Dr. Brody Heritage
PhD, BPsych (Hons)

Lecturer in Organisational Psychology

About me

I am a teaching and research Lecturer in Organisational Psychology at Murdoch, and joined the School of Psychology and Exercise Science midway through 2015.

My research interests lie in the areas of modeling turnover, performance, and their determinants. I am also very interested in areas related to measurement, latent factor structures, and instrument psychometric properties. I am currently supervising 9 undergraduate psychology students, 5 masters students, and 1 PhD student.

My teaching areas are generally in the areas of quantitative research methods, introductory psychology, and organisational psychology. I have demonstrated superb, award-winning skills in these domains. I won the Curtin Student Guild’s 2013 Excellence in Teaching Award for the Faculty of Health Sciences for my excellent capabilities in teaching undergraduate health sciences students and the supervision of psychology / speech pathology honours projects. My student feedback scores in relation to my teaching are consistently greater than that of the university average.

Teaching area

  • Undergraduate Psychology
    • Personality and Performance [Individual differences]
    • Placement Skills [Name currently not finalised]
  • Postgraduate Psychology
    • Organisation of Work [Organisational psychology]

Research areas

  • Determinants of Turnover
  • Determinants of Performance
  • Psychometric Properties of Quantitative Instruments

Awards and grants

Curtin Student Guild Award for Excellence in Teaching [Faculty of Health Sciences] (2014). Prize value: $1000.

Summer Scholarship Student Researcher (2014). Project: “Perceptions of fit across the course-span of undergraduate psychology students: Predictions of student outcomes and wellbeing”. Grant value: $2000.

School of Psychology and Speech Pathology Research Allocation Fund (2014). Project: ”Turnover and job embeddedness in Australian university employees”. Grant value: $5000.

Gasson, N., Blosfelds, M., Heritage, B., Loftus, A., & Garratt-Reed, D. (2014). Project “Team transition to online marking”. Teaching Excellence Development Fund 2014 (Curtin University). $15,000.

Doctoral and masters supervisions

The following is a list of currently supervised students:

PhD (Psychology)

  • Vincent Mancini
    • Developmental psychology project modeling motor control and health-related outcomes for younger children.

Masters (Psychology)

The following students are working on projects involving the examination of turnover / performance modeling, with embeddedness as a key determinant.

  • Lisa Mackay
  • Jaydene Tucker
  • Debra Bycroft
  • Rhys Goodridge

Masters (Speech Pathology)

  • Chrissy Kelly
    • Measuring the effectiveness of a phonological awareness teaching program for the kindergarten classroom



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Up to date publication list is maintained at my ResearchGate profile here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Brody_Heritage/contributions