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    Dr Ian Cook
    PhD. (UQ) B.A. (Hons.) (UQ)

    Senior Lecturer

    About me

    I gained a PhD in Political Theory from the University of Queensland, where I taught before coming to Murdoch in 1992. I teach Australian Politics, Media Politics and Political Philosophy. I have co-authored a number of books for students on Australian politics, as well as a couple of books (not so much for students) on political philosophy. I’ve also written on online gaming and on Deleuze and education (with Dr. Greg Thompson from the School of Education at Murdoch University).

    Teaching area

    I teach Controversies in Australian Politics, Mediated Politics and Political Philosophy for Fun and Profit. I also coordinate the Advanced Seminar in Politics and International Studies (Honours)

    Research areas

    My current areas of research involve applying Deleuzian philosophy to the following:  the various manifestations of cyberspace (in particular, to different forms of gaming), political ideas and regimes (and especially to those my collaborator, Dr. Greg Thompson from the School of Education at Murdoch University, and I refer to as ”ruling figures”) and to education (again with Dr. Greg Thompson). I am also interested in masculinity and its role in identity formation and political practice (but do not use Deleuze, as yet, for this).

    Current projects

    Deleuze and Education, especially the effects of high-stakes testing (in Australia, this is called NAPLAN) on teaching (with Greg Thompson)

    Ruling Figures: Involves the use of Deleuze’s ideas to study the sedimentation of a variety of imaginations of political regimes (with Greg Thompson)

    Awards and grants

    Year Fund Project Funds
    2001 Centre for Study of Contemporary Asia (Murdoch University) Malaysia’s Multimedia Super Corridor: Factors Affecting The Success Of Information Industry Complexes In The Asian Region $9,200
    1997 Special Research Grant (Murdoch University) A Survey of Academics in Political Science in Australia $4,000
    1995 Special Research Grant (Murdoch University) Liberalism in Australia $3,000

    Professional and community service

    I provide a weekly review of International Politics for listeners to the ABC’s Regional Radio Service in Western Australia (Wednesdays 4.40pm).

    I provide occasional commentary, for print and radio, on Western Australian and Australian poltics.

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    PhD. Supervision

      Commenc’d Awarded Title of Thesis
    Harwood 1992 2002 Modelling the Politics of Problem Definition: An Application of a Social Conflict Model to Papers Delivered at the Greenhouse and Energy Conference (Macquarie University, NSW, 4th-8th December 1989)
    Savat 1997 2003 Explorations of the Digital: An Analysis of the Politics/Technology Nexus Through Foucault, Habermas and Heidegger
    Dent 1998 2003 Reflecting on Continuity and Discontinuity in ‘The Law’: Towards Applying Foucault’s Archaeological Method to a Reading of Judicial Decisions in Negligence
    Haigh 1999 2003 Living Well Towards Others: The Development of an Everyday Ethics Through Emmanuel Levinas and Alfred Schutz
    Harper 2001 2005 Assessing the Critical Capacities of Democracy Through the Work of Hannah Arendt and Jurgen Habermas: The Occlusion of Public Space and the Rise of Homo Spectaculorum
    Trenorden 2002 2006 The Deakinite Myth Exposed: Other Accounts of Constitution-Makers, Constitutions and Citizenship
    Suhaimi 2006 2009 Factors Explaining the Success of Technology Parks in Malaysia
    Sikander 2006 2011 Strategic Technology Management and the Economic Success of the Electrical and Electronics Industry in Malaysia 1986-1995.
    Inglebrecht 2006   Innovation and the Mobile Phone Industry
    Taaffe 2008   Hip-Hop and Hope: An Ethnography of the Use of Hip-Hop as a Form of Political Engagement
    Huang 2010   Policy Learning and Policy Transfer in the Regulation of Whale-watching in Taiwan.
    Moate 2010   The Role of Platonic Influences in the works of C.S. Lewis
    Davey 2011   Herbert Marcuse and Smartphones


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    Scholarly Book Chapters
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    Refereed Journal Articles
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