Dr Brenton Clarke
BSc Hons I, PhD, AStat

Senior Lecturer

About me

After gaining my BSc Hons I from The Flinders University of South Australia I completed a PhD in Statistics while on the Staff at the Australian National University. Subsequently I held a post doctoral position at the University of London’s Royal Holloway College, a Wissenschaftliche mit Arbeiter position at ETH Zurich, and a Visiting Professor position in the Fall semester at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have since worked at Murdoch University at a lecturer level B position 1984-1993 and as a Senior Lecturer 1994-present. I thus have 32 years teaching and research experience at Murdoch University.   My research interests are in areas of robust statistics, linear models, and time series analysis, including collaborations in extractive metallurgy, biology and medicine. I teach mathematics and statistics units including units on time series analysis as well as applied units on regression and generalized linear models. At the honours year level I teach Linear Models out of my own research and teaching text  called Linear Models The Theory and Application of Analysis of Variance, a John Wiley & Sons publication. I am married with a wife and two children.

Teaching area

Currently Teaching

MAS352 Time Series Analysis

MAS374 Statistical Design and Data Analysis

Honours Units  include Linear Models, Robust Computational Statistics,

and Medical Statistics

Research areas

My areas of research include Linear Models, Time Series, and Robust Statistics, with applications in other areas such as biology and medicine.

Current projects

I am working on consistency arguments in statistics with application to statistical inference when there are multiple solutions to estimating equations. These arguments relate to earlier work by the author on Frechet differentiability of statistical functionals.

Recent work is on mixture estimation using robust methodology.   Other work involves the study of influence functions for trimmed likelihood methodology. This latter work follows landmark papers on trimmed likelihood published earlier.

I am collaborating with an extractive metallurgist re classification of gold ore.

I am currently writing a monograph on Robustness: Theory and Application.  This is intended to be a John Wiley & Sons publication.  It is an exciting project bringing together work on Frechet derivatives, M-estimators, and related work on mixtures and also adaptive trimmed likelihood methodology.

Currently I have one PhD student with whom I am working with on interleaving time series models.  This is a potentially exciting area of time series analysis, with many potential applications to climate change and Perth temperature recordings, including electricity forecasting.

More generally I am interested in outlier detection using adaptive techniques and also mixture modelling and time series analysis.

Awards and grants

2011 Measuring common adverse events, dose response and efficacy from usual chiropractic care. A randomised controlled trial.    Walker, Bruce;  Clarke, Brenton; Losco, Barrett.    Chiropractors Registration Board of Victoria (CRBV)

2013 Elected Member of the ISI

Events and speaking engagements

2012 Contributed talk to the Australian Statistics Conference (ASC2012)

2013 Contributed talk to the IBS Australasian Regional Conference: Biometrics by the Canals in Mandurah.

2015 Contributed talk to the IBS Australasian Regional Conference: Biometrics by the Harbour: Hobart

2016 Contributed Talk at International Conference on Robust Statistics 2016 in Geneva.

2016 Contributed Talk at The International Conference on Environmental Statistics, Edinburgh.

2016 Contributed Talks at the University of Glasgow and NTNU Trondheim.

Professional and community service

2004-5 Vice President of the Statistical Society of Australia WA Branch Inc.

2006-8 President of the Statistical Society of Australia WA Branch Inc.

2010 Chair of the Program Committee Australian Statistics Conference 2010

2010 Member of the organizing committee ASC2010

2012 Member of the Program Committee ASC2012

2012-2016 Chair of the Frank Hansford-Miller Fellowship Committee WA Branch SSAI Inc. Including arranging visits to Murdoch University 2013 Dr Janet Godolphin, University of Surrey and 2015 Professor Adrian Bowman, University of Glasgow

2012-13 Member of the Scientific Committee for the Regional IBS Conference in Mandurah Dec 2013

2014-17 Member of the Awards Funding Committee for the International Biometrics Society

2017 Member of the Scientific Committee of the International Conference on Robust Statistics, held in Wollongong, NSW, July.

Doctoral and masters supervisions

1999 David Gamble, PhD, The analysis of contaminated tidal data
2005 Daniel D Schubert PhD A multivariate adaptive trimmed likelihood algorithm


Current PhD Student , Mr Ross Bowden, General area of Time Series



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