Dr. David Moody
B.A (Hons), Dip.Ed. PhD. (Macq)

Senior Lecturer, Theatre and Drama

About me

I am a researcher, writer, director, actor and lecturer in theatre and lecturer. I am also co- founder of MOOD THEATRE, Murdoch’s graduate theatre company. I am interested in performance research, creative writing, and what used to be called post-colonialism. I am especially intersested in African theatre, applied theatre and theatre and human rights.

My most recent play was ANTI-SHAKESPEAREAN COCKTAIL HOUR. My next play, ELEPHANT DREAMING will be produced in Novermber. Two of my plays will be performing Chile this year.

I teach in a broad range of areas: acting, drama theory, contemporary literature, world literature, Australian literature, dramatic writing and performance/production.

 I supervise a number of doctoral students, especially in the aread of applied theatre and African theatre.

Teaching area

David teaches in a number of areas in the courses Theatre and Drama and English and Creative Arts, and has also served as Academic Chair of bot these programmes. He has co-ordinated units in acting and production, writing for the stage, drama, Australian and world literature and popular and children’s theatre. He also supervises doctoral students in community and applied theatre, theories of creativity and performance, creative writing and post colonial and African theatre and literature.



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