Brendan Chapman
BSc (Hons)

Lecturer in Forensic Science

About me

I’m a Forensic Scientist with experience in both Forensic Biology and Crime Scene Investigation. I have managed a number of high profile homicide and serious assault investigations in Western Australia throughout my 12 year professional career. My particular area of expertise is in Forensic DNA analysis particularly with respect to DNA extraction, qPCR and microsatellite analysis of human markers used for identification.

I’m interested in expanding the capability at Murdoch for “niche” forensic genetic techniques that apply to historic cold cases and unsolved murders through techniques such as next-generation sequencing and specialised DNA recovery techniques.

I am currently pursuing further study myself as a Doctor of Medicine (M.D) with an aim to expand Murdoch capability in the field of Forensic Medicine

Teaching area

C1131 Graduate Certificate in Forensic Science (Professional Practice)

M1255 Masters of Forensic Science (Professional Practice)

Research areas

Forensic genetics

Forensic genomics


Next-generation (Massively Parallel) Sequencing

Low template analysis

Molecular probes and capture arrays

Clandestine grave site recovery


Molecular surveillance techniques