Dr Libby Lee-Hammond
Bachelor of Education (QUT), Ph.D.(QUT)

Associate Professor

About me

I have been at Murdoch since 2000 and have developed the early childhood courses here since their inception. Prior to that I worked at QUT in Brisbane in the School of Early Childhood and at the Centre for Mathematics and Science Education. Whilst employed as a tutor and research assistant at QUT I also assisted in the implementation of an enrichment program for very young gifted children on campus. This program gave rise to my PhD titled “Teachers’ conceptions of gifted young children: Perspectives through the lens of gender”. My supervisors were Dr Jim Watters and Dr Jillian Brannock.

Since my employment at Murdoch over a decade ago I have been involved in many research projects and consultancies related to early childhood education and services. My ongoing involvement in research with Aboriginal communities has been a highlight of this work and continues to drive my research and community service.

I am also interested in outdoor play learning and am currently involved as a Co-Editor in the development of an International Handbook on Outdoor Play and Learning to be published by SAGE in 2017.  I am a member of the European Early Childhood Education Research Association, The World Organisation for Early Childhood and Early Childhood Australia.

I have an ongoing interest in technology and creativity in education and encourage students to integrate these into their learning and teaching programs.



Teaching area

I currently teach early childhood curriculum, critical pedagogy in the early years and principles and practices of early childhood education.

Research areas

Early childhood education

Aboriginal early years

School Transition

Outdoor Learning

Critical pedagogy

Current projects

I am currently involved in  an International Project with researchers from Linneaus University in Sweden. This project focusses on pedagogical documentation and early childhood educators developing curriculum alongside children and families.





Awards and grants

Awarding Body Date Project Role Amount ($)
Public Education



2013 Connecting culture, curriculum and community in early years Aboriginal Education Chief Investigator with

Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett and Cheryl Kickett-Tucker


World Vision Solomon Islands 2012



Makira Early Childhood Development Program Evaluation

Temotu Early Childhood Development Program Evaluation

Co-Director with Andrew McConney

Co-Director with Andrew McConney




DEEWR 2011 PACE Project: No Parent Left Behind Project Director 180,000
Department for Communities WA 2011-2013 Solid Beginnings: Aboriginal playgroups in Western Australia Project Director 60,000
Catholic Education Office of Western Australia 2009 Unlocking Gifts and Talents through the use of ICT in early childhood Chief Consultant 9,500
Beananging Kwuurt Institute 2002008- 2009 Feasibility Study for the Development of a Children and Families Centre at the site of the former Sister Kate’s Children’s Home Chief Consultant 20,000
DEST & Aboriginal Education and Training Council 2006-2008 Community and School working together for improved Indigenous student learning outcomes: The Mungullah East Carnarvon Primary School Project Project Director with Dr Corinne Reid as co-investigator 248,204
The Le@rning Federation Field Review 2003-2004 The Le@rning Federation Field Review Early Childhood Consultant with Lake, Schibeci, Cummings, Phillips and Lowe 176,532.
ARC – Linkage Grant 2003 A pedagogy for multiliteracies in early childhood education.

With Industry partners IBM, ANSN, Global Multimedia, Dept. of Education WA, DET NSW, Vic. Schools Innovations Commission and others.

First Chief Investigator

With Yelland (RMIT) and Harrison (UWS), O’Rourke (ANSN)





ARC – Linkage Grant With ABC, Channel 9, Nickolodeon and DET WA. 2002-2004 Enhancing the content and experience of Interactive Children’s Television Chief Investigator with Varan, Turk, Broderick, Richardson and Innes. 391,439
DEST 2002 Project to investigate improving of literacy and numeracy outcomes of distance education students in the early years of schooling Consultant (consortium)

With Yelland and Dole RMIT

Australian National Schools Network 2002 ANSN and IBM National Kidsmart Program Project Director 78 180
Pilbara Public Health Unit 2002 Rewriting Stock Route Challenge Materials in line with the Curriculum Framework Early Childhood Consultant

with Williams

Education Department of Western Australia 2001 Facilitation of Action Research: Discovering Democracy Program Early Childhood Consultant

With Martin and Robison

Murdoch University 2001 Gifted Young Children in Australia: policies, practices and parent perceptions Chief Investigator 7,000
DETYA 2001 Project to develop a poster and brochures promoting awareness of the importance of numeracy to parents Early Childhood Consultant

With Powell

Department of Education, Western Australia  2001 Design for and implementation of an assessment program for teachers and teacher assistants Project Director

with McKenzie and Aveling as consultants


(Plus full fee paying students)

Agriculture WA 2000 Kalgan and Beyond Early Childhood Consultant

With Schibeci and Lake



Doctoral and masters supervisions

I have supervised six doctoral and one masters student to successful completion. The broad topics of the dissertations include; interactive children’s television, multiliteracies in early childhood education, social and emotional wellbeing for children with language support needs, perceptions and practices of teachers with students who have an ADHD clinical diagnosis, practices of teachers supporting children’s social and emotional development in kindergarten, historical conceptions of ‘the child’ in Western Australian early childhood education and outdoor play and learning.

I currently have students in Masters and Doctoral programs investigating a diverse range of topics including gifted and talented education, second language acquisition in the early years, outdoor play and learning and a study of children whose parents were institutionalised orphans under the child migrant scheme.


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