Associate Professor Jeffrey Cooley

Associate Professor

About me

Born and raised in California, USA, I developed an interest in a career in chiropractic at an early age.  During my chiropractic training at the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic I developed an interest in radiology, and after completing my DC training went on to complete a 3-year full time radiology residency and obtained my radiology certification (DACBR) in 1990.  I became involved in education during my radiology training and over time was able to wed my three main areas of professional and research interest (chiropractic, radiology, and education) into a single career.

I taught undergraduate and post-graduate courses at LACC and the University of Surrey, and in 2005 took up a post at Murdoch University with the task of building the academic and clinical radiology aspects of the chiropractic program from the ground up.  I have also served in the capacity of head of radiology at all three of these institutions, and have practiced as a clinical radiology consultant since 1990.

Teaching area

Currently teaching academic and clinical radiology in:

CHI280, CHI282, CHI303, CHI304, CHI420, CHI421, CHI584, CHI586, CHI589

Research areas

Current research interests in academic and clinical imaging, to include conventional radiography and spinal MRI

Current projects

  1. The role of lumbar multifidus muscle morphology in relation to clinical outcomes in patients with persistent low back pain:  a prospective cohort study.
  2. Comparison and Reliability in Assessing Percentage Paraspinal Muscle/ Fat Volume Utilizing T1 versus T2 Weighted MRI Images.
  3. The relationship between altered paraspinal muscle morphology and lumbar spinal region pathology in a low back or radicular pain population. A systematic review.
  4. Diagnostic imaging utilization among five successive cohorts of student chiropractors at a university campus clinic: a retrospective multiple cohort study.

Awards and grants


  1. Murdoch University Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence (TEX) award – 2008
  2. LACC Faculty Award – Excellence in Scholarship – 1994
  3. LACC Faculty Award – Excellence in Teaching - 1991


  1. COCA PhD scholarship - 2013.
  2. HWA SLE grant – 2011: To assess current utlization, future direction, and capacity for simulated learning within the chiropractic clinical education curricula in Australia.
  3. FCER grant  – 1994: Posterior disc displacement: measurement reliability and morphological assessment.  A pilot study assessing size averages in different types of disc herniations on MRI, and reliability of chiropractic radiologists in measuring disc herniations. 

Events and speaking engagements

Presentations, speaking engagements & posters

  1. Spinal and related pathology – an imaging review.  Invited speaker at AGM of the CAA WA, Perth, September 2010.
  2. Pearls and perils: integrating a web-based communication interface into the teacher-learner relationship. Presented at the WFC conference, Beijing, China, November 2008.
  3. Digital imaging: more than a clinical tool.  Presented at the WFC conference, Beijing, China, November 2008.
  4. Developing clinical decision making skills: A collaborative, evidence-based project for integrating diagnostic imaging into the clinical work-up. Presented at the WA Teaching and Learning Forum, Perth, Western Australia, January 2007.
  5. MRI: Basic principles and sequencing; and: Imaging of common and not-so-common spinal disorders.  Keynote speaker at AGM of the CAA WA,Perth, September 2005.
  6. Frozen shoulder: treatment with hydrodilatation.  Co-presented at the COCA conference, Perth, May 2005.
  7. Advanced imaging of the shoulder.  Presented on behalf of the British College of   Chiropractor’s Faculty of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, April 2002.
  8. Annual Challenge of the Unknown.  Distinguished faculty and panel moderator at the American Chiropractic College of Radiology meeting, Phoenix, AZ, September 2000.
  9. Neuroimaging: Utilization of MRI and CT in Assessing Conditions of the Head.  Presented at the American Chiropractic College of Radiology meeting, Denver, CO, September, 1997.
  10. Posterior Disc Displacement: Measurement Reliability and Morphological Assessment – preliminary findings.  Poster presentation at the International Conference of Spinal Manipulation, Bournemouth, England, October, 1996.
  11. Interesting Trauma Cases: Presented at the LACC Homecoming, November, 1994, and to theSan Bernardino County Chiropractic Society,Victorville,CA, June, 1991.
  12. Frequency of Diagnoses: What Do Chiropractors See on X-rays?   Presented at the American Chiropractic College of Radiology meeting, St. Louis, MO, October, 1990, and at the International Conference on Spinal Manipulation, Washington, DC, May, 1990.
  13. Case Presentation: Traumatic os odontoideum.  American Chiropractic College of Radiology meeting in Chicago,IL, October, 1989.


Professional and community service

  1. Member, Chiropractic Overseas Assessment Committee of the CCEA
  2. Member, Chiropractic Advisory Committee of the WA Radiological Council 
  3. Editorial Board, Journal of Chiropractic Medicine (JCM)
  4. Peer reviewer, JMPT & COCA

Doctoral and masters supervisions

Current supervision: None

Previous supervised or cosupervised MSc projects:

  1. Banga V.  The effect of pelvic blocking versus sham in subjects with sacroiliac joint symptoms – a pilot study: 2004
  2. Ellis F.  The role of cervico-thoracic manipulation and stretching in the chiropractic management of pulmonary function: 2004
  3. Evans D.  The effect of specialized training of chiropractors on the use and interpretation of lines of mensuration on spinal x-rays: 2004
  4. Harvey L.  An investigation into the immediate effects of chiropractic spinal adjustments on the power output of elite kayakers: 2004
  5. Kauntze H.  A correlation study evaluating the relationship between objective clinic findings of cervical facet joint pain and anterior head carriage: 2004
  6. Sajadi L.  Inter-tester reliability of cervical spine range of motion and orthopaedic tests in symptomatic and asymptomatic individuals: 2004
  7.  Brockman S.  The role of chiropractic management in promotion an individual’s perception of psychological wellbeing: 2003
  8. Davies-Todd S.  A comparison of reported findings from x-rays with the clinical reasons for taking x-rays: a retrospective study at the UniS chiropractic clinic: 2003
  9. Perry C.  A comparison of perceived and measured abilities of chiropractic students, chiropractic interns, and chiropractic graduates in radiographic interpretation: 2003
  10. Rogers M.  Reliability of chiropractors and chiropractic interns in radiographically assessing the foot: 2003
  11. Adams K.  A single blind study to assess the identifying elements of foot hyperpronation and their role as a causative factor in mechanical low back pain: 2003
  12. Frost R.  A randomised, controlled clinical trial of a chiropractic intervention protocol of the foot versus a sham protocol, for the treatment of hallux limitus: 2003
  13. Masters P.  Is there a difference between activator impulse and sham activator impulse on the second cervical vertebra on the size of the blind spot: 2003
  14. Reynolds N.  An investigation into the possible effects of lumbar spinal manipulative therapy on trunk muscle endurance in subjects with chronic low back pain: 2003
  15. Potts M.  A study to investigate the validity of current clinical tests of balance: 2002
  16. Stokes S.  Affect of spinal adjustments on pulmonary function in an asymptomatic population: 2002
  17. Nam N.  Taekwondo and chiropractic in England: injuries and treatment choices: 2002



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