Associate Professor Francesco Paolucci
BEcon, MSc (University of Bologna), PhD (Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam)

Head of Health Policy Program, Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs

About me

Associate Professor Francesco Paolucci heads the Health Policy Program in the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs, at Murdoch University. Formerly Reader of Health Economics and Policy at the University of Northumbria Newcastle in the United Kingdom, Associate Professor at the University of Western Australia and Fellow at the Australian National University in Australia, Dr. Paolucci has also worked for government, non-government and private sector national and international organisations, and held visiting appointments from the University of Oslo, Norway; Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, the Netherlands; the Universitad Complutense de Madrid, Spain; and the University of Newcastle, United Kingdom. He has published and advised in the areas of public and economic policy focusing on healthcare systems governance and design, healthcare financing and insurance and decision-making and priority setting in various countries including Australia, Cambodia, Colombia, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, South Africa, Spain, The United Kingdom and the United States. He obtained a PhD. from Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam in The Netherlands (2007) with a thesis subsequently published by Springer (2011) entitled “Healthcare Financing and Insurance: Options for Design”.

Research areas

My key research areas are in public and economic policy with a focus on healthcare systems governance and design, healthcare financing and insurance, health economics, regulation & competition and decision-making in healthcare priority setting.




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