Dr James Trotter
BA, MTS, PhD (Emory)

Dean and Academic President, Murdoch Dubai

About me

I have been the Dean and Academic President of the Murdoch University International Study Centre in Dubai since September 2017. I began my affiliation with Murdoch as a lecturer in the Theology Program in 1994. During my time at the University, my previous roles have included: Academic Chair of the Theology Program, Associate Dean Learning and Teaching (ADLT) in the School of Arts (January 2013-June 2017), and the School’s Deputy Dean (July 2014-June 2017). I served a term as an academic representative on the University Senate. I also served on the Academic Council, including one term as Deputy President.

Teaching area

I teach a range of units in Hebrew Bible/Old Testament from first year to postgraduate levels. My teaching has included:

  • Biblical Hebrew I and II
  • Life and Literature of Ancient Israel
  • The New Testament and Its World
  • Old Testament Exegesis (topics include: Psalms and Poetry, Prophetic Literature, Hosea
  • Advanced Old Testament Exegesis (topics include: Deuteronomistic History, Chronicles and Ezra-Nehemiah, Prophets, Kingship in Israel and the Ancient Near East
  • Death and the Afterlife in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Israel

Research areas

  • History of the religions of ancient Israel, Egypt, and Mesopotamia
  • History of ancient Israel and Judah
  • Divine kingship in the ancient Near East
  • Mythology of the ancient Near East
  • Prophetic Literature

Awards and grants


2013 Office of Learning and Teaching Extension Grant, Deployment of Final Year Curriculum Design Principles in the Development of Arts Capstone Units. $30,000

2012 Office of Learning and Teaching Extension Grant, Historical Thinking in Higher Education. $27,500


2012 Office of Learning and Teaching Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

2010 Vice Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Teaching

2010 Vice Chancellor’s Citation for Excellence in Enhancing Learning

Professional and community service

Current University committees/service:

  • Associate Dean (Learning and Teaching), School of Arts
  • Chair, Bachelor of Arts Standing Committee
  • Academic Courses Committee
  • Academic Chair, Theology
Previous University committees/service:
  • Deputy President, Academic Council
  • Associate Dean (School of Social Sciences and Humanities) focussed on issues related to the creation of the School of Arts
  • Chair, Academic Council Working Party on Unit Materials Standards
  • Service on several University Working Parties on a range of issues
  • Learning and Teaching Committee (Faculty of Arts, Education and Creative Media)
  • Chair, Working Party on Learning and Teaching Quality Assurance (School of Social Sciences and Humanities)
  • Educational Design Project Steering Group




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Conference Papers:
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  • “Polytheism in Monarchic Period Judah,”Australia New Zealand Society for Theological Studies Annual Conference, Perth, July 2005.
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