Professor Matthew Bellgard
BSc (Computer Science/Information Technology, First Class Hons Computer Science) UWA, PhD UWA

Director, Centre for Comparative Genomics (CCG)

About me

My formal qualifications include a PhD from The University of Western Australia in 1994, completing a thesis in Computer Science and Specialising in Artificial Intelligence with applications. In 2005, I became the inaugural Director of the Western Australian State Government Centre of Excellence, the Centre for Comparative Genomics (CCG). The CCG undertakes unique biomedical and agricultural research and development by promoting a collaborative understanding within and across fields of study. Under my leadership, the Centre has attracted over $45m in research funding in the last 13 years and has some 40 staff, most of whom are externally funded. As a Murdoch University Centre, the Director has overall responsibility for the strategic and operational leadership and management of the Centre.

In addition to these responsibilities, I am also Director of iVEC@Murdoch that houses the 2nd largest supercomputer in Australia (ranked #87 in the world in June 2011) and Convenor of the Australian Bioinformatics Facility (ABF), which is one of four national platforms of the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Scheme (NCRIS) 5.1 Evolving Biomolecular Platforms and Informatics Investment plan. I am co-leader of the Australian consortium in the FP7 EU €12 million RD Connect: an integrated platform connecting registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research.

Teaching area

2003 – Present: Murdoch University – Perth, WA: Professor and Foundation Chair in Bioinformatics

2000 – 2003: Murdoch University – Perth, WA:  Associate Professor in Computer Science

1998 – 1999:  Murdoch University – Perth, WA:  Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

1994 – 1997:  Murdoch University – Perth, WA:  Lecturer in Computer Science

Research areas

  • Comparative genomic analysis
  • Computational biology
  • Molecular evolution
  • Bioinformatics
  • Genomics
  • Integrated system development
  • Pattern recognition
  • Food security
  • Digital Agriculture
  • Personalised Medicine

Current projects

2013 – 2017:  NHMRC

Project Title: RD-CONNECT: An integrated platform connecting registries, biobanks and clinical bioinformatics for rare disease research

Investigators: Dawkins H, Bellgard MI, Golblatt J, Wilton SD, Fletcher S, Baynam G, Weeramanthri T, Mallal S, Nolan D

2013 – 2016:  MDA USA

Project Title: Oligomer design & validation for DMD: quantum improvements in exon skipping

Investigators: Wilton SD, Fletcher S, Bellgard MI

2013 – 2016:  CRC Plant Biosecurity

Project Title: Delivery of an integrated Internet-based bioinformatics toolkit for plant biosecurity diagnosis and surveillance of viruses and viroids

Investigators: Bellgard M, Barrero R, Bulman S

2013 – 2015:  NHMRC Grant ID: 1043758

Project Title: Optimization of splice switching therapies to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy

Investigators: Bellgard MI, Wilton SD, Fletcher S

2012 – 2015:  CRC for National Plant Biosecurity

Project Title: Exemplar Project: New approaches for diagnosing bacterial pathovars

Investigators: Stack J, Smith G, Rodoni B, Chapman T, Bellgard MI

2013 – 2016:  Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia

Grains Research and Development Corporation

Project Title: Sequencing the Barley Chromosome 7H

Investigators: Li C, Bellgard MI, Zhang X-Q,  Zhang Q, Fleury D, Langridge P

2012 – 2015:  University of Queensland – ARC Discovery Contribution

Project Title: Harnessing the genome of the Australian paralysis tick to develop effective control products

Investigators: Lew-Tabor A, Bellgard M,  Rodriguez VM, Atwell R, Vankan D, Broady K

2007 – Present:  iVEC@Murdoch

Project Title: Epic Supercomputer and NeCTAR Research Cloud

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2007 – Present:  Bioplatforms Australia Pty Ltd

Project Title: The Australian Bioinformatics Facility

Investigators: Bellgard MI, Forest S, Gorman J, Bacic T, Molloy M, Gilbert A


Awards and grants


2014:  Senior Researcher Award:  An Outstanding Contribution to the Field of Ticks & Tick-borne Pathogens

2012:  OECD Co-operative Research Program Fellowship Award

2006:  Top 40 Business Leaders under 40 years of age (40 Under 40 WA Business News)

1995:  Western Australian State Government:   Young Australia of the Year, Science & Technology Category Winner (WA)


2008 – 2010:  Australian Research Council

Project Title: An integrated genomics approach to improve our understanding of the biology of genital campylobacteriosis in beef cattle

Investigators: Lew-Tabor A, Bellgard MI

2007 – 2011Department of Education Science & Training

Project Title: National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2007 – 2011:  Bioplatforms Australia Ltd

Project Title: NCRIS: Super Science Project for the Education Investment Fund

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2005 – 2012:  Department of Industry, Innovation, Science, Research and Tertiary Education       

Project Title: CRC for Beef Genetic Technologies

Investigators: Lew-Tabor A, Bellgard MI, Guerrero F

2010 – 2015Grains Research & Development Corporation

Project Title: International Wheat Genome Sequencing Consortium assembly of chromosome 7A

Investigators: Appels R, Bellgard MI

2010 – 2012:  CRC for National Plant Biosecurity

Project Title: Targeting mechanisms of phosphine resistance in stored grain pests

Investigators: Schillpalius D, Bellgard MI

2010 – 2011:  Australian Research Collaboration Services

Project Title: NeAT Bioflows Project – Centre for Comparative Genomics

Investigator: Bellgard MI

2007 – 2008CRC for Beef Genetic Technologies

Project Title: Identification of Novel Tick Therapeutic Targets

Investigators: Lew-Tabor A, Bellgard MI

2006 – 2008:  ARC Linkage

Project Title: An Integrated Proteomic and Bioinformatic Approach for

Classifying Raw and Cooked Fish: Truth in labeling of foodstuffs

Investigators: Bellgard MI, Taplin R, Lipscombe R

2005 – 2008Government of Western Australia

Western Australia Centre of Excellence in Science and Innovation Program

Awarded: Western Australian Centre of Excellence for Comparative Genomics

Investigator: Bellgard MI

2005 – 2008Australian Research Council

Project Title: Understanding the molecular basis of virulence in Brachyspira hyodysenteriae to improve vaccine

Investigators: Hampson D, Bellgard MI

2005 – 2008Australian Research Council

Project Title: Devising sophisticated computational comparative genomic analysis strategies for animal and plant genomes

Investigators: Bellgard MI, Kulski J, Taplin R, Appels R

2005 – 2008Molecular Plant Breeding CRC

Project Title: An Investigation into decision support for molecular plant breeding with application to grain quality: PGrad s/ship: Dean Diepeveen ID# 30442549

Investigators: Appels R, Bellgard MI


Project Title: Western Australian Supercomputer program (co-CI total $2.65 million)

Investigator: Bellgard MI

2004 – 2010CRC Grain Foods

Project Title: Development of a Nutrient Database for Grains

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2004 – 2006Department of Agriculture, Western Australia

Project Title: Redevelopment of PB Genesis plant breeding software

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2003 – 2006Australian Research Council

Project Title: Genomic sequencing and comparative genomic analysis for animal bacterial vaccine discovery

Investigators: Hampson D, Bellgard MI

2003 – 2005:  WA Lotteries Commission

Project Title: State Medical Biotechnology Facility (co-CI total $4 million)

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2002 – 2009:  CRC Molecular Plant Breeding

Project Title: Bioinformatics and Biological Computing

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2001 – 2004:  WA Lotteries Commission                                                                               

Project Title: WA Microarray Facility Bioinformatics Support

Investigators: Swanson N, Bellgard MI

2001 – 2004:  Grains & Research Development Corporation Research Grant

Project Title: Development of a Legume-specific Bioinformatics Resource for Legume Researchers

Investigators: Bellgard MI, Jones M, Oliver R

2001 – 2005:  Tokai University of Medicine

Project Title: Collaboration Between Centre For Biological Computing And Bioinformatics (Murdoch)

And Department Of Genetic  Information  Tokai University (Japan)

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2001 – 2002:  Department of Industry Science & Resources

Project Title: Development of biotechnology and bioinformatics research alliances with key Japanese molecular genetic research, business and investment organisations

Investigators: Bellgard, MI

2000 – 2002:  Genetype

Project Title: Consulting For Bioinformatics

Investigators: Bellgard MI

2000 – 2002:  DEETYA Science Lectureship Initiative                                                               

Project Title: Food Science: From Farm to Plate.

2000:  ARC LIEF Grant                                                                                                     

Project Title: ANGIS Regional Nodes – bioinformatics service and training infrastructure for national biological research and education

1998-1999:  Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS)                                                 

Postdoctoral Research Fellowship – 17 months

Investigator: Bellgard MI

Events and speaking engagements


  • Rare Diseases (RD) Connect Meeting, Marseille, 27 June – 4 July
  • International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases (icnmd xiii) Nice, 5-10 July
  • PAG Asia 19-21 May Singapore (Key Note Speaker)
  • Rare Diseases (RD) Connect, Germany, 26 February


  • Australasian Plant Pathology Conference, New Zealand, November
  • Wold Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology, Perth, 25-29 Aug
  • Australian Research Council, Canberra, 19-21 Aug
  • International Rare Diseases Research Consortium Ireland April
  • Plant & Animal Genome, Singapore March (PAG Asia)
  • RD Connect, Barcelona Spain, Jan
  • Plant and Animal Genomic Conference XXII, San Diego, Jan 12-16


  • NeCTAR Platforms, Sydney, 1 Nov
  • Muscular Dystrophy 2012 Congress, Perth, 8 Oct
  • Australian Weeds Conference, Melbourne, 8-11 Oct
  • Wheat Pathogeonomics Consortium, Adelaide, 27 Sept
  • Yabi workshop, CSIRO Plant Industry, Perth, Aug
  • Plant Biosecurity (PBCRC), Canberra, 29 Aug
  • Smart Phone Conference, Brisbane, 23-25 June
  • Bioplatforms & Melanoma, Sydney, 11-13 June
  • Science Exchange Plant Biosecurity (PBCRC), Perth May


  • Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution (SMBE) Workshop, Kyoto, Japan 26-30 July
  • 19th Annual International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology and 10th European Conference on Computational Biology ISMB/ECCB, Vienna, 15-19 July
  • Yabi: A sophisticated Internet-based cross -omnics analytic environment workshop, EBI, Cambridge, UK, 9-13 May
  • 2 Invited Seminars:  Yabi:  A sophisticated Internet-based cross -omnics analytic environment workshop:  The Genome Analysis Centre, John Innes Centre, Norwich & EBI, Cambridge, UK
  • Awakening Australia to Rare Diseases: Global perspectives on establishing a coordinated approach to a national plan, 18-20 April
  • 3rd Triticeae Genome Annual Meeting and IWGSC Coordinating Committee Workshop, Czech Republic, 4-8 April
  • Asian Conference on Plant Pathology (ACPP) and Australasian Plant Pathology Society Conference (APPS) 2011 Conference, 24-29 April, (Key Note Speaker)


  • ICOPA XII 2010, Melbourne, Australia 15-16 August
  • Transformational Biology Capability Platform, ACT, Australia, 28-30 June


  • Technical Data Workshop, Perth Dec 7
  • Genes for Health Symposium, Perth May 2-6


  • ACPFG Seminar, Adelaide, July 10
  • GSA 2008 Conference, Adelaide, 7-10


  • US/Australian APAC Workshop on GRID Computing, Sydney, June 7-9.
  • Invited speaker for seminar at the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, 6 July
  • Keynote speaker at the ARC Centre in Bioinformatics, 2004 Annual All Hands Meeting, Brisbane, 10-11 May
  • Invited speaker for seminar at the Department of Clinical Immunology, Royal Perth Hospital, Perth, 3 May
  • New Directions for Bioinformatics Research and Systems Delivery, Beijing Genomics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, China, 6 April


  • Australian Winter Cereals Molecular Marker Program, Adelaide, March 17.
  • Plant and Animal Genomic Conference XI, San Diego, Jan 9-16.
  • First NZ Bioinformatics Conference, Wellington, Feb 11-16.
  • Australian Winter Cereals Molecular Marker Program, Adelaide, March 17.
  • Intelligent Systems in Molecular Biology, ISMB’03, Brisbane, Jun 28 – Jul 3.


  • Invitation to present (closed meeting) at Waterfront Symposium of Human Genome Science (WASH), March 2002, Japan.
  • Invitation to participate (closed meeting) in Preparatory Meeting for Human Genome Annotation Central (H-Central), March 2002, Japan.


  • Evolution of the CBBC, Ninth Frank and Bobbie Fenner Conference in Medical Research (Bioinformation Science), Canberra, September 2001
  • Directions of Bioinformatics research in Western Australia, Japan Biological Information Research Centre, Tokyo, Japan.
  • A Spectrum of Bioinformatics research activities in Western Australia, National Institute of Genetics, Mishima, Japan.
  • The importance of hypothesis-driven (re)analysis and an appropriate Bioinformatics Infrastructure, Tokai University, Japan, Feb 2.
  • Ninth Frank and Bobbie Fenner Conference in Medical Research
    (Bioinformation Science), Canberra, September 2001
  • Neural Networks Applications, NNA’01, Canary Islands, Tenerife, Feb 12-14.


  • Bioinformatics: Global Issue, Lotteries Commission Research Symp., Per. Nov 27.
  • Bioinformatics: Only Scope, No Limits Seminar to Psychology Colloquium, MU, Sept 6.
  • The importance of hypothesis-driven (re)analysis and an appropriate Bioinformatics Infrastructure, WAIMR, Rottnest Island, March.
  • Australian Biotechnology Association Conference (ABA 2000) Biotechnology: Our Passport to the Next Millennium, Brisbane, July 2-6
  • Microarray Forum (organised as part of the CSIRO Genome Project/ANGIS/e-Bioinformatics collaboration), Sydney, Feb 1.


  • West Australian Workshop on Information Systems Research (WAWISR), Perth, Nov.
  • 6th International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP’99), Perth,
    Nov 16-20
  • Fourth Chromosome 6 Workshop, Sanger Centre, Hinxton, UK, June 11-12.
  • Human Genome Meeting, HGM’99, Brisbane, Australia, March 27-30.
  • International Symposium on Evolutionary Genomics, ISME’99, Puntarenas, Costa Rica,
    Jan 11-15.  Bioinformatics: What’s all the fuss?


  • Bioinformatics research to SABC and DCI, Perth


  • Bioinformatics in Information Biology to CIB, NIG, Mishima, Japan.
  • International Workshop on Objects in Bioinformatics, EBI, Hinxton, UK, June 18-19.
  • International Conference on Molecular Biology and Evolution, 5th SMBE, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany, June 1-4.


  • Australian Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Canberra, October.
  • Molecular Modelling Workshop, Canberra, October.
  • Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology ‘96, Washington University, St Louis, Missouri, USA, June 12-15.
  • Bioinformatics & Genome Research, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, June 10-11.
  • Human Genome Meeting ’96, HUGO ’96, Heidelberg, Germany, March 22-24.



Professional and community service

2013 – Present:  International Rare Diseases Research Consortium (IRDiRC), Bioinformatics and Data Sharing Committee

2012 – Present:  Australian Research Council College of Experts

2007 – Present:  Convener of the Australian Bioinformatics Facility, Bioplatforms Australia

2007 – Present:  Director iVEC@Murdoch Supercomputing Facility

2000 – 2003:  Associate Professor of Bioinformatics, Full-time, continuing

2000 – 2003:  Director, Centre for Bioinformatics and Biological Computing

2000 – 2003:  Coordinator for the WA Bioinformatics Consortium

2000 – 2003:  Subprogram Leader for the Co-operative Research Centre (CRC) for Molecular Plant Breeding

2000 – 2003:  Expert Taskforce Committee member for National Bioinformatics Strategy

2000 – 2003:  Coordinator and Host of the WA ANGIS regional node (2000-present)


Doctoral and masters supervisions

PhD Students

2014 – Present:  Cong Tan

Barley Genomics

2012 – Present:  Daithi Murray

An Arid Zone Time Capsule: the potential of ancient DNA preserved in middens as a source of palaeoecological data – in progress

2011 – Present:  Brett Chapman

Developing a Framework for Comparative Proteogenomics – in progress

2010 – Present:  John McCooke

PKD mutation in Rats –in progress – Key Supervisor Prof. Jacqueline K. Phillips, Director, Medical Research Unit. The Australian School of Advanced Medicine, Macquarie University

2007 – 2012:  Paula Moolhuijzen

Expanding bioinformatics predictive capabilities in diverse informatics environmentscompleted

2005 – 2010:  Sebastian Kurscheid

Bioinformatics and vaccine research- completed

2005– 2011:  Dean Diepeveen

Data Integration for Decision Making in Wheat Breeding-completed

2003 – 2006:  Yair Motro

Bacterial Bioinformatics-completed

2001 – 2005:  David Dunn

MHC Evolution and Bioinformatics-completed

2000 – 2004:  Kim Carter


Honours Students – Completed

2007:  Matthew Dell

2005:  James Breen

2004:  Richard Hall, Allie Speed, Yovina Sontani

2003:  Eve Strombeck, Adam Hunter (P/T), Bill Kenworthy (P/T)

2002:  Chris Ellis, Adam Hunter (P/T), Bill Kenworthy (P/T), Adam Zumbo

2001:  Lee Wilmore

1996:  Owen Lamont, Eileen Lim, Lois Balmer, Antony Monaco, Corey Moore, Shane Linley, Wendy Monks

1995:  Shane Petterson

ISC (Independent Study Contract)

2005:  Eric Lin, Bioinformatics

2001:  Rebecca Hawkes and Christina Hadad, Molecular Evolution

2000:  Geoff Murphy, Interactive Bioinformatics Software




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