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    Professor Jan Currie
    BA (Purdue), MA (UCLA), PhD (Chicago

    Emerita Professor

    About me

    Emerita Professor Jan Currie has taught at University of Calgary (1 year), Curtin University (2 years) and Murdoch University (25 years). Her current research areas are globalization and its impact on universities, gender, pay equity and work.

    Research areas

    Globalization and universities

    Pay equity and universities

    Gender and work

    Academic Freedom

    Academic Work

    Awards and grants

    Recipient, Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award (2002),MurdochUniversity.

    Finalist, Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award (2000),MurdochUniversity.

    Finalist, Vice Chancellor’s Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision Award (2003),MurdochUniversity.

    Nominated, Vice Chancellor’s Excellence in Postgraduate Supervision Award (2002),MurdochUniversity.

    Mortar Board (1966),PurdueUniversity (20 outstanding women).

    OutstandingWoman in Leadership, Health and Sportsmanship (1966),PurdueUniversity.

    Events and speaking engagements

    Currie, J. (2014). Invited Keynote Address: “Global Trends and Universities: League Tables, MOOCs, Performance Assessments and International Students”, HERDSA, 7-10 July, Hong Kong.

    Currie, J. (2007) “Critique of Research Assessment Exercises and Their Consequences for Academics: Meta-Analysis of British, Hong Kong and New Zealand Systems”, ANZCIES, November, Auckland, New Zealand.

    Currie, J. (2005) “Organisational Culture of Australian Universities: Community or
    Corporate?”, HERDSA, July 3-5, Sydney.

    Currie, J.(2004) “Universities as Transnational Corporations: Consequences for Academic Standards and Academic Freedom”, International Congress on Higher Education: Perspectives on University Education in the 21st Century, May 27-29,Istanbul.

    Currie, J.(2002) “Gendered Universities”, Colloquium at University of Cincinnati, Women’s Studies and Teachers’ College, November 26.

    Currie, J. (2002) “Anglo-Saxon versus European Universities: Different Responses to
    Globalizing Practices”, International Conference on Globalization: What Issues
    are at Stake for Universities?, September 18, 150th Anniversary Celebrations for the Université Laval,Quebec City,Canada.

    Currie, J.(2002) “The Global Political Economy of Higher Education”, Hawai’i
    Conference on Globalization and Higher Education, February 20,University of Hawai’i.

    Currie, J. (2001) “Globalisation and Internationalisation in Australian, European and
    United States Universities”, The South African Association for the Research and
    Development of Higher Education (SAARDHE) 12th Biennial Conference,
    University of the Free State, Bloemfontein, South Africa, 21 March.

    Currie, J. (2001) “A Gumnut University as an Enterprise University: Rhetoric and
    Reality, Conference on Globalisation and Higher Education: Views from the
    South”, Sponsored by University of the Western Cape (South Africa) and the
    Society for Research into Higher Education (UK), Cape Town, South Africa, 28

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Graduated Postgraduate Students


    Anderson, Norrine
    (1988-1994) Student discipline in disadvantaged schools

    Aveling, Nado
    (1987-1996) Gendered construction of women’s career choices

    Browne, Jennifer
    (1988-91) Gendering of physical education

    Burgess, Madeline
    (2001-) Evaluation of on-line teaching in Third World

    Choules, Kathryn
    (2002-) Social change and attitudes toward asylum seekers in WA

    Dobozy, Eva
    (2000-2004) How effective schools prepare students for a democratic society

    Green, Neville
    (2001-2005) Aboriginal education policies: comparison of WA and NT

    Hatchell, Helen
    (1998-2003) The Shaping of subjectivities through the interweaving of gender,
    class and ethnicity

    Jones, Bronwyn
    (1996-2001) The construction and regulation of nursing practice in Australia

    Kurzeja, John
    (1990-1998) History of teacher education in Western Australia

    Lamont, Heather
    (1991-1998) Sense of community and sustainable development

    Lorrimar, Jane
    (1999-) Gender and organisational culture in two TAFE Colleges

    Meerwald, Agness
    (1998-2002) State of Flux: Hybrid ethnic subjectivities in the Australian

    Payne, Lesley
    (2000-2004) Governance of small independent schools

    Pearce, Jane
    (1999-2005) How do academics learn to become teachers? A qualitative study

    Peters, Carol (2001-) Women in
    leadership leaving the WA Education Dept

    Ruddy, Anne (2002-)
    Internationalisation: Comparison of UWA andIndianaUniversity

    Thalatha (1984-88) Feminist consciousness among Sri Lankan Women

    Taylor, Anthea
    (1988-1994) Urban Aboriginal social construction of reality

    Targowska, Anna
    (2003) Development of racial stereotypes in young children

    Vidovich, Lesley
    (1995-1998) Accountability and the emerging corporate university

    Watt, Wendy
    (1989) Disadvantaged schools programmes


    Fiocco, Maria (2002-) Pathways to university for
    international students

    Peck, Bob
    (1998-2001) Graduated: Monocultural education for a multicultural population:
    The “ethnic disadvantage” issue re-visited.

    Rommalai, Mogadime (1999-2003) Changing images of
    agriculture in Botswana

    Jennifer (1996-2003) Training needs of women for leadership and management



    Murphy, Kerry
    (1992-94) Graduated: Curriculum development and the Secondary Education Authority

    Azeharie, Suzy
    (1995-1997) Graduated: Representations of women in femina: An Indonesian women’s magazine


    MA Public Policy:

    Ekwere, Anie (1989-90) Public
    policy and education in Nigeria

    Kiwanuka, Eflance
    (1989-90) Educational devolution in Uganda


    MA Development
    Studies (Thesis)

    Bullock, Allison (2002-3) Action research and teacher
    training in Laos.



    Alderson, Anna (1979) The role of
    school principals

    Aveling, Nado
    (1984-85) Case study of Canning Secondary College

    Butler, Ray
    (1986-87) Aboriginal community school at Strelley

    Crighton, James
    (1979-81) Apartheid and South African education for Blacks

    Campbell, Tom
    (1985-86) Bilingual/bicultural education

    Christopher (1996) Post independence curriculum planning for secondary
    technical/ vocational subjects: The relevance of design studies to Zimbabwe

    Colvin, Heather
    (1988) Comparative study of multicultural education

    Gallagher, Trevor
    (1980-81) Induction of teachers

    Marilys (1990-91) Gendering of careers for microbiologists

    Hawser, Gail
    (1983-84) Italian girls in secondary schools

    Holmes, June
    (1990-91) Critique of economics syllabus in secondary school

    Irving, Dale
    (1990-91) Steiner education as an alternative

    Malik, Ranbir
    (1979-81) Educational aspirations of secondary school students

    Mercer, Jillian
    (1980) Gender issues in secondary schools: A case study

    Murphy, Kerry
    (1989-90) Case study of an upper secondary school

    Nevard, Jennifer
    (1988-92) Girls, reading and English literature in sec. schools

    Roche, Val
    (1990-91) Critique of the role of nursing home standards

    Wakholi, Peter (2004) African cultural education in the


    BEd/BA Honours:

    Allison, Liz (1988-89) Equity
    policies in secondary schools

    Davies, Anne
    (1982-83) Ideology of IQ Tests and Aboriginal children

    Hook, Andrew
    (1984) Krishnamurti education

    Kurzeja, John
    (1984-85) Ethnic schools

    MacDonald, Angus
    (1984) Case study of Tuart senior college

    MacNeil, Neil
    (1980) History of Aboriginal involvement in Roebourne Primary School

    Sofield, Carol
    (1983-84) Educational aspirations and ethnicity in Fiji

    Vahdal, Nusheen (1984) Comparison of Muslim and Bahai
    women in Australia



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