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    Associate Professor Anne Surma
    BA Hons (First Class), PGCE, MA, PhD

    Associate Professor

    About me

    I’m an associate professor in the English and Creative Arts program. I teach undergraduate students in literary studies and professional writing, and supervise several postgraduate students working on writing and literary topics. I have also worked in private industry as an editor and writer, and as a workshop facilitator and consultant, advising on communication strategy and practice. My research interests include critical cosmopolitan orientations to communicating and writing; public communication as ethical discourse and creative practice; writing corporate responsibility; and discursive approaches to dominant and marginalised narratives in public and organisational stories. I’ve published chapters and refereed journal articles from my work, and my first monograph, Public and professional writing: ethics, imagination and rhetoric, was published by Palgrave in 2005. My second monograph, Imagining the cosmopolitan in public and professional writing, was published in 2013, again by Palgrave. An editorial board member of international journals, including TEXTJournal of Communication Management and Public Relations Inquiry, I also hold the honorary title of Distinguished Editor, conferred by the national organisation, the Institute of Professional Editors.

    Teaching area

    I teach in the areas of professional writing and literary studies.

    In 2016 I’m co-ordinating two undergraduate units:

    • EGL121 Turning Points in Literature
    • EGL232 Professional Writing and Editing.


    Research areas

    My research focuses on ethical, imaginative, creative and discursive approaches to professional and public communication, particularly written modes (including fiction). In recent work I’ve been adapting theories of critical cosmopolitanism to reflect on corporate, government and community writing practices in the context of globalisation and neoliberalism.

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    I supervise postgraduate students working in the areas of literary studies, professional and creative writing, public communications, gender.

    Current PhD students (including co-supervisions) include:

    • Danielle Gilson
    • Sameeha Olwan
    • Lynn Gumb
    • Renae Desai
    • Stu Knox
    • Keegan Martens
    • Danny Sheaf
    • Geoff Power-King
    • Elaine Llarena
    • Rob Payne
    • Mags Webster
    • Steven McQueen
    • Heather Bloor



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    Book chapters 

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    Refereed journal articles and refereed conference papers  

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