Chengdao Li  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Professor Chengdao Li

    Director of Western Barley Genetics Alliance

    About me

    Prof Li was a Principal Molecular Geneticist and Breeder for barley in Department of Agriculture & Food Government of Western Australia from 2000-2014.He is one of the breeders for Baudin, Vlamingh, Hamelin, Roe, Hannan, Lockyer and Litmus.

    Prof Li’s research focus on improving barley breeding efficiency by integration of genomics breeding, molecular marker assisted selection, doubled haploid, mutation and conventional breeding.

    Prof Li got his Masterdegree on Plant Genetics and Breeding in Zhejiang University in China and a PhDon Plant Molecular Genetics in University of Adelaide in Australia. He had done three years postdoctoral research in University of Saskatchewan in Canada. He is the Australian representative in the International Barley Genetics Symposium international organization committee, member of International Barley Genome Sequencing Consortium and Chair of the 13th International Symposium on Pre-harvest Sprouting in Cereals

    Current projects

    1. UMU00046: New acid soil and barley blue aleurone.
    2. UMU00047: New grain defect project
    3. DAW00240: Manipulating barley phenology to maximise yield potential
    4. DAW00246: Reduce head loss and straw breakage by genetics and management
    5. DAW00233: Sequencing the barley chromosome
    6. AEG00003: Barley malting and brewing research capacity
    7. UMU0038: Barley adaptation to acid soil
    8. DAW00220: Barley grain defects: Research and Service screening
    9. UA00126: Increasing malt extract and the export competitiveness of Australian Barley




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