Bethany Jackson  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Bethany Jackson
    BVSc MVS (Con Med) PhD

    Lecturer in Wildlife Health and Epidemiology

    About me

    I have been a practicing veterinarian for eleven years, with a focus on wildlife health and conservation for the past seven years including a Master of Veterinary Studies in Conservation Medicine, a residency in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine at the Auckland Zoo, and a PhD thesis on health and disease in wild Red-crowned Parakeets of New Zealand.   Throughout my career I have worked within multidisciplinary research groups and teams in New Zealand, New Caledonia, Australia and Argentina.  As a result, my experience spans zoo medicine and surgery, preventive health programs and clinical research, as well as epidemiological approaches to disease surveillance in wildlife and the implications of findings for conservation managers.

    As wildlife populations come under increasing pressure from a suite of threats including anthropogenic habitat change, predators, invasive species, climate change, and novel disease threats, there is an urgent need to use collaborative research frameworks to find solutions to mitigate these impacts.  Partnerships must include the end users of research, to encourage uptake of research findings by policy makers and conservation managers.  I am particularly interested in systematic research of diseases in wildlife within the broader framework of environmental and human health, the “One Health” approach.

    Teaching area

    Academic Chair Master of Wildlife Health and Conservation

    Teaching into wildlife pathology, epidemiology, and One Health in the Master of Wildlife Health and Conservation, as well as 4th and 5th year clinical veterinary students.


    Current projects

    Co-investigator with Auckland Zoo – “Impact of nest mites (Dermanyssus sp.), beak and feather disease virus (BFDV), and ectoparasitic mange on breeding success of Red-crowned Parakeets of New Zealand, including inter-annual prevalence trends and risk factor analysis”.

    Co-investigator – “New tools for old diseases: Virological and epidemiological solutions for endemic respiratory syndrome in wild bobtail lizards”.  Collaboration with Kanyana Wildlife Centre.

    Co-investigator – “Infectious disease threats and climate change; mapping the microbiome of insectivorous bats in Australia’s global biodiversity hotspot”.  Collaboration with Kanyana Wildlife Centre, Bush Heritage Australia and Australian Animal Health Laboratories.


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