Fleur van Rens  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    dr. Fleur van Rens
    PhD, MSc., MSc., BSc.

    Lecturer Sports Psychology

    About me

    I am a sports psychology lecturer interested in the wellbeing and mental health of professional circus artists and athletes. I completed a BSc. in Social and Organisational Psychology at Utrecht University, a MSc. in Social Psychology at Tilburg University, a MSc. in Sport and Exercise psychology at Bangor University, and a PhD at Victoria University about the dual careers of junior elite athletes. Prior to Murdoch, I have taught sport psychology at Victoria University and Australian Catholic University. Further, I have worked as a researcher at the Mulier Institute, and at Guide Dogs for the Blind.

    Teaching area

    Primarily, I teach sport and exercise psychology units at Murdoch University, such as: EXS201 Sport and Exercise Psychology, and EXS301 Advanced Sport and Exercise Psychology. I am also involved in several other units concerning psychology, health, and research methods.

    Research areas

    Broadly speaking, my research offers a holistic perspective on the wellbeing and performance of professional circus artists and athletes. Within circus, my main areas of expertise are the wellbeing, mental health, and safety of circus artists. Within sport, my research focuses on the wellbeing of athletes in dual careers, and during career transitions such as athletic retirement. I have experience with qualitative and quantitative research methods (including questionnaire development) in Australia, the Netherlands, England, and Wales.

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Doctoral student supervisions:

    2017 (In progress): co-supervisor of Mr. Khaya Morris-Binelli. Principal supervisor: dr. Sean Muller.

    2018 (In progress): co-supervisor of Ms. Serene Lee. Principal supervisor: Assoc Prof.  Jeremiah Peiffer.

    Honours and Master student supervisions:

    6x psychology honours student completions, 1x Master of Applied Psychology (Professional) completions. 





    International peer-reviewed publications:

    • Van Rens, F.E.C.A., Burgin, M., & Morris-Binelli, K. (in press). Implementing a pressure inurement training program to optimize cognitive appraisal, emotion regulation, and sport self-confidence in a women’s state cricket team. Journal of Applied Sport Psychology. Link to full-text.
    • Van Rens, F.E.C.A., & Filho, E. (in press). Not just clowning around: investigating psychological mechanisms underlying accidents in a heterogeneous group of contemporary circus artists. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity, and the Arts. Link to full-text.
    • Van Rens, F.E.C.A., & Filho, E. (in press). Realising, adapting, and thriving in career transitions from gymnastics to contemporary circus arts. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology. Link to full-text.
    • Muller, S., van Rens, F., Brenton, J., Morris-Binelli, K., Piggott, B., Rosalie, S.M., Burgin, M. (2019). Embedding of psycho-perceptual-motor skills can improve athlete assessment and training programs. Journal of Expertise, 2, 14-22. Link to full-text.
    • Van Rens, F.E.C.A., Ashley, R.A., & Steele, A.R. (2019). Wellbeing and performance in dual careers: the role of academic and athletic identities. The Sport Psychologist, 33, 42-51. Link to full-text.
    • Van Rens, F.E.C.A., Borkoles, E., Farrow, D., & Polman, R. C. (2018). Domain specific life satisfaction in the dual careers of junior elite football players: the impact of role strain. Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, 12, 302-315. Link to full-text.
    • Van Rens, F. E.C.A., Borkoles, E., Farrow, D., Curran, T., & Polman, R. C. (2016). Development and initial validation of the Role Strain Questionnaire for Junior Athletes (RSQ-JA). Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 24, 168-178. Link to full-text. 
    • Van Rens, F. E.C.A., Elling, A., & Reijgersberg, N. (2015). Topsport Talent Schools in the Netherlands: A retrospective analysis of the effect on performance in sport and education. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 50(1), 64-82. Link to full-text.

    Other relevant publications:

    • Van Rens, F., Borkoles, E., & Polman, R. (2013). Rolspanning bij topsporttalenten: over het combineren van de rollen topsporter, scholier, vriend en familielid. Sportgericht, 5, 32-36.
    • Von Heijden, A., Elling, A., Hakkers, S., Reijgersberg, N., van Rens, F., Wisse, E. (2012). Evaluatie Topsport talentscholen. Nieuwegein: Arko Sports media.
    • Hoekman, R., Elling, A., van der Roest, J.W. & van Rens, F. (2011). Opbrengsten van Meedoen. Eindevaluatie programma Meedoen Alle Jeugd door Sport. Nieuwegein/ ’s- Hertogenbosch: Arko Sports Media/ W.J.H. Mulier Instituut.

    Conference proceedings and abstracts:

    • Van Rens, F., & Filho. E. Towards a better understanding of accidents and near misses in contemporary circus arts: a psychological approach. Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare, Melbourne, Australia, 2019.
    • Van Rens, F., & Filho, E. My trampoline coach never told me “show me what you feel inside”: Transition experiences from gymnastics to circus. Imagineers in Circus and Science, Canberra, Australia, 2018.
    • Van Rens, F., & Filho, E. From Olympic rings to the circus ring: gymnasts’ transition experiences into circus. British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences(BASES)/European Federation of Sport Psychology(FEPSAC) joint conference, Nottingham, UK, 2017.
    • Van Rens, F., Borkoles, E., Polman, R., Farrow, D. Role strain and life satisfaction in the dual careers of junior elite athletes. British Psychological Society Department of Sport and Exercise Psychology Conference, Leeds, UK, 2015.
    • Van Rens, F., Borkoles, E., Farrow, D., Polman, R. Role strain, coping and time management: the effects on stress and school performance of talented adolescent athletes. Queensland Association for Gifted and Talented Children/Australian Association for the Education of Gifted and Talented/International Research Association for Talent Development and Excellence International Conference, Brisbane, Australia, 2015.
    • Van Rens, F., Borkoles, E., Farrow, D., Polman, R. Role strain experienced by talented adolescent athletes: the balancing act between secondary school, sport and a social life. International Conference of Applied Psychology, Paris, France, 2014.
    • Van Rens, F., Elling, A., Reijgersberg, N. The effectiveness of Topsport Talent Schools in the Netherlands: A retrospective analysis of performance in sport and education. World Conference of Performance Analysis in Sport, Worcester, UK, 2012.