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    Dr Barrett Losco
    M.Chiropractic SA

    Senior Lecturer in Clinical Chiropractic

    About me

    M. Chiropractic (South Africa)

    Senior Lecturer Clinical Chiropractic

    I graduated in 2000 from the University of Johannesburg with a Masters in Chiropractic. My Masters dissertation investigated the effect of spinal manipulative therapy and dry needling techniques upon pain in patients diagnosed with failed back surgery syndrome, otherwise known as postlaminectomy pain syndrome.   I started my academic career at the University of Johannesburg until 2005 when  I moved to Horsham, Victoria and practiced in a rural setting for 3 years.  In December 2008 I moved to Perth, Western Australia, returning to an academic role at Murdoch University as a lecturer in clinical chiropractic.

    I co-ordinate and lecture into the 3rd and 5th years of the chiropractic program. Currently my main areas of teaching include teaching into  Diagnosis and Chiropractic Skills (CHI302) and Clinical Practicum (CHI584), however I do co-ordinate and teach into other units. In addition to my teaching roles I am the academic chair for the Bachelor of Chiropractic program.

    Teaching area

    My teaching interests include areas relating to spinal pain and the conservative management thereof. I also enjoy teaching relating to skill acquisition which is particularly important to chiropractic students who are learning manual and manipulative techniques. I also have involvement in areas relating to clinical decision making and professional practice.

    I teach and/or co-ordinate the following clinically orientated units:

    CHI302- Diagnoosis and Chiropractic Skills:  This unit introduces students to the  diagnosis and conservative managment of musculoskeletal conditions associated with the spine and pelvis. Students develop their skills in the application of manual therapies throughout the semester in a practical setting as part of their studies in CHI302. I enjoy teaching this unit as I am interested in the management of pain and disability from a conservative perspective. I also have an interest in how students learn complex skills such as spinal manipulation.

    CHI519- Professional Practice Management : This unit introduces the student to aspects of practice management, exploring concepts including startup, associates, locums or partnerships in another practice. This is an interesting area of study for students as it exposes them to the challenges of business.

    CHI584- Clinical Practicum: This unit is the core of students’ clinical training. I cordinate this unit and oversee students completing their clinical placements duringf this unit. Students complete their clinical placements under direct  supervision as part of their requirements to graduate as a chiropractor from Murdoch University.This unit encorporates elements of multiple clinical units taught throughout the chiropractic program. I find this unit to be a challenging unit to teach but at the same time it is extremely rewarding to see students complete their studies.

    Research areas

    My research interests/areas predominantly include the following in the fields:

    • Outcomes associated with manual and manipulative care.
    • Teaching methods employed to develop manual and manipulative skills.
    • Effects of manual therapy upon pain perception.




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