Mariana Campos  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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Dr Mariana Campos
Hons Biological Education, MSc. Plant Ecology, PhD Plant Ecophysiology

Research Fellow

About me

I am a researcher in the field of biosecurity, and am interested in studies ranging from species to ecosystem levels. I work with both flora and fauna subjects, and have a strong passion for conservation, sustainability and education.

My academic background started with an Honours in Biology Education and moved to a Master’s Degree in Plant Ecology, and was further developed with a PhD in Plant Physiological Ecology. I then worked in consultancies in Western Australia doing baseline studies, targeted searches and vegetation monitoring for a few years. This led me to the biosecurity realm with mapping and planning the control of non-indigenous species.

After my experience with industry partners, I have returned to academia as a Research Fellow where I can pair my interests in research and education, and hopefully create some positive change in conservation areas, agricultural systems and with the supervision of graduate students and future researchers.

Research areas

  • Biosecurity
  • Non-indigenous species
  • Conservation
  • Food security
  • Incursion prevention, containment and management
  • Weeds
  • Pests
  • Longitudinal studies
  • Mapping

Current projects

  • Annual ryegrass toxicity in Western Australia
  • Artificial intelligence as a tool for biosecurity surveillance
  • Surveillance methodologies for biosecurity

Awards and grants

Awards and grants received as primary applicant:
  • ANZ Holsworth Wildlife Fund (2008, 2009, 2010): AUD$16,000.00
  • Mary Janet Lindsay of Yanchep Memorial Fund (2009): AUD$1,750.00
  • Brazilian National Council for Research Award (2008): BRL$50,000.00, approximately AUD $35,000.00
  • PhD scholarship and operating funds, IPRS/SIRF, University of Western Australia (2008 – 2011)
  • MSc scholarship and operating funds, University of Campinas, Brazil (2006 – 2007)

Events and speaking engagements

  • upcoming: Australasian Weed Society (Sydney, September 2018) – presenter
  • upcoming: Biosecurity for conservation and farming (Murdoch, August 2018) – presenter to Chinese delegation visiting Murdoch University
  • upcoming: Mini Beasts in your city (Perth, August 2018) – organiser and presenter or outreach program on invertebrate collection and identification
  • Workshop with Chinese delegation from CAAS (Murdoch, June 2018) – presenter: surveillance for weed eradication
  • Harry Butler Institute Student Talks (Perth, June 2018) – organiser and coach of students’ 3- minute talks
  • International Master Class in Plant Biosecurity (Denpasar, January 2018) – presenter: surveillance and diagnostics
  • International Biosecurity Conference (Manado, November 2017) – presenter: surveillance techniques
  • Frontiers in Agriculture (Crawley, July 2011) – presenter, awarded best presenter
  • Rottnest Island Summer School Conference (Rottnest, February 2011) – organiser, chair, presenter
  •  35th Annual Conference of the South African Association of Botanists (Stellenbosch, January 2009) – presenter
  • X Latin American Botanical Congress (La Serena, October 2010) – presenter

Professional and community service

  • Volunteer with the Friends of King’s Park (2016 – current): active member involved in organising plant propagation and native plant sales.
  • Member of the Bassendean Preservation Group (2017 – current): supporter of the group that conducts vegetation rehabilitation of public spaces in Bassendean and surrounding suburbs.
  • Rehabilitation Scientist at Astron Environmental Services (2014 – 2016): responsible for project development and management; as well as data analysis, statistical analyses, mapping and scientific reporting of weed mapping and monitoring, vegetation monitoring, and baseline botanical surveys.
  • Botanist at Ecologia Environment (2011 – 2014): responsible for project development and management; as well as data analysis, statistical analyses, mapping and scientific reporting of baseline biological surveys (fauna and flora), vegetation monitoring, targeted fauna and flora surveys, and vegetation clearing permits.
  • Sub-editor and Proof-reader for Biota Neotropica Scientific Journal (2006 – 2007): sub-editor and proof-reader for a scientific journal.
  • Scientific Advisor at UniScience (2004 – 2006): technology advisor for researchers and technicians in the biological and molecular fields and troubleshooter for laboratory procedures and protocols.

Doctoral and masters supervisions

PhD supervisions:

  • Elsie Kinnaird (current): Surveillance of invertebrate species, the Barrow Island example
  • Jane Wan (current): Grower compensation for losses due to biosecurity events
  • Mariana Dimitrova (current): Design of serious game to develop and evaluate skills in quarantine inspectors



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Publications prior to Murdoch

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