Professor Barry Down
BSocSc, GradDipEd, BEd, MEd, PhD Murd.

School of Education

About me

After 10 years teaching in schools I joined Edith Cowan University, South West campus as a lecturer in social studies education in 1987.  I held a number of teaching and administrative roles as Head of School and Associate Dean  before taking up the position of inaugural City of Rockingham Chair in Education at Murdoch University between 2005- 2014. My research interests focus on the links between educational disadvantage,  student engagement in learning and school-community renewal. My recent books include: (with Smyth, J., Angus, L., & McInerney, P.) Critically Engaged Learning: Connecting to Young Lives (New York: Peter Lang); Activist and Socially Critical School and Community Renewal: Social Justice in Exploitative Times (Rotterdam: Sense Publishers); (with Smyth, J. & McInerney, P.) ‘Hanging in With Kids’ in Tough Times: Engagement in Contexts of Educational Disadvantage in the Relational School (New York: Peter Lang); (with Smyth, J. Eds.) Critical Voices in Teacher Education: Teaching for Social Justice in Conservative Times (Dordrecht: Springer); and (with Smyth, J., & McInerney, P.) The Socially Just School: Making Space for Youth to Speak (Dordrecht: Springer).

Teaching area

I teach courses in the fields of Humanities and Social Sciences Education (EDN441), and Student Engagement and Community Learning (EDU661). I supervise doctoral and masters students, work closely with classroom teachers and school leaders, and are actively involved in a number of school and community organisations.

Research areas

My research interests include:

  • student (dis)engagement
  • educational policy ethnography
  • vocationalisation
  • youth and popular culture
  • narrative inquiry
  • critical pedagogy
  • teachers’ work
  • social science education
  • social justice

My research is located in contexts where there are high levels of poverty, social dislocation and underachievement.

Current projects

(2017) Steinberg, S., Down, B., Grande, S., Nix-Stevenson, D., &. (Eds.), International handbook of critical pedagogies (Vol 1-3). New York: Sage. (forthcoming, 2019).

(2017) Down, B., Smyth, J., & Robinson, J. Rethinking school to work transitions: Young people have something to say. Dordrecht: Springer. (forthcoming)

(2017) Down, B. (2017). Moving beyond the academic and vocational divide in Australian schools. In S. Gannon, W. Sawyer, & R. Hattam (Eds.), Resisting educational inequality: Reframing policy and practice in schools serving vulnerable communities. London: Routledge (forthcoming).

(2017) Down, B. & Sullivan, A. ‘Classroom ready’ teachers: Gaps, silences and contradictions in the Australian report into teacher education. In A. Sullivan, B. Johnson, & M. Simons (Eds.), Retaining the next generation of teachers: Problems and possibilities. Dordrecht: Springer (forthcoming).

(2011) Curriculum innovation and Big Picture learning. This research project investigates the implementation of Big Picture Education Australia (BPEA) design principles in Australian schools. This three-year research project is funded by the Origin Foundation.Chief Investigators: Ass Prof Deb Hayes, University of Sydney, Prof Barry Down, Murdoch University and Neil Day Centre for Program Evaluation Melbourne Graduate School of Education University of Melbourne.

Research within Big Picture from Big Picture Education Australia on Vimeo.

(2010) Getting a job: vocationalism, identity formation and schooling in communities at Disadvantage (ARC Linkage LP110100031) (2011-2013). This research uses young people’s stories to investigate the barriers and obstacles to getting a job, and from their vantage point, identify the educational, policy and practice contexts that need to be created and more widely sustained in order to assist their career aspirations and life chances.  Chief Investigators: Prof Barry Down and Prof William J Smyth.

ARC – ‘Getting a job’ by Barry Down.

(2010) Young people and arts practice: impact, evaluation, and the third space. (ARC Linkage LP110100619). This research investigates the stories of young people to illuminate how young people understand, experience and respond to creative performances to build better futures in fragile communities. Chief Investigators: Dr Peter R Wright, Prof Bradley C Haseman, Prof Barry Down, Mr Scott Rankin, Mr Michael J White.

(2008) Addressing the teacher exodus: Enhancing early career teacher resilience and retention in changing times (ARC Linkage Grant ID LP 0883672 (2008-2011). This research examines new knowledge, strategies and recommendations relevant to keeping early career teachers in the profession. This project identifies the conditions that need to be created to enhance the experiences of early career teachers. Chief Investigators: Prof Bruce Johnson, Prof Barry Down, Dr Jane Pearce, Janet Hunter, Dr Rosie Le Cornu, Dr Judy Peters.

Awards and grants

Recently completed grants

(2010) The Secondary Engagement Evaluation Project in Low SES Schools (A commissioned report prepared for the Department of Education, Perth, Western Australia). This research describes some of the key the policies and practices implemented at Yule Brook College, Thornlie SHS and Manjimup SHS that appear to be making a significant difference in terms of student engagement in low SES school communities. Chief Investigators: Prof Barry Down with Dr Kathryn Choules.

(2010) School Research Framework and National Research Framework, Big Picture Education Australia (A Commissioned report for Big Picture Education Australia, Melbourne, Australia). This project provides a school based and national research framework for Big Picture Education Australia. It provides guidelines and advice on strategies to facilitate data collection and analysis on student and organisational learning for those schools adopting Big Picture design principles. Chief Investigators: Prof Barry Down, John Hogan and Associate Professor Ralph Straton.

(2008) Solid Kids Solid Schools: Conceptualising Bullying in an Aboriginal Context as reported by the Yameji Community (ARC Indigenous Discovery Grant ID D10989770). This project investigates the phenomenon of bullying in the context of the WA Yamaji community and the development of Aboriginal specific school and community-based responses. Chief Investigator: Julie Coffin, supervised by Prof Barry Down and Prof Donna Cross, ECU.

(2006) Improving tertiary participation and retention: (Re)engaging students from low socio-economic backgrounds in the Rockingham region (A Murdoch University Research Excellence Grant Scheme (REGS) project). This small study investigates the university and community-related conditions that promote, support and sustain enhanced levels of tertiary participation and retention at the Rockingham campus. Chief Investigators: Prof Barry Down, City of Rockingham Chair in Education and Dr Jane Pearce, Rockingham campus.

(2004) Enhancing School Retention: School and Community Linkages in Regional-Rural Western Australia (Australian Research Council Project ID: LP560339) (2005-2007). This research investigates the conditions that need to be to created and more widely sustained in order to retain young people for twelve years of schooling, particularly in regional-rural areas.  Chief Investigators: Prof John Smyth University of Ballarat and Prof Barry Down, Murdoch University.

Awards and recognition
  • Founding Board Member of The International Institute for Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership
  • Two Vice Chancellor’s awards for Excellence in Research Supervision.
  • Vice Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Innovation.
  • Five Australian Research Council Linkage grants.
  • Inaugural City of Rockingham Chair of Education.
  • Editorial Board of the Australian Journal of Teacher Education (AJTE).
  • Visiting Fellow Chung Ang University, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Supervision to completion of over 20 Doctoral and Masters theses.
  • Member of four local School Boards and two community education committees.
  • Consultancies to WA Department of Education and Big Picture Education Australia.
  • Selected one of best 16 articles in the 50th anniversary edition of Melbourne Studies in Education.

Events and speaking engagements

Recent speaking engagements, presentations, and workshops

Robinson, J., Down, B., & Smyth, J. (2016). Re-imagining public education. Re-imagining Australia: Encounter, recognition, and responsibility. International Australian Studies Association (InASA) Annual Conference, Perth Convention Centre, 7-9 December.

Down, B. .(2016). ‘Getting a job: What young people have to say. Employability Workshop. Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 15-16 November.

Down, B. (2016). Plenary speaker at the International Institute for Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership (IICPTL) Annual Conference, University of Barcelona, Spain, 13-16 October.

Down, B. (2016). Moving beyond the academic and vocational divide in Australian schools: Towards curricular justice. Resisting educational inequality: ethnographic and critical approaches symposium. British Educational Research Annual Conference, Leeds, 13-15 September.

Down, B. & Sullivan, A.( 2016). ‘Classroom ready’ teachers: gaps and silences in current policy debates about teacher education. Early career teacher retention: A critical examination of the issues symposium. European Conference Educational Research, Dublin, 23-26 August.

Down, B. (2016). Pesonalisation, student engagement and social justice: What’s the research showing? Big Picture Education Annual Conference, 31 Aug-2 Sept, Fremantle.

Down, B. (2016). ‘Critical’ educational leadership in conservative times: Some provocations, tensions and dilemmas. What is educational leadership? Invited Webinar presentation for cADRE, 4 April, 2016.

Down, B. (2015). Rethinking mis/behaviour in schools: From ‘youth as a problem’ to the ‘relational school’. Challenging dominant views on behavior at school. Symposium – Challenging dominant views of behavior at school: Answering back symposium. Paper presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Annual Conference, 29 November – 3 December, Fremantle.

Down, B. (2015). Moving beyond the academic and vocational divide in Australian schools. Reframing policy and practice in schools serving vulnerable communities symposium. Paper presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Annual Conference, 29 November – 3 December, Fremantle.

Down, B. (2015). Moving beyond the academic and vocational divide in Australian schools. Paper presented at the Resisting Educational Inequality: Reframing policy and practice in schools serving vulnerable communities conference, Western Sydney University, 28-30 October, Sydney.

Carr, D., & Down, B. (2015). Youth participation in education research – ‘the bricolage’. Paper presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Annual Conference, 29 November – 3 December, Fremantle.

Hogan, J., Choules, K., Carr, D., Stone, H., & Down, B. (2015). A pedagogy of aspirations: Promising practices. Paper presented at the Australian Association for Research in Education (AARE) Annual Conference, 29 November – 3 December, Fremantle.

Down, B. (2015). Rethinking the conditions for young people ‘getting a job’: Kids have something to say. Engagement Forum, Edith Cowan University, 30 November, Perth.

Down, B. (2014). Rethinking (mis)behaviour in schools: Towards an educative response. Invited speaker at the National Summit, Behaviour in Schools. 14-16 July, University of South Australia, Adelaide.

Down, B. & Smyth, J. (2014). Towards a critical pedagogy of work education. Paper presented at the American Education Research Association Annual Conference, 3 – 7 April, Philadelphia.

Down, B., Sullivan, A. & Johnson, B. (2014). Moving beyond blame: Socio-cultural and critical approaches to early career resilience. Paper presented at the American Education Research Association Annual Conference, 3 – 7 April, Philadelphia.

Down, B. (2013). Alternative learning: Contradictions and possibilities. Keynote Speaker at the Alternative Learning Showcase, Canning Coalition Alternative Learning Alliance,Thornlie Polytechnic West, Perth, 24 October, 2013.

Down, B. (2013). The impact of personalized learning, internships and mentoring on student learning. Keynote Speaker at the National Partnership Project Youth Attainment and Transitions: The  Career Development and Youth Mentoring Conference, Siena Newman Centre, Perth, 16 September, 2013.

Down, B. (2013)  ‘You can’t be neutral on a moving train: Why critical educational research matters in ‘dark times’. Keynote Speaker at The Western Australian Institute for Educational Research Annual Conference, University of Notre Dame, Perth, 10 August 2013.

Down, B. (2013). Plenary speaker at the International Institute for Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership Annual Conference at the University of Malta, 14-16 October, 2013.

Down, B. (2013). From transmission to a humanizing pedagogy. Invited speaker at the Pedagogies for Justice Research Group National Conference at the UniSA , Adelaide, 30 September-2 October, 2013.

Choules, K. & Down, B. (2012). The social justice possibilities of educating one child at a time. Paper presented at the Big Picture Learning symposium. AARE Annual Conference, Canberra, November.

Down, B. (2012). Research: Why it matters? Big Picture Education Australia Annual Conference, Canberra 26-28 October.

Down, B. (2012). Plenary speaker at the International Institute for Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership Conference, CUMO University, Noto, Sicily, 14-19 October

Down, B. (2012). Critically reflective practice for teachers. Keynote  Speaker Canning College, Bentley, 24 April, 2012.

Down, B. (2012). Talkin’ bout their generation: Empowered youth in an era of chaos and indecision. Invited participant at the Inaugural International Youth Studies Congress, University of Calgary, 11 April, 2012.

Down, B. (2012). Hope required when growing roses in concrete: Rethinking student engagement for learning. Invited address to the SEEC and Discover Conference. South East Education Community, Murdoch University, 30 January, Perth, 2012.

Down, B. (2011). Research in Big Picture schools. Facilitator Big Picture Education Conference Workshop, 19-21 October, 2011.


Professional and community service

Current School Board
  • Member – Rockingham Montessori School Board (2010-)
  • Member – Rockingham Education and Training Advisory Committee (RETAC) (2010-)
Professional Associations
  • Member – Australian College of Education (1988-)
  • Member – American Educational Research Association (2012-)
  • Member – Australian Association of Educational Research (1987-)
  • Member – European Education Research Association (2009-)
  • Foundation Member – International Institute for Critical Pedagogy and Transformative Leadership  (2011-)
Editorial Boards
  • Australian Journal of Teacher Education (AJTE)
  • Bold Visions Book Series, Sense Publishers
  • Taboo: The Journal of Culture and Education
  • Critical Youth Studies Reader. New York: Peter Lang Publishing
International Advisory Board
  • Keeping the best: How school leaders engage and retain high quality early career teachers (ARC Linkage Grant - 2013-2016), UniSA.(
Reviewer – Journals
  • Alberta Journal of Educational Research
  • Asia Pacific Journal of Teacher Education
  • Education Inquiry
  • Teaching Education
  • Pedagogies: An International Journal
  • Social Inclusion
  • International Journal of Inclusive Education
  • Teaching and Teacher Education

Previous School Board and Committee Membership

  • Member – Settlers Primary School Board (2013-15)
  • Member – Safety Bay SHS Board (Chair 2007-08) (2006-2012)
  • Member – Rockingham SHS Council (2009-15)
  • Member – Tranby College Board (2005-2013)
  • Member – Youth Education to Employment Committee (2010-11)
  • Member – WA Curriculum Framework Committee (2009-2010)
  • Member – Big Picture Education Australia Research Committee (2011-15)
  • Member – Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Children and Adolescents Rockingham /Kwinana Steering Committee (2005-06)
  • Member – Kwinana Communities for Children Steering Committee (2007-08)
  • Member – Kwinana Senior High School Governance Working Party (2007)
  • Member – Kwinana Senior High School Interagency Working Party (2007)
  • Ex-offico Member – Kwinana Industries Education Partnerships (KIEP) Board (2007)
  • Member – Kwinana Education Precinct Steering Committee (2005-006)
  • Member – KIEP Real Life Science Advisory Group (2007)


Doctoral and masters supervisions

Completed Theses

(2015) Jones, P. Engaging science pedagogies: What students have to say about science learning. MEd, Murdoch University.

(2014) Hodgson, D. Raising the higher school leaving age in Western Australia: A governmental analysis of power and practice. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2014) Ditchburn, G. A Critical Analysis of the Australian Curriculum (History). PhD, Murdoch University.

(2013) McNulty, P. Creating a Democratic Classroom: The Reflective Journey of a Student Centred Teacher in a Middle School. MEd, Murdoch University.

(2013) Stachowicz, E. Teaching for Social Justice: Challenging Stereotypes and Prejudice. MEd, Murdoch University.

(2013) Carnes, R. Unsettling White Noise: Yarning About Aboriginal Education in Western Australian Prisons. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2013) Brand, G. ‘You Don’t Know Half the Story”: Deepening the Dialogue with Young Mothers. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2012) Kuteyi, B. Caught in the Middle: (Re)constructing Beginning Teachers’ Identities. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2011) Gobby, B. The Governmentality of School Autonomy and Self-Management: A Foucauldian Analysis. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2011) Robinson, J. ‘Troubling’ Behaviour Management: Listening to Student Voice. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2010) Cunningham, C. Corrupted Principles: A Critically Reflective Journey into Plutocratic Grading Practices in an Elite Bolivian School. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2010) O’Sullivan, D. A Critical Policy Trajectory Study of Local Area Education in Bunbury, Western Australia, 1998-2000. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2008) Coble-Neal, F. Post-compulsory Curriculum Reform and the Changing Nature of Teachers’ Work, EdD, Murdoch University.

(2007) Lorrimar, W. The New VET (TAFE) Environment: Implications for Teachers’ Work at Meadowbank Campus. MEd, Murdoch University.

(2006) Shanks, P. A Critical Policy Analysis of the Crossroads Review: Implications for Higher Education in Regional Western Australia. MEd, Murdoch University.

(2006) Choules, E. Transformative Pedagogy and Attitudes to Asylum Seekers. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2006) Hodgson, D. Boys in and Out of School: Narratives of Early School Leaving. MEd, Murdoch University.

(2005) Price, A. Chelas, Ansars and Acolytes: Becoming a Teacher In and For a Remote and Culturally Diverse Community. EdD, Murdoch University.

(2005) Robinson, J. A Journey in (Re)claiming Teaching: A Critical Ethnography of Cape Neal High School. MEd, Edith Cowan University.

(2004) Dobozy, E. Education In and For Democracy and Human Rights: Moving from Utopian Ideals to Grounded Practice. PhD, Murdoch University.

(2003) Hubbard, J. The Practice of Homework: A Critical Ethnography. BEd (First Class Hons), Edith Cowan University.

(2002)  Ross, D. Enacting My Theory and Politics of an Ethic of Love in Social Work Education. PhD, Edith Cowan University.

(2002) Langridge, M. The Experience of Advanced Nurse Specialisation Education. PhD, Edith Cowan University.

(2000) Voack, C. How Do Family Members Understand and Explain the Experience of Homework? A Case Study of Four Families. BEd (Hons), Edith Cowan University.

(2000) Cameron, F. Reasons for Girls Non-Selection of Upper School Physical Education Studies in Years 11 and 12: Case Studies in a South West Regional High School. BEd (Hons), Edith Cowan University

(1998) Forde, T. A Policy Critique of Student Outcome Statements in Western Australia. MEd, Edith Cowan University

(1998) O’Brien, P. A Critical Analysis of Corporate Managerialism in Western Australian Public Schools: What Level Two Teachers Have To Say? MEd, Edith Cowan University

(1997) Shepherdson, D. School Violence and School Practice: A Case Study of the Experiences of a Lower Secondary Male Student Using the Methodology of Participant Observation, MEd, Edith Cowan University


(2013). Lyle, J. The Reality of Reform: Teachers Reflecting on Curriculum Reform in Western Australia, MEd, Edith Cowan University.

(2013) Peters, K. Broadening the Concept of School: How a Re-configuration of School Must be Inclusive of Students Who are ‘Put At’ a Disadvantage. PhD, University of Ballarat.

(2013) Rogers, B. Educational Leadership: Cultivating Plurality in a Dialogic Teacher ‘Public Space’. EdD, UniSA.

(2013) Paolino, A. An Interdisciplinary Intervention: The Potential of the Orff-Schulwerk Approach as a Pedagogical Tool for the Effective Teaching of Italian to Upper Primary Students in Western Australia. PhD, Edith Cowan University.

(2012) Read, K. School Administration Teams Dealing With the Western Australian Certificate of Education in its First Year of Award: A Case Study of Four Secondary Public Schools. EdD, University of Western Australia.

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(2009) Bryne, M. An Investigation into the Challenges Teachers Face When Teaching in a Low Socio-economic Primary School. EdD. The University of Western Australia.

(2009) Schmidt, M. Teaching for social conscience in Hong Kong secondary schools. EdD, The University of Western Australia.

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(1997) Burgin, C. The Gender Bias of Economics. MT, Flinders University.

(1997) Kurzeja, J. Sociology of Educational Systems: The Case of Teacher Training in 20th Century Western Australia. PhD, Murdoch University.

Current students


Moore, L. The rhetoric and reality of social inclusion policies in universities.

Hodgson, D. Raising the school leaving age: A Foucauldian analysis.

Ditchburn, G. Interrupting the Australian Curriculum: A policy and pedagogical critique.

Browning, I. A case study of the Independent Public Schools policy in WA.

Hopkins, T. Teachers’ work in the middle years of schooling: A critical ethnography.


Brady, C. The teaching of sustainability in a business undergraduate class: Issues and pedagogical challenges.


Jones, P. Student engagement in science education.

Carr, D. Just whose story is it? Investigating the discourse of ‘otherised’ at risk youth.




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