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    Damian Fasolo
    BA (Hons), PhD

    Associate Lecturer

    About me

    Damian Fasolo is a multi-award winning filmmaker who has a decade of teaching and research experience in the Screen Production programme. He has worked on numerous music videos, TVCs, documentaries and television productions for clients including BBC, Seven Perth, ABC, FFC, Invasion Films, Market United, Black Russian Productions, Ribosome, the Dirty Secrets, the Fergusons, McDonalds, the Cancer Foundation and Homestart.

    His short film work has earned him numerous awards including 2 prestigious Gold ACS Awards and 4 WASA nominations, and his 16mm short film ‘The Road Not Taken’ has played in nine festivals worldwide and received an honorary special mention at the Clare Valley film fesival and a second place at the Texas International film festival. On the basis of his film, he was invited to Oxford University, where he delivered a paper on the representation of adolescence and adaptations of works of art in contemporary film.

    Damian has also collaborated and authored a number of feature stories as a video journalist for BBC News, London where his research into video journalism and its links to cinematic aesthetics has led to the publication of his second paper.

    Damian recently completed his PhD in the field of independent low budget film, where he investigated the democratisation of filmmaking and constraint based practices. Based on this research, Damian has written, directed, produced and shot a feature film, “Broken” on a minuscule $15,000 budget. The film won a coveted Australian Cinematographers Award.


    Teaching area

    I have an exhaustive teaching portfolio in the Screen Production program, having co-ordinated SCR100, SCR101, SCR312, SCR304 and SCR320. Additionally, I have tutored in SCR201 and PHO101 and I am currently a guest lecturer in IDD129 and BIO685 (Forensics).


    Research areas

    Low Budget Independent Cinema

    New Wave Cinema


    Factual Production

    Video Journalism

    Film and Digital Acquisition

    Current projects

    • Current works:
    • Currently completing a feature story for BBC News Australia
    • Working on Australian debut of feature film, entitled Broken
    • Completing PhD
    • Recently completed:
    • Sol Bunker - Short Film, Screenwest and Black Russian Productions (Role: Cinematographer)
    • Synergies of Meaning – Documentary, ECU, Murdoch University, and Black Russian Productions (Role: Cinematographer)

    Awards and grants

    ‘Broken’ Feature Film (Writer/Director/Producer/Cinematographer)

    • Silver ACS Award for Best Cinematography

    ‘Sol Bunker’ Short Film (Cinematographer)

    • Gold ACS Award for Best Cinematography
    • Gold ACS Cliff Ellis Award for Member with most potential
    • WA Screen Awards, Best Cinematography Nominee
    • Screenwest, Elevate 30 Grant

    ‘The Road Not Taken’ Short Film (Prod/Dir/Cinematographer)

    • Screenwest, Short Film Low Budget Feature Marketing Grant
    • Clare Valley Film Festival, Special Mention
    • Texas International Film Festival, Second Place
    • WA Screen Awards, Best Cinematography Nominee
    • Australian Film Festival, Top Finalist

    ‘The Swimmer’ Short Film (Prod/Cinematographer)

    • Harmony Film Festival, Best Film
    • St Kilda Film Festival, Top Finalist
    • WA Screen Awards, Best Cinematography nominee

    ‘Colors – Seven Years of Bad Luck’ Music Video (Cinematographer)

    • Sound Kilda Film Festival, Top Finalist

    ‘Wraith’ Short Film (Cinematographer)

    • WA Screen Awards, Best Cinematography nominee

    ‘Enashell’ Short Film (Cinematographer)

    • Side-On Film Festival, Best Cinematography nominee

    Events and speaking engagements

    All Saints Storylines Festival (2015)

    • Special Guest Speaker


    Professional and community service


    Australian Cinematographers Society (ACS)

    European Network for Cinema and Media Studies (NECS)

    Service to Murdoch:

    • Program Chair for Screen Production (2011, 2016)
    • Member of the National Academy of Screen and Sound
    • Academic Film Production Collaborative:
      • Dr Vijay Mishra, 2015
      • Dr Terrence Lee, 2014
      • Synergies of Meaning documentary, 2014
      • John Curtin College, 2013
      • Asbestos Research Project, 2010
      • Midland Workshops Research Project, 2010
    • Teaching/Supervision:
      • Applecross Staff PD Day, 2014
      • Groove in the Moo, 2013
      • Murdoch Flashmob, 2012
    • Personalised Academic Tours of Facilities:
      • Maple Fu, Business Development Manager (China), June 2015
      • Danish School of Media and Journalism, April 2012
    • Academic / Media Arts Tours (including, but not limited to):
      • St Mary’s College, June 2014
      • Murdoch College, March 2014
      • Aspire / regional, Feb 2014
      • MIT, Feb 2014
      • Geraldton SHS, Aug 2013
      • Swan View SHS, May 2013
      • Gilmore College, May 2013 & July 2012
      • Mount Barker SHS, Dec 2012
      • Morley SHS, Nov 2012
      • Esperance SHS, Sep 2011
      • Halls Head Community College, June 2011



    • Fasolo, D., (2013),Authenticity and the Representation of Adolescence through Literary Adaptation, a Case Study: The Road Not Taken,In: Skins: Visual Culture and Youth: A Matter of Belonging, Inter-Disciplinary Press, pages 13 to 22.


    • Fasolo, D., (2015), The Case for Cinematic Aesthetics in Online Video Journalism: The BBC News Authored Story, Kultura, 2015, 11, pages 43 - 53.