Dr. Chris Creagh
PhD. Physics, Grad. Dip. Ed. Secondary Education

Senior lecturer

About me

Hi, My name is Chris Creagh, I am a senior lecturer in Physics and I have a PhD. from Murdoch University. The title of my thesis? “Analysis of the Auger Lineshape of Palladium and Tin using Auger Photoelectron Coincidence Spectroscopy”. In other words I can do physics but most of the time I find myself doing education, which is fine because I have a  Murdoch Grad. Dip. Ed. as well.

I started at Murdoch as an undergraduate student in 1991 at the age of 36 years old and progressed through the ranks to achieve the PhD and a position of Academic Chair of Physics and Nanotechnology, which I held for 5 years. I have recently stepped down from this position of service to my peers, so I can peruse my research interests in Physics Education and Surface Science.

Many years ago I was a diagnostic radiographer, WAIT (Curtin) graduate so Physics has been my passion for as long as I can remember. Physics just gives me a different way of thinking about the world, a bit quirky, a bit geeky and totally fascinating.

Teaching area

I am currently teaching
PEN152 S1 Principles of Physics
PEN231 Modern Physics
OUA SCI 19 SP1 Principles of Physics

Current projects

Trying to sort out the physics archives and memorabilia before I retire.

Awards and grants

  • 2013 Australian Office of Learning and Teaching National Teaching Fellowship
  • 2009 Vice Chancellor’s Excellence in Teaching Award
  • 2009 Marg Hughes Award for Previously Unrecognised Service to the Science Fiction Community over an Extended Period of Time.
  • 2006 Carrick (Australian Learning and Teaching Council) Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning “For excellence and passion in establishing and maintaining an outstanding learning environment for her students”.
  • 2006 Vice Chancellor’s Excellence in Enhancing Learning Award
  • 1999 Murdoch University Scholarship for PhD
  • 1993 Summer scholarship to test and assess motion sensing equipment purchased for use in the first year Physics core mechanics unit at Murdoch University

Professional and community service

1999 – present Australian Institute of Physics Committee member
2009 – present Australian Institute of Physics Studentlink person
2011 – present Murdoch University SF/SF Foundation.
(We are trying to raise money to protect and make accessible a significant legacy of science fiction related material that is held in the basement of the Murdoch University Library)



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