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    Dr Jane Hutchison
    AssocDip Ag (W.Aust.I.T.), BA Hons (Murd) PhD (Murd)

    Associate Professor in Politics and International Studies

    About me

    Jane Hutchison a political economist with particular interests in social and political change and international development. She has conducted research for a number of years in the Philippines.

    Jane supervisors a number of PhD students and teaches POL226 Sex and Gender Matters and gender and development in SWM611 States, Social Forces and Development.

    She is Academic Chair of the Master of Development Studies program in the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs.

    Teaching area

    Coordinates these units at undergraduate and Masters levels:

    • POL226 Sex and Gender Matters
    • SWM611 States, Social Forces and Development


    Research areas

    Social and political change in the Philippines; labour politics; political economy of development/aid effectiveness; poor people’s politics.


    Current projects

    Co-authoring a book, Political Economy and the Aid Industry (for publication in 2013).

    Awards and grants

    • 2017-2021 Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) Nutrient Management for Diversified Cropping in Bangladesh – Gender Analysis component.
    • 2013-15 ARC Discovery Project – $193,088 – Remaking the poor: Poor people’s responses to donors’ market citizenship programs in Southeast Asia (with Caroline Hughes, Andrew Rosser and Ian Wilson)
    • 2010 Research Capacity Funding – $17,000 (with Richard Robison, Caroline Hughes and Ian Wilson). To hold an international workshop at Murdoch University on the political economy of aid effectiveness.
    • 2008 Australian Development Research Award (AusAID)- $289,400 (with Richard Robison, Wil Hout, Caroline Hughes and Ian Wilson). Achieving Sustainable Demand for Governance Addressing Political Dimensions of Change.
    • 2006 REGS Contemporary Asia – $5,000. Fieldwork in the Philippines for Conflict and Political Participation in Southeast Asia project (Asia Research Centre).

    Events and speaking engagements

    The Future for Australian Aid? ACFID-Universities Linkage Conference Panel, Deakin University, Melbourne, December 2011.

    Australian Engineering Week Public Forum, World Poverty: Does Engineering Create More Problems Than it Solves? Panel member, University of WA Dolphin Theatre, organised by Engineers Australia Western Australian Division. Wednesday 3 August 2011.

    Make Poverty History, Senate Electoral Forum, Perth Town Hall, 8 May 2010. Speaker with WA Senators Louise Pratt, Mathias Cormann and Rachel Siewert.

    Professional and community service

    • Academic Chair, Master of Development Studies, Murdoch University
    • Member of University Fieldwork Committee.
    • Academic Member of the Research For Development Impact (RDI) Network (formerly ACFID-University Network) Committee. The Network is a collaboration between the Australian Council for International Development and Australian Universities.
    • Member of the Board of Oxfam Australia from 2004-2014. Chair of the Board’s Governance Committee (2009-2012); Chair of the Board and Member of the Oxfam International Board of Supervisors (2012-2014). Chair of the OI Board’s Governance Committee (2014).

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    PhD Supervision:

    • Annabelle Valenzuela: The Kaantabay Urban Poor Housing Program of Naga City, Philippines
    • Sait Abdulah: Post-conflict reconstruction: elites, welfare and women-ex-combatants in Aceh Region, Indonesia.
    • Jemi Irwansyah: Labour and Decentralisation in Indonesia.
    • Melissa Johnston: Feminist Political Economy of International Interventions,Timor Leste
    • Lian Sinclair: Undermining Conflict: Mining and Participatory Conflict Management in Indonesia
    • Anabelle Ragsag: Possibilities of Pro-Poor Reform in a Weak Democracy: The Politics of Conditional Cash Transfers in the Philippines, 2010-2016
    • Kazi Haque: NGOs and Class Formation: The Political Economy of a ‘New Middle Class’ in Bangladesh

    PhD Completions:

    • Darmiyanti Muchtar (2016) The Rise of Local Islamic Politics in Lombok in Post-Authoritarian Indonesia: From Margin to Centre? (Awarded Posthumously)
    • Charanpal Bal (2013) The Moral Economy of Wage Labour: Bangladeshi Construction Workers and the Foreign Labour Regime in Singapore.
    • Katie Attwell (2012) No Way Out: How Israeli Jewish Dissidents Attempt to Use Alternative National Identity Discourses.



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    • Hutchison, J. and Brown, A. (eds) (2001) Organising Labour in Globalising Asia, London and New York: Routledge.

    Book chapters

    • Hutchison, J. (2015) ‘Authoritarian Legacies and Labor Weakness in the Philippines’. In Teri L. Caraway, Maria Lorena Cook, Stephen Crowley (eds) Working Through the Past: Labor and Authoritarian Legacies in Comparative Perspective. Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press: 64-81.
    • Hutchison, J. (2012) ‘Labour Politics in Southeast Asia: The Philippines in comparative perspective’ in Richard Robison (ed) Routledge Handbook of Southeast Asian Politics: 40-52
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    • Hutchison, J. (2006) ‘Poverty of Politics in the Philippines’ in Garry Rodan, Kevin Hewison and Richard Robison (eds) The Political Economy of South-East Asia: Markets, Power and Contestation, Melbourne and New York: Oxford University Press: 39-73.
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    • Hutchison, J. (2016) ‘The State and Employment Relations in the Philippines’. Journal of Industrial Relations 58(2).
    • Hutchison. J. (2016) ‘Politically-informed Programming: Taking account of the poor’.  Development Studies Bulletin, 77: 54-57
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