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    Associate Professor Jennifer De-Reuck
    BA (Hons.), MA, PhD

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    About me

    Cast picture from the Secret of the SnottygobblesI have taught literature and drama at universities in South Africa and Australia for more than three decades. I graduated from Rhodes University after a B.A. degree in English and Drama,  with first class Honours in English, completed a Masters on the plays of Harold Pinter at the University of Cape Town and then received my PhD from the University of Natal (Durban) shortly before emigrating to Perth, Western Australia with my young family in 1988.




    Still from The Scottish Play, an adaptation of MacbethI founded Children’s Theatre at Murdoch University and, over a period of 20 years, have built a reputation amongst primary schools in the Perth metropolitan region for high quality theatre in education productions that induct young people into the delights of theatre even as they negotiate the new media forms they encounter in their lives. The plays all have significant educational content, whether historical, social or moral, and have at their core a student-centred approach to learning – both for the students providing the material and for the audiences who ultimately view the performances.



    Still from The Phoenix and the Fighting Pandas of Yunnan ProvinceMy theatre productions offer students a vehicle through which to research facets of performance aimed at an audience of young people. They take into account all aspects of a theatre production from the sound and lighting design, the make-up and costume design, the set design and building to the accompanying original musical score usually performed live in the theatre or on tour. Many of the graduates from my units have gone into the theatre industry in Perth, Singapore and Malaysia; others have continued through Honours at Murdoch into PhD programmes under my supervision and I currently have a number of postgraduate students at all levels working in the field of theatre, performance and education. They have collaborated with me – tutoring, lecturing, publishing and performing – over several years and have devised and presented several workshops under my guidance. They form the core of a dedicated professional team of Theatre in Education practitioners with Murdoch’s Theatre and Drama Studies Programme as their base.

    Still from As You Like ItIn addition to my work in Children’s Theatre, I have developed a Theatre in Education project that explores Shakespeare in the Secondary Curriculum. With my final year drama students, I devise a production to accompany a canonical Shakespeare text. This original play-script dramatizes some of the major questions, themes or characterizations that the relevant play (a set text) engenders and offers possible interpretative models for teachers and students to consider. All my productions in the Theatre and Education mode are accompanied by Handbooks for teachers, designed under my guidance by students and tutors in the units. They offer teacher and pupil, alike, additional material and interaction in the post-performance arena.




    CT 2009 Week One - WorkshopI have been awarded both the Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Teaching Excellence at Murdoch, as well as his Award for Excellence in Research Supervision of Postgraduates. I have written and presented research papers for both traditional and non-traditional publications and have wide-ranging research fields that include feminist performance, postcolonial studies and new historicism. My courses include units in performance and creative arts and traditional literature and drama subjects as well as my current lecturing and directing in the field of Children’s Theatre and Renaissance Theatre. I have devised and directed workshops and taught voice and movement – as well as acting – at the School of Opera, Cape Town and at the University of Cape Town and I have run my own Children’s Drama Groups both in South Africa and in Australia.


    Still  from  Titus AndronicusRecent productions include adaptations of Titus Andronicus and Twelfth Night; Pinter’s The Birthday Party, The Dumb Waiter and Old Times as well as my Children’s Theatre productions. My earlier plays were produced in Chile as part of an English Language Project in collaboration with Murdoch University.









    Teaching area

    Galah's Gambit  (Feral, the cat - an introduced (and damaging) species)

    The units I currently coordinate are:

    EGL 213/613 Children’s Theatre

    EGL 308/608 Shakespeare

    Teaching Experience:

    1989 – 2013 Lecturer in English and Theatre and Drama Studies, School of Social Sciences and Humanities, Murdoch University.

    2000 – 2013 Director, Children’s Theatre, Murdoch University.


    Since 1975 I have held academic positions in the English and/or Theatre and Drama Departments at universities both in Australia and South Africa. These included the University of Cape Town, University of the Witwatersrand, University of Durban-Westville and the University of Natal.

    Teaching awards

    I was nominated for a Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award in 1996 and short listed in 2000 and 2011. I was a winner in 2002

    Teaching Associations

    • Member of the T.E.E. Literature Syllabus Committee (1991-3)
    • Member of the T.E.E. Literature Examination Panel (1994)
    • Member of the Curriculum Council’s Convening Panel for the T.E.E. Literature Examination (1999-2012)


    Research areas

    I have been a member of the editorial board of the peer-refereed on-line journal, Intersections, (ANU),since its inception and is also a foundation editorial member of the editorial board of I/M, (Murdoch), an on-line, peer-refereed journal co-ordinated by NASS (the National Academy of Screen and Sound) and edited a Special Issue on Performance in 2010.

    I have been on the editorial board of Critical Arts since 2010 and assesses the contributions for its ‘Under Fire’ section, which addresses writing from situations of stress, broadly understood.

    I have, additionally, acted as a peer-referee for several journals, in both print and on-line formats. I am a regular reviewer, by invitation, of books on the Boer War for (Humanities and Social Sciences on-line).

    My work on cultural theory has gained wide recognition in South Africa and a Conference Paper delivered at Stellenbosch in 2006 was selected for inclusion in the important English Academy Review  published in 2008. More recently I have presented papers on my adaptations of Shakespeare, and have published the results. I have had a paper on my production of Titus Andronicus accepted for a conference at Rhodes University in South Africa in July.


    .Editorial Panel Membership:

    2009 – 2013

    Editorial Advisory Board, Critical Arts, a Journal of South-North cultural and media studies, Routledge,  UNISA (University of South Africa Press).

    2005 – 2013 

    Editorial Board, Electronic Journal, I/M, publication of NASS, Murdoch University

    1999 – 2013

    Editorial Advisory Board, Electronic Journal of Asian Studies: Intersections:

    Association/Panel Membership

    1999 – 2013 

    Member ADSA (Australasian Drama Studies Association Member AFSAAP (African Studies Association of Australasia and the Pacific)

    1998 – 2010

    Curriculum Council, Nominating Panel Member: English Literature   Examination Panel: Chair, 2002

    1998 – 2004      

    Founder Member and Murdoch Representative on the Executive of  ASCWA, the African Studies Centre of Western Australia.


    Academic Advisory Panel, Large ARC Grant Application, “Location Register of Literary Manuscripts” (RIEF), UWA Edith Cowan University and Murdoch University

    I am currently undertaking research with the intention of developing a script for young audiences: specifically, children at risk and those in refugee and/or detention centres in Australia.

    I am also engaged in an international intercultural research project on Shakespearean adaptation with co-researchers in Malaysia (University of Malaya), and Taiwan (Providence University).

    Current projects

    I am currently developing a Theatre in Education project on Cymbeline. The production will play to High Schools in Perth in Nexus Theatre in November 2014. I will possibly be taking the show on tour to Malaysia and Taiwan in January 2015 with performances in Kuala Lumpur (at the University of Malaya) and the Temple of Fine Arts (Jahore Bharu ) and in Taipei.The outcome, as with my previous touring production, The Winter’s Tale, will feed into my research in intercultural performance.

    I am also developing a project on Theatre and Decision Management with a view to working with young people at risk, using drama as a medium for communication.






    Awards and grants

    Year Amount Project Description
    2013 $2000 Seed funding for OLT grant application assistance from SPARC Large OLT Grant ( Dr Josko Petkovic)
    2013 $5000 Master Class in Shakespeare and Performance at the University of Malaya (September/October)
    2010 $8000 Funding for Children’s Theatre Touring Production to Malaysia.
    2004 $3000 Seed funding from the SCASE (Centre for Research in Social Change and Social Equity.) For developing software for the project,Into the Drama Maze, a resource package for Drama Teachers, with Robin Pascoe (Education)
    2002 $520 000 ARC Linkage Grant. I was a member of a larger, interdisciplinary team headed by Professor Duane Varan, Professor Mike Innes, Dr Andrew Turk and Dr Stephanie Donald which established industry links with Channel 9, the ABC, the W.A. Education Department and Nickleodeon in order to research how interactive television can enhance the learning of preschool children. (Successful)
    2002 $4 000 Seed funding from SCASE (Centre for Research in Social Change and Social Equity). For a planned internationally focussed HIV/AIDS initiative, “Seize the Future”.  Aimed at assisting juveniles in the third world in making their life-choices in the context of a ‘health holocaust’. With John de Reuck (BITL)
    2002 $2 000 Seed funding from the SCASE (Centre for Research in Social Change and Social Equity.) For the project, Into the Drama Maze,a resource package for Drama Teachers, with Robin Pascoe and Terry Church (Education) and Martin Mhando (MCC).
    2001 $6 000 Murdoch University Small Research Grant (SRG) for the project: “Fusing Technology and Tradition: Theatreworks, Intercultural Exchange and Notions of ‘New’ Asia”. With Dr Helena Grehan, School of Arts, Murdoch University.


    Events and speaking engagements

    December 2013: Keynote address Nexus Theatre Gala Evening celebrating 20 years of Nexus on campus

    October 2013: At the invitation of the Director of the Cultural Centre, I addressed a seminar of Creative Arts staff at the University of Malaya on publishing practice-led research

    March 2013: At the invitation of the Director of the Cultural Centre, I consulted with staff in Creative Arts staff at the University of Malaya on curriculum development in the Creative Arts.

    January 2013:  I was interviewed on Radio BFM89.9 ( Kuala Lumpur)  and reviews of the production appeared online and in print with the Head of the Drama Department (UM) observing in an interview with Utan (an online publication) that international work like this allowed local university theatre departments to “think outside the box” and to connect both with their communities and with the broader, global context.

    March 2012: At the invitation of the Director of the Cultural Centre, I  addressed the staff in the Creative Arts on supervising doctoral students in the creative arts and publishing in the field.

    April 2012: Guest speaker on Practice-led Research University of Malaya , Kuala Lumpur.

    March 2012: Guest speaker on Practice-led Research N.I.E. National Institute of Education,Nanyang University of Technology,Singapore.


    Professional and community service

    In addition to serving on the School and Divisional Executive Committee (1996-97) I maintain my service to the University through active memberships of the following committees










    TABLE 1: Committee Membership

    Year Committee Title and Focus
    2003 – 13 School of Social Sciences and Humanities  Promotions Advisory Committee
    2009 – 13 Research Committee, School of Social Sciences and Humanities (Arts)
    2000 – 13 Nexus Theatre Management Committee, School of Arts
    2003 – 13 Screen Academy Murdoch Executive and Management Committee
    2004 – 7 Teaching Excellence Selection Committee (Arts)
    2003 Selection Committee: Division of SSHE for Lecturer, Media Studies
    2001 – 3 Selection Committee: Division of SSHE for Media Studies; Theatre and Drama Studies (Technician)
    2000 – 3 Elected Member, Academic Council
    2002    Academic Council Representative on the Equity and Equal Opportunity Committee
    2001 – 2 Subcommittee of Academic Council: Quality Audit Committee
    2001 Subcommittee of Academic Council: Working Party of Time-tabling (Chair, Prof. Walter Bloom)
    1998 Technical Support Review Committee: Theatre and Drama Studies, School of Arts
    1998 Selection Committee: Division of SSHE for History and Psychology
    1997 – 98 Publicity Committee: Division of SSHE
    1997 – 98 Managing Change: Division of SSHE committee
    1997 Working Party developing Strategic Objectives for Murdoch University’s Community Relations Section
    1996 – 97 Chair, Literature, Theatre and Philosophy AOU.
    1995 – 97 Chair, English and Comparative Literature Programme

    Service to the Community

    Children’s Theatre at Murdoch: I write and direct plays for children each year and have done so since the inception of the project in 1991. I see this as an important personal community relations initiative as it has the benefit of exposing the children in the audience to issues-based theatre as well as broadening the expertise of students of theatre and drama at Murdoch. Graduates from TDS with this background are employed by “Barking Gecko”, an internationally renowned Children’s Theatre Company based at the Subiaco Theatre Centre as well as at Spare Parts Puppet Theatre in Fremantle. Students undertake work-experience as part of this industry liaison initiative through units in Creative Arts.

    Click here to view an excerpt from the Phoenix and the Fighting Pandas of Yunnan Province

    Devising/Directing Schools Performances for Murdoch’s office of Admissions and EnrolmentsIl Fornicazioni, 2004 (a melodrama) played to Murdoch College. The project was continued in 2005.

    Participation in a Schools outreach project (BADSFAD – Be A Drama Student For A Day) in which I run workshops for prospective secondary school students (Year 10-11) to familiarise them with a Murdoch drama unit.

    T.E.E Time Schools Lecture Series: Since its inception in 1995 until its cessation in 2003, I coordinated the series and offered lectures on a range of literary and dramatic texts of interest to Year 11 and 12 English Literature students.

    Member, Festival of Perth Writers Festival Committee: (1997 – 2000):The Committee functioned until PIAF, under its new artistic director, ran into a budget deficit. I was responsible for co-ordinating the activities for the African contingent.



    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    I have 18 PhD completions and several M.Phil completions ( mostly as sole supervisor) with a further 9 doctoral theses currently under my supervision, 7 of whom have been awarded either the APA or Murdoch scholarships. My expertise lies in both traditional and non-traditional research projects at this level. My supervision skills have been acknowledged in a Vice-Chancellor’s Excellence in Supervision Award. Many of my students have gone on to academic careers in Australia, Singapore and Malaysia while all have gained satisfactory employment whether as educators, as professionals in the public service or in the media.



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    2010 Conference Paper

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