Chris Dent  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Chris Dent

    Associate Professor

    About me

    I am a Murdoch graduate who has returned to the fold after carrying out research for the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia and the Victorian law Reform Commission as well as working at the Melbourne Law School, for 12 years, with the Centre for Media and Communications Law and the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia.

    Teaching area


    BJU200 Research Methods for Law

    LLB580 Honours Thesis in Law (Unit Coordinator)

    LLB582 Legal Research Methods for Honours

    LLM614 Health Law

    Research areas

    I have two broad areas of academic interest. The first relates to the operation of the intellectual property system – with a particular focus on the use of patents. The second relates to the relationship between the individual and the law – a socio-legal exploration of how we, as members of society, are regulated on a daily basis. To carry out this work, I use historical, empirical and critical approaches (usually the work of Michel Foucault) to interrogate the law we have and the law that existed before.

    Awards and grants

    ARC DP0987637: ‘“Nothing Can Be Created Out of Nothing”: Workers, Their Know-How and the Employment Relationships that Support Them’; Discovery Grant.

    CIs: Chris Dent, William van Caenegem, Chris Arup and John Howe.

    ARC DP0987570: ‘Drug Companies, their Patenting Strategies and High-Cost Pharmaceuticals: An Empirical Investigation’; Discovery Grant.

    CIs: Andrew Christie, David Studdert, Peter McIntyre and Chris Dent.

    ARC LP0882034: ‘“The fingers of the powers above do tune the harmony of this peace”:  Australia and the Harmonisation of Patents’; Linkage Grant.

    CIs: Andrew Christie and Chris Dent.



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