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    Associate Professor Carol Warren
    MA (ANU) Sociology; PhD (UWA) Anthropology

    Associate Professor - Asian Studies

    About me

    Carol Warren is a sociologist and anthropologist whose teaching and research focus on social, economic and environmental change in Southeast Asia.

    Teaching area

    Carol teaches units on the history of ideas in anthropology (AST212/612 ‘Anthropology and Its Others) and on the social and cultural ecology of the Asian region (AST250/650 ‘Society, Culture and Ecology in Asia’).

    Research areas

    Carol has written widely on political ecology and community development issues. Her publications include:  Adat and Dinas: Balinese Communities in the Indonesian State (Oxford University Press 1993); The Politics of Environment in Southeast Asia (Routledge 1998, co-edited with Phil Hirsch); and Community, Environment and Local Governance in Indonesia: Locating the Commonweal (Routledge 2009, co-edited with John McCarthy). A study of land conflict and law in Indonesia, co-edited with Anton Lucas, is in press (Land for the People: The State and Agrarian Conflict in Indonesia, Ohio University Press 2013). Her research interests concern the environment, land tenure, rural development and cultural heritage policy in Southeast Asia.

    Current projects

    She currently holds an Australian Research Council Discovery Grant in collaboration with scholars at other institutions for a research project entitled: ‘Social Capital, Natural Resources and Local Governance in Indonesia’.

    Awards and grants

    2015- 2016 Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (FIS/2014/104). N.Loneragan, N. Stacey, C. Warren, V. Jaiteh, R. Fitriana, L.Mustika, B. Wiryawan, D. Adhuri ‘Small-scale fisheries in Indonesia: benefits to households, the roles of women and opportunities for improving livelihoods’   $180,000                                       

    2014-2016 Australia Research Council Discovery Grant (DP140103828) J.McCarthy, A. McWilliam, C. Warren ‘Household Vulnerability and the Politics of Social Protection in Indonesia: Towards an Integrated Approach’   $385,000

    2013 -2015 Australia Research Council Discovery Grant (DP130100213)   (Prof Christoph Antons; Prof William S Logan; A/Prof Carol Warren; Prof Jianfu Chen) Intangible Cultural Heritage across Borders: Laws, Structures and Strategies in China and its ASEAN neighbours   $300,000

    2009 Australia Netherlands Research Collaboration grant for workshop (with G. Persoon, Leiden University, Netherlands), Indigenous Rights, Natural Resources and New Modes of Governance.   Euro €14,000

    2008-2011 Australia Research Council Discovery Grant  (DP0880961) C. Warren, J. McCarthy, G. Acciaioli, A. Lucas & J. Schiller.  Social Capital, Natural Resources and Local Governance in Indonesia.  $497,599

    2002-2005 Australia Research Council Discovery Grant (DP0211816)  C.Warren, A. Lucas, J. McCarthy , G. Acciaioli, J. Schiller.  Locating the Commonweal: Community Environment and Local Governance in Reform Era Indonesia.   $369,000

    1998-2001 Australia Research Council Large Grant (A79803769)
    (C. Warren and A. Lucas) Land Tenure and the Law in Indonesia:  Implications for Livelihood, Community and Environment.   $185,000

    1995-7   Australia Research Council Large Grant – A. Vickers, C. Warren & K. Sen  Industries  and Change in Bali   $210,000

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    PhD Dirk Steenbergen – ‘ Social Capital and Local Governance in Marine Protected Areas in Eastern Indonesia’ (ARC project) (Co-supervision with Sue Moore, Environmental Sciences; Associate supervisor, Leontine Visser, Wageningen University, the Netherlands)

    PhD Vivi Rambé – ‘Mainstreaming Natural Resources Management within Community Driven Development Programs in Sulawesi’, ARC project (Associate supervisor – Greg Acciaioli UWA)

    PhD Jodie Goodman – ‘Participation  in local governance and Natural Resource Management in Indonesia’ ARC Project. (Associate supervisor – Greg Aciaiolli UWA)

    PhD Vanessa Jaiteh – ‘Shark fisheries and Community Marine Management in Indonesia’ (Co-supervision with Neil Loneragan, Marine Biology).

    PhD Christine Parfitt – ‘Environmental Education and Sea Turtle Conservation in Indonesia’ (Co-Supervision with Catherine Baudains, Environmental Sciences).

    MRT Paul Van Nimwegen – ‘Marine Protected Areas in Indonesia’ (Co-Supervised with Neil Loneragan, Marine Biology)

    PhD Vitti Valenzuela – ‘The Kaatabay Social Housing Program of Naga City (Philippines)’, (Co-Supervised with Jane Hutchison, Politics)

    PhD Yanti Mochtar – ‘Political Islam in Eastern Indonesia’ (Co-supervision with Vedi Hadiz, Asia Research Centre).

    PhD  Delys Craig – ‘Decentralisation and Local Government in Cirebon, Indonesia’

    PhD  Jim Williamson – Forest Inventory and Community Values in the Southwest Forests of WA. (Co-supervisor:  Sue Moore, Environmental Science)

    PhD  Stephanie Chok – Coastal Management and Eco-Tourism in in post-tsunami community (Co-supervisor :Jim MacBeth, Tourism)




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