. & Price. A. (2011) Don’t sweat the small stuff. AARE Hobart Conference

    Price, A.  (2011).  Roll over or resist: teacher resilience. 18th International conference on learning. Mauritius


    Walker, B., Price, A., Jackson-Barrett, E. & Stomski,N. (2012). A health and education needs analysis of Gumula Aboriginal Corporation members. (Report prepared for Gumula Aboriginal Corporation and Rio Tinto)

    McConney, A., Price, A., & Woods-McConney, A. (2012). Fast track teacher education: A review of the research literature on Teach For All schemes. Perth: Murdoch University, Centre for Learning, Change and Development. ISBN 978-0-9876543-1-1 (Report commissioned by the New Zealand Post-Primary Teachers’ Association (PPTA) Te Wehengarua.)

    McConney, A and Price, A., (2009).  An assessment of the phenomenon of “Teaching-out-of-Field” in WA schools. (Report prepared under contract to Western Australian College of Teaching.)

    Book Reviews

    Anne Price (2011) “Girls Becoming Teachers. An Historical Analysis of Western Australian Women Teachers, 1911-1940”, History of Education Review, Vol 40 Iss:2, pp. 193-195.   (Book Review)