Helen Dempsey  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Helen Dempsey
    PhD, MEd (Coursework), Grad Dip (Mathematics Education), BA (Primary Education)

    Lecturer, Discipline of Education

    About me

    Lecturer at Murdoch University, Perth Australia. I am interested in pre-service teacher education, particularly in the Master of Teaching program as well as early career casual teachers. Prior to completing my PhD I  worked as a primary school teacher in Victoria, Western Australia, Indonesia and Malaysia. Due to my many changes of residence I have a broad range of experiences of teaching including casual (or relief) teaching.

    Teaching area

    EDN 221 Learning and Teaching

    EDN332 Children, Families and Communities

    EDN550/5501 Transition to Teaching

    EDN616 Research for Teaching

    EDN617 Research Project

    Research areas

    Early Career Casual Teachers: Negotiating professional identity within multiple communities of practice

    A longitudinal case study was conducted to explore professional identity negotiation and construction for early career casual teachers, as professional identity has been linked to teacher retention. This research found that professional identity was negotiated within personal, school and professional communities. Opportunities to develop relationships and engage with school and professional communities contributed to a sense of belonging to the profession and were critical in the complex negotiation and construction process.

    Awards and grants

    July 2018 Murdoch University School of Education Research Funding Scheme 2 – ‘Get it Written’

    Events and speaking engagements

    5 October, 2018 Relief Teaching Seminar at Murdoch School of Education Professional Learning Day for undergraduate students.

    26 September, 2018 WAIER SeminarRelief Teachers’ access to employment and professional learning: The forgotten Cohort

    12 – 14 September 2018 EARLI SIG 14 Conference (Geneva, Switzerland) - Interaction, learning and Professional Development. Presentation: Negotiating professional identity: Challenges for early career casual teachers

    4 – 7 September, 2018 ECER (Bolzano, Italy) Presentation: Early Career Casual Teachers: Negotiating a Professional Identity in Multiple Teaching Communities.  

    20 July, 2018 Guest presenter at WA Department of Education Team Meeting for the Graduate Teacher Induction Program

    27 March, 2018  Relief Teaching Seminar at Murdoch School of Education Professional Learning Day for undergraduate students.

    27 – 30 November 2017 AARE Conference, Canberra. Presentation: Early career casual teachers and the impact of policy directives on construction of professional identity.

    28 August 2017 Mondays@Murdoch presentation: How do early career casual teachers negotiate their professional identity? Stories from Western Australia.

    5 August 2017 Panel member for opening session of WAIER Forum: Theme:  The Impact of Educational Research: A 360 Degree Perspective.

    5 July 2017 Relief Teaching Seminar at Murdoch School of Education Professional Learning Day for undergraduate students.

    28 November – 1 December 2016 AARE Conference, Melbourne. Presentation:  Early career casual teacher identities within Communities of Practice.

    August 2016 WAIER conferenceTheme: Local Research Global Focus. Presentation: Early Career Casual Teachers: Negotiating Identity through Communities of Practice

    29 November – 3 December 2015 AARE Conference Presentation: Let the ‘flip-flop’ begin – teacher/babysitter/non-teacher: Early career casual teachers’ professional identities

    June 2015 ATEA Conference (Darwin) - Resilience, health and wellbeing in teacher education Presentation: Who am I? Pub worker, relief teacher or teacher? : Early Career casual teachers’ professional identities.

    Professional and community service

    2019  Reviewer for The Australian Educational Researcher (AER)

    2018 – Present  Reviewer for Issues in Educational Research (IIER)

    2018 – Present WAIER Forum Coordinator

    2017 – Present WAIER (Western Australian Institute for Education Research) Committee Member

    2017 – Present   Parkwood Primary School Board Member