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    Dr. Kim Moloney
    BSc (Wisconsin); MPA (Syracuse - Maxwell School); MA (Johns Hopkins - SAIS), PhD (American University)

    Senior Lecturer in Global Public Administration and Public Policy

    About me

    I am fascinated by the actors, institutions, and processes of government life. To understand difference, social justice, and inequality, one must interact with states, governments, civil society, corporations, and our global governance system. This includes an understanding of how power, ethics, and social justice intersect with accountability, transparency, legitimacy, and representation.

    My academic training has encompassed International Relations, Economics, and Public Administration along with Latin America, Caribbean, and sub-Saharan Africa. Recent academic practice has focused largely on the administrative life of international organizations (e.g. personnel management, whistle blowing, stakeholder power) and various public sector management issues within the Caribbean along with a bit of the South Pacific. More broadly, my life experiences and as such, my academic life and its practice, have been shaped by working abroad on six continents and in nine countries: United States, England, New Zealand, Zambia, Kenya, Peru, Jamaica, South Korea, and now, Australia. 

    Teaching area

    BUS122: Business in Society

    POL332: Administering Global Governance

    SWM515: Introduction to Public Sector Management

    SWM651: Comparative Governance and Public Administration

    Research areas

    1. The intersection of public administration, international organizations, and global governance with a particular focus on international civil servants, public personnel management, whistle blowing, global administrative law, administrative tribunals, and stakeholder power.
    2. The intersection of public administration with development and comparative administration with a particular focus on island-states, public service motivation, civil society – state relationships, and public service bargains in post-colonial island-states.

    Current projects

    My research agenda is split into two separate but interrelated parts.

    Current Topic (2017-2019): Administrative Life of International Organizations: sole- and co-authored papers published on international civil servant whistleblowers, the budget (non-) transparency of international organizations, and public personnel management issues within international organizations.

    Emerging Topic (2019-forward): International Organization Accountability & Legitimacy Challenges: Current research, prior publications, prior work on international civil servant stakeholders (PhD), and an emergent interest in international administrative tribunals will coalesce into one or more of the following:

    (a) how our public administration disciplinary knowledge might interact with international organization administrative life;

    (b) using public administration’s disciplinary knowledge to understand IO accountability and legitimacy challenges along with transparency and representation challenges within global governance. An ideal configuration will focus on the multilateral development banks and IOs/ROs with headquarters in the Indo-Pacific.

    Related in-progress work (as of Sep 2018) includes (a) co-authored article (my lead) on pedagogical approaches to teaching global policy and transnational administration; (b) co-authored article (my lead) on links between domestic studies of public administration and international public administration; and (c) sole-authored article on interactions between transnational administration and international public administration.

    Current Topic (2013 with 2019 end-date): Administrative Life of Island-States: Sole- and co-authored papers (and monograph) in process on public service bargains in Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago. To-date publications includes a co-authored article on these bargains in the Caribbean. This work is funded by a British Academy grant (Mar 2013-Oct 2016) with partners in the UK (Lindsay Stirton, Sussex; Martin Lodge, LSE) and Jamaica (Anthony Harriott, UWI). My other island-state publications: (a) NGO-state relations in Jamaica; (b) public service motivations of Jamaican civil servants; (c) debt administration in island-states. This includes two months spent in Jamaica’s National Archives, 50+ NGO/donor interviews in Fiji/Vanuatu/Samoa/Solomon Islands, and three years teaching Public Sector Management at the University of the West Indies (Mona, Jamaica). 

    Awards and grants

    Research Grant: British Academy – International Partnership and Mobility Scheme, Project Title: “Legal Transplants and Public Service Bargains: Explaining Civil Service Performance and Reform in Jamaica and Trinidad-Tobago” (March 2013 to October 2016), £29,544.

    Research Awards/Fellowships and Teaching Awards

    Research Award: Excellence in Early Career Research, Murdoch University, Nov 2018.

    Teaching Award: Best undergraduate professor (Kyung Hee University, Kyunghee International College, Suwon, South Korea): Mar-Jun 2013; Sep-Dec 2013.

    Research Fellowship: Centennial Center Fellowship of the American Political Science Association (Jun/Jul 2012).

    Events and speaking engagements


    2017 (15 Sep): Invited Panelist, Institute of Public Administration Western Australia (IPAA) “Policy in Practice”, Adina Hotel, Perth. Topic: the myth of crisis, improper and proper crisis management, passive and active representative bureaucracy.

    2017 (9 May): Invited Speaker, “Whistle Blowing and the International Civil Servant,” Politics and International Relations Seminar Series, University of Western Australia.

    2017 (19 Mar): Invited Panelist, American Society of Public Administration, “Ferrel Heady Roundtable”, Atlanta GA, USA. Assigned Topic: “the administrative challenges in an anti-democracy time”

    2017 (18 Mar). Invited Panelist, “Using Social Media as a Section Leader” at Section Leadership Meeting, American Society of Public Administration Conference, Atlanta GA.

    2017 (22 Feb): Invited Panelist, Institute of Public Administration Western Australia (IPAA) “Espresso Series”, St. Georges, Perth. Topic: key public administration issues, debates and tensions in American public administration plus a short review of presidential power, executive orders, and signing statements.

    2016 (19 Mar). Invited Panelist, “Public Administration and the World” at the Ferrel Heady Roundtable, American Society of Public Administration, Seattle WA.

    2010 (Apr). Invited Panelist, “We are not a Niche: The Future of Comparative Public Administration,” Super Session Roundtable on Public Administration in 2020, American Society of Public Administration, San Jose CA.

    2009 (27-28 Apr). Invited Panelist, “Bureaucratic Politics and the World Bank’s Public Sector Management Policies,” Researchers Alliance for Development Conference on the World Bank, Washington DC. One of thirteen Ph.D. students worldwide (and only American in the 2009 class) to present World Bank dissertation findings.


    Professional and community service

    Current Associational Service
    • Chair-Elect (as of Mar 2017; Chair in Apr 2019 for two years), Section on International and Comparative Administration (SICA), American Society for Public Administration (ASPA).
    • Elected Member, Executive Board, SICA, American Society for Public Administration, term ends 2019. This is my third term.
    • Chair, Fred Riggs Symposium, American Society for Public Administration Conference, March 2019. Fourteen panels, 100+ authors, see:
    • Elected Member, Chapter Council, International Chapter, American Society for Public Administration, term ends 2018. Second term. Prior Term: 2011-2013
    Prior Associational Service
    • Co-Chair, Fred Riggs Symposium, ASPA Conference, March 2015, March 2016.
    • Member, Fred Riggs Symposium, ASPA Conference, March 2017, March 2018.
    • Appointed by ASPA President in Mar 2011 to ASPA Strategic Imperatives Group (SIG) for SIG1: “ASPA will be the voice of good governance at home and internationally” (Team Purpose Completed)
    • Member, University of the West Indies, University of West Indies Hospital and University of Technology Ethics Committee (Jamaica), 2010-2011.
    • Member, ASPA Strategic Steering Group, Jul 2010 to Mar 2011 (Team Purpose Completed);
    • Member, ASPA International Outreach Action Team, May 2010 to Mar 2011 (Team Purpose Completed);
    • Member, Subcommittee on Proposed ASPA International Chapter, May 2010 to Mar 2011 (Team Purpose Completed); and
    • Member, ASPA’s Section on Women in Public Administration (SWPA) Scholarship Committee (2009; 2010).
    Peer Review (Publons:
    Public Administration Review; Governance; Journal of European Public Policy; American Review of Public Administration; International Review of Public Administration; International Studies Quarterly; International Review of Administrative Sciences; Review of Public Personnel Administration; Contemporary Politics; Public Performance & Management Review; International Public Management Review

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Ph.D. Students
    • Started Mar 2018. Ellen Brookes — Securitising ‘Undesirable’ Populations in Korea and Japan. My role is 60pct. Kanishka Jayasuriya has 40pct.
    Research Masters in Training (30000-word)

    • Started Sep 2018. Martin Aher — Examining the Causality of an Abortive Peace Settlement in South Sudan. My role is 30pct. Ben Reilly has 70pct.
    MA Student Research Papers (12000-word)
    • Completed Nov 2018: Conor Brennan — Extreme Solar Weather: What Can Western Australia do to Mitigate its Threat?
    • Completed Jul 2018: Freya Whitehead — More than a Bird Song: Analysing President-Elect Donald J. Trump’s Campaign Gender Narrative
    MA Student Case Studies (5000-word)
    • Completed Nov 2018: Priyanka Khade — Impact of Air Quality on Respiratory and Cardiovascular Mortality in Delhi India
    • Completed (Jul 2018): Muriel Leclercq — Western Australian Shark Attack Mitigation Strategy: Policy Analysis for the Minister for Fisheries
    Prior MA Thesis Students (University of the West Indies, 15000-word research papers)
    • Completed 2012: Alvin Allen — Budget Support: Evaluating the EU’s Support of JCFRMP
    • Completed 2012: Kerry-Ann Bailey — The Effects of Biometric Technology on Law Enforcement: An Assessment of Jamaica’s Automated Fingerprint Identification System
    • Completed 2011: Desmond Brooks — Implementation in Hierarchical Police Auxiliaries: An Examination of the Enforcement of the Wildlife Protection and Endangered Species Laws in Jamaica
    • Completed 2011: Andrene Henry — Assessing the Progress of Implementation of the Hyogo Framework for Action in Jamaica circa 2005-2010: The Institutional Dimensions
    • Completed 2011: Rowena Wedderburn — Sustainable Development in the Jamaican Public Sector: The Scope for Green Public Procurement



    • Moloney, K., Stoycheva, R., (2018), Partial Two-Way Mirror: International Organization Budget Transparency, Global Policy, 9, 1, pages 26 - 40.


    (Full Manuscript is Under Review at a University Press, Aug 2018). Moloney, KimWho Matters? Policy Change and Public Sector Governance at the World Bank (1980 to 2012).

    Oxford University Press Handbook (Co-Editor)

    2019 (17 Jan; forthcoming). Stone, Diane; Moloney, Kim (Eds). Oxford Handbook of Global Policy and Transnational Administration, Oxford UK: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780198758648. See: 

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    Issue Briefs

    2018. Moloney, Kim; Stoycheva, Rayna (5 Feb). “Following the Money: How Transparent are the World’s International Organisations?” Issue Brief, Australian Outlook, Australian Institute of International Affairs, see:

    2018. Moloney, Kim; West, Jonathan P.; Bowman, James S. (15 Jun). “Letting the Sun Shine In: Whistleblowers in International Organisations,” Issue Brief, Australian Outlook, Australian Institute of International Affairs, see:

    Murdoch University Press Release

    2018. “Researchers urge international organisations to lift veil of secrecy”, see: