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    Professor Bruce Gardiner
    BSc(Hons), PhD

    About me

    My research focuses on integrating the physical, chemical and biological processes defining biological systems. This is relevant to understanding diseases such as osteoarthritis, tendonopathy, colorectal cancer, and acute kidney injury. Primarily this integration is done through developing computational and mathematical models of these systems. However all projects involve close collaboration with experimental biologists and clinicians.

    I have PhD projects at the interface between phyics, biology, medicine, engineering and mathematics. Please contact me if you are interested to find out more.

    Interested in Physics? Here is the link to Murdoch’s Physics community.

    Teaching area

    MAS225 Discrete Mathematics and Management Science (i.e. optimisation) (2021-)
    MAS162 Foundations of Discrete Mathematics (Open Universities Australia 2021-, Dubai 2021-)
    BRD209 Creativity and Innovation (Perth 2016-, Open Universities Australia 2016-, Singapore 2017-2020)
    ART202 The Weight of Data (guest lecture, 2019-)
    BIO378 Systems Biology (1 week, 2016-)
    PEN120 General Physics (4 weeks of lectures, 2015)

    Research areas

    Musculoskeletal tissue
    For around 17 years I have been working on understanding how various musculoskeletal tissues maintain their functional properties over time, adapt to new requirements or are compromised leading to disease. I have focused on cartilage, bone and more recently tendon. It is well known that load-bearing exercise can help maintain bone and avoid osteoporosis. How bone cells sense and respond to the mechanical load they experience is referred to as the bone mechanostat. This is a bone adaption to a changing requirement (e.g. manual labour versus office work). More generally bone cells must continuously repair damage (microfractures) caused by normal daily activity before these microfractures ‘join up’ into a (stress) fracture. This daily repair and the mechanostat both involve multiple bone cell types (e.g. osteoclasts, osteoblasts) and a range of chemical signals (feedback control, e.g. RANK, RANKL, TGFβ) and a bit of materials science. More recently my colleagues and I have proposed similar processes are occurring in tendon and have published for the first time in the literature a tendon mechanostat theory. We have also developed computational models of key cell signalling pathways, specifically the Insulin-like growth factors (IGF), and Interleukin (IL-1α) and their role in tissue synthesis and degradation.

    The contradiction my colleagues and I have been focused on for more than a decade is that the kidney is seemingly oversupplied with oxygen and yet it is often found to be hypoxic. Oxygen is thought to be a common pathway to acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease. Some 30% of patients undergoing cardiopulmonary bypass surgery have measurable kidney injury and around 3% require dialysis. Our research in this area has been at the fundamental physiology of oxygen delivery, transport and usage in the kidney and at the clinical end in devising methods to monitor kidney oxygen during major surgery.

    Glaucoma surgery and fluid flow in the eye
    Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. The main treatment is aimed at reducing the elevated fluid pressure in the eye associated with this disease. Fluid (so-called aqueous humour) is continuously produced and lost in the eye. Blockage to the normal fluid outflow leads to a build-up in fluid pressure. Sometimes this is surgically released by creating a new outflow pathway into the space between the sclera (the white of the eye) and the conjunctiva (clear tissue covering the sclera). The success of this surgery depends on how much subsequent scarring occurs at the site of fluid egress. Surgical success rates are poor. We model fluid transport in tissue as a tissue remodels, to elucidate what might be causing surgical failure and suggest ways to avoid failure. More recently we have published a technique to better estimate the fluid turnover in the eye to understand all pathways for fluid loss in the eye and the pressures experienced at the back of the eye.

    Awards and grants


    2018-2020 ARC DP180103039 Physiology of oxygen transport in the mammalian kidney, B Gardiner, R Evans, G. Schroeder-Turk, J. Bertram, D.Smith
    2018-2020 ARC DP180100915 Interaction between consolidation and lubrication of biological joints, L Zhang, D. Smith, B. Gardiner
    2018-2019 Australia-Germany Joint Research Co-operation Scheme, Structural organisation of multi-cellular materials: Applications to tissues and mechanobiology, B. Gardiner (Australia), A.-S. Smith (Germany), G. Schroeder-Turk (Australia)
    2017-2019 NHMRC 1122455 Towards prevention of acute kidney injury after cardiac surgery, R Evans, C May, J Smith, D Smith, A Thrift, B Gardiner, A Cochrane
    2014-2016 ARC DP14010345 The comparative physiology of oxygen delivery to the kidney, D Smith, R Evans, B Gardiner, J Pearson, M Kett
    2013-2015 NHMRC 1051538 Bridging the gap between cartilage biology and osteoarthritis risk prediction, B Gardiner, D Smith, D Lloyd, A Grodzinsky, L Zhang, T Besier
    2013-2015 NHMRC 1051455 Glycomic control of cartilage extra cellular matrix turnover, D Smith, D Coombe, B Gardiner, A Grodzinsky
    2012-2014 NHMRC 1029628 Investigating the roles of the wnt and notch signalling systems in colon, A Burgess, B Gardiner, D Smith
    2011-2014 ARC LP110100581 Bioengineered bioscaffolds for Achilles tendinopathy treatment, DG Lloyd, DW Smith, J Xu, BS Gardiner, TB Kirk, J Rubenson, M Zheng
    2010-2012 NH&MRC 606601 Hypoxia is the common pathway to renal failure, R Evans, J Bertram, M Schlaich, B Gardiner D Smith, J Phillips
    2009 UWA Professor-at-large Scheme. Grant to have Professor Alan Grodzinsky (MIT) visit UWA twice during 2010-2011
    2009-2011 ARC DP0988001 Engineering cartilage homeostasis in health and disease, DW Smith, BS Gardiner, AJ Grodzinsky
    2009-2011 NH&MRC 542531 Stimulations of colon cancer, AW Burgess, DW Smith, BS Gardiner
    2009-2011 NH&MRC 529918 Regulating fluid mechanics to improve the outcome of glaucoma surgery, JG Crowston, DW Smith, BS Gardiner, MA Coote
    2009-2010 Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia Concept grant CG10 Integrative systems modelling of prostate cancer bone metastases, DW Smith, BS Gardiner, P Pivonka, GR Mundy, NA Bhowmick.
    2005 Australian Academy of Science Scientific visits to the United States, Canada and Mexico. Visit to Center for Biomedical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston USA.
    2003 Melbourne Research Grant Scheme, A. Tordesillas, B. Gardiner
    2002 ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship (APD) DP0211085 Behaviour of particles in flotation froths, G Jameson, AV Nguyen, JS Van Deventer, BS Gardiner
    1995 University of Newcastle Postgraduate Research Scholarship

    Events and speaking engagements

    WA Australian Institute of Physics, Guest Speaker, 25th November 2015. Morpheus: “The Matrix is a system, Neo.”

    Professional and community service


    Academic Council (Academic staff elected representative) (2021-2024)

    College Research Committee, (2019-)

    Level D-E Probation and Promotions committee (2016-)

    Deputy Dean, School of Engineering and IT, Murdoch University (2016-2019)

    Head of Discipline, Electrical Engineering, Energy and Physics, Murdoch University (2017-2019)

    Academic Chair, Physics and Nanotechnology, Murdoch University (2015-2017)


    Australian Institute of Physics, WA branch executive committee (2020-)

    American Institute of Physiology member (2020-)


    Find me on Google Scholar


    Smith, D.W., B.S. Gardiner, L. Zhang, A.J. Grodzinsky, Articular Cartilage Dynamics, Springer, Singapore, 2019. Link

    Book Chapters:

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    Journal Publications:

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