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    Jennifer Chaplin

    Senior Lecturer in Biological Sciences

    Teaching area

    I am currently teaching and co-ordinating undergraduate units in the areas of ‘Marine Biology’ and ‘Genetics and Evolution’.

    Research areas

    My research area is ‘Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics’.  I am particularly interested in the following.

    1. Connectivity in marine fishes and invertebrates.

    2. Evolutionary histories of coastal marine fishes in southern Australia.

    3. Genetic implications of restocking and stock enhancement practices.

    4. The phylogeography of invertebrates in inland aquatic environments and the evolution of narrow range endemics.


    Current projects

    1. Genetic implications of restocking of the Western School Prawn in the Swan River Estuary.

    2. Genetic implications of culturing Australasian Snapper from wild-caught eggs.

    3. The effectiveness of using recreational fishers to monitor the fish fauna of Artificial Reefs.

    4. Phylogeography of inland ostracods and the evolution of narrow range endemics.



    Awards and grants

    My main current research grants are:

    1. FRDC (2013 – 2014). Co-investigator with N. Loneragan, J Tweedley, G Jenkins and K Trayler. Stock enhancement of the Western School Prawn (Metapenaues dalli) in the Swan-Canning Estuary.

    2. Challenger Institute of Technology, Fremantle (2013 – 2015). Principal Investigator with N. Loneragan and J Tweedley.  Genetic implications of stock enhancement of the Western School Prawn, Metapenaeus dalli, in the Swan River Estuary.

    3. Recfishwest (2014 – 2015). Joint Principal Investigator with Howard Gill. Can recreational fishers provide a cost effective means for monitoring artificial reefs?

    4. Challenger Institute of Technology, Fremantle (2015).  Genetic implications of culturing Australasian Snapper from wild-caught eggs.


    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Current PhD students

    Michelle Gardner. Population structures of Baldchin Groper and Pink Snapper in Western Australian waters. (Principal Supervisor).

    Stacy Blane. Sex-biased dispersal in elasmobranchs. (Principal Supervisor).

    Brain Poh.  Evaluating the population genetics, recruitment limitations and release strategies for Metapenaeus dalli in a stock enhancement program in the Swan-Canning Estuary. (Cosupervisor with Neil Loneragan and James Tweedley).

    Completed PhD students

    Nicole Phillips (2012) Conservation genetics of Pristis sawfishes in Australian waters. (Principal Supervisor).

    Glenn Moore (2012) Aspects of the evolutionary history of a pair of fish species (Arripidae Arripis) on either side a biogeographic barrier in southern Australian seas. (Principal Supervisor).

    Bryn Farmer (2008) Comparisons of the biological and genetic characteristics of the mulloway Argyrosomus japonicus (Sciaenidae) in different regions of Western Australia (Cosupervisor with Ian Potter and Norm Hall).

    Ertug Sezmis (2004) The population genetic structure of Portunus pelagicus in Australian waters. (Principal supervisor)

    Richard Hoddell (2003) A mtDNA study of aspects of the recent evolutionary history and phylogeographic structure of selected teleosts in coastal environments of south-western Australia. (Principal supervisor)

    Completed MSc students

    Elena Sulin (2012) The size, age compositions and growth of King George Whiting (Sillanginodes punctatus) in south-western Australia. (Cosupervisor with Alex Hesp and Norm Hall).





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    • Magni, P., Massaro, L., Borrini, M., Morton, B., Chaplin, J., Dadour, I., (2017),The things that you find fishing: the forensic investigation of a human skull from the sea,In: American Academy of Forensic Science.