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    Dr Jeremy Northcote
    BA (UWA), BA Hons (Curtin), PhD (Murdoch), Grad Cert GIS (Curtin)

    Lecturer in Sociology and Community Development

    About me

    I have been teaching in Western Australian universities for 17 years, beginning as a tutor at Curtin University in 1995, then later a lecturer at Edith Cowan Univerity (2006-2008), the University of Western Australia (2007) and now at Murdoch University (since 2010). Throughout my career as a tutor and lecturer I’ve enjoyed encouraging students to challenge their preconceptions and relate theory to their everyday lives.

    I’ve also been an active researcher, having worked as a postdoctorate fellow at the National Drug Research Institute at Curtin University (2005-2008) and the Centre for Research in Entertainment, Arts, Technology, Education and Communications at Edith Cowan University (2009-2010). I’ve overseen a variety of projects, including alcohol use by young people at nightlife venues, visitor use of Rottnest Island, and participation in organised sport by Muslim youth. I’ve published across a wide variety of areas, including alternative religion, youth studies, immigration, tourism and Old Testament studies.

    Teaching area

    I teach the following units:

    SOC105 Sociology and Everyday Life

    This unit looks at the relationship between sociological theory and everyday life. After studying this unit, you will never look at your life and surroundings the same way!

    SOC213 Health and Society

    This unit looks at issues concerning concepts and institutions related to health, from interactions with your GP, to inequalities and ethics in healthcare.

    SOC230 Australian Youth Cultures

    This unit looks at the diversity of youth representations and practices in contemporary society. It examines issues such as youth homelessness, the creative use of space (such as grafitti and skateboarding), sexual identity, class resistance, drugs and alcohol, and musical expression (e.g., Hip Hop).

    Research areas

    The following areas are ones that I have researched and published in. As you will see, my research interests are diverse. Further, my interests are not limited to this list (frankly, everything interests me!).

    Drug and Alcohol Research

    My research in this area has focused on substance misuse in recreational nightlife settings, such as parties, nightclubs and pubs. My published work has so far looked at the decision-making of young people around heavy drinking.

    Immigration Studies

    I’ve undertaken studies of the settlement needs of refugee women settlers and also the scope for participation of Muslim youth in organised sport.

    Alternative Religion

    This line of research follows from my PhD research on dialogue between paranormal believers, Skeptics and Christians. This was the topic of my 2007 monograph, The Paranormal and the Politics of Truth (Imprint Academic).

    Old Testament Studies

    My research in this area has looked at schematic patterns in the chronological information in the Pentateuch.


    I have overseen several studies looking at sustainability in Western Australian protected areas, including sanctuary zones at Ningaloo Marine Park and visitor capacity on Rottnest Island.

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Chris Mauri – “The PhD in the Modern World”

    Fardaus Ara – “Women’s Political Participation in the Context of Modernization: A Comparative Study of Australia and Bangladesh”

    Julie Byrne –  ”Cultural Identity and Tourism Experience on Rapa Nui (Easter Island)”

    Paul Monash Narayanasamy – “Courageous leadership in Malaysia: A study of Church political leadership in an Islamic State”



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