Dr Megan Paull
B.A.; Grad Dip Bus (HRM); M.Bus (HRM); PhD (Bus St).

Director - Postgraduate Research; Senior Lecturer - Management; Co-Director - Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability; School of Business and Governance

About me

I joined Murdoch in 2009 from another university where I had worked for 15 years.

My research interests are in the areas of Volunteering and Nonprofit organisations; Bullying and Organisational Behaviour, and Learning and Teaching in Higher Education. I am a co-founder, leader and researcher in the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability in the School of Business and Governance, which was established in October 2014. (For more information on the Centre go here:   http://www.murdoch.edu.au/Research-capabilities/CRCS/)

I teach in the areas of Business, Society and Environment, Nonprofit Management, Human Resource Management, Business Research Methods, Organisational Behaviour, and Management.  I also supervise higher degree research students.

I am the Director for Postgraduate Research in the School of Business and Governance.

Teaching area

I teach postgraduate units in our MBA and Master of Human Resource Management programs, and in the Sir Walter Murdoch School of Public Policy and International Affairs. My teaching also reflects my research interests and I enjoy bringing my research into discussions with my students.  Units I teach include:  Business, Society and Environment, Leading and Managing Nonprofit Organisations, Qualitative Organisational Research, Organisational Behaviour and Management and Human Resource Management Perspectives. I am also involved with the development of units at the undergraduate level, particularly in association with the research spine in the Bachelor of Business.

Research areas

I am a co-director of the Centre for Responsible Citizenship and Sustainability.


Visit the site for details on the work we are doing and how to become affiliated with us.

My research interests are in the areas of

Volunteering, Governance and Leadership in Nonprofit Organisations

    • volunteering, volunteer management and volunteer managers
    • nonprofit governance, boards and board/organisation interaction

I was project leader on a  large project on University Student Volunteering.  Visit our project website for a range of resources including Good Practice Guides:

Volunteering to Learn www.murdoch.edu.au/projects/volunteeringtolearn/

Organisational Behaviour, including when organisational behaviour is not so “good”

  • bullying in the workplace
  • bystander roles in bullying in the workplace
  • cross cultural perspectives on workplace abuse, incivility and bullying

and in relation to volunteers:

  • managing ‘difficult’ volunteers
  • bullying in volunteer settings
  • valuing volunteer managers

I am also interested in the psychological contract and workplace engagement, for paid and volunteer staff in a range of settings including in the health sector and in nonprofit organisations.

Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

  • internationalisation of the curriculum, internationalisation at home
  • peer review of teaching
  • soft skills and employability
  • issues associated with referencing, authorial identity and understanding plagiarism
  • learning from university student volunteering


Current projects

The current projects I am involved with are:

Access to Work Integrated Learning:  Influence of Communities of Practice (with Natalie Lloyd from Curtin and Sally Male from UWA)

The Jacaranda Project:  Volunteering in aged care settings (with Antonia Girardi from Murdoch)

Workplace bullying in volunteer settings  (with Antonia Girardi from Murdoch and Maryam Omari from ECU and Kate Blackwood from Massey, NZ)

Leadership Development: The Genesis of Wisdom for Leadership WA (with Antonia Girardi, Craig Whitsed, Simon Minaee and Ian Boudville from Murdoch)  

Valuing Volunteer Managers (with Antonia Girardi from Murdoch)

Volunteering experience and employability of graduates in Accounting and Engineering (with Jo Kestel from Murdoch and Natalie Lloyd from Curtin)

Corporate volunteering and positioning theory (with Craig Whitsed from Murdoch)

Recent projects from which we are still developing publications are: 

Nonprofit Governance (with Anne Clear, David Holloway, John Griffiths and Manzurul Alam from Murdoch)

Future of Homeless Connect Perth  (with Jo Kestel and Sally Paulin from Murdoch)

Cross cultural perspectives on workplace bullying (with Maryam Omari from ECU, Burcu Guneri Cangarli from Izmir University of Economics, Turkey, and Premilla D’Cruz from Ahmedabad Institute of Management, India)

Cross cultural and methodological approaches to workplace abuse, incivility and bullying book project (with Maryam Omari from ECU and 11 other authors from around the world)

University Student Volunteering – Volunteering to Learn project see links under grants section.

Awards and grants



Access to Work Integrated Learning:  Influence of Communities of Practice

National Centre for Student Equity in Higher Education
Project Leader – Natalie Lloyd

Role: Team member
Partner universities: Curtin University (Natalie Lloyd); The University of Western Australia (Sally Male)
Project commenced August 2017

Volunteering to Learn Project


Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching
Category One Grant $250,000 over 2 years
Awarded June 2013 – Final report submitted September 2015

Role: Project Leader
Partner universities: The University of Western Australia (Susan Young); Curtin University (Kirsten Holmes, Rowena Scott); Edith Cowan University (Maryam Omari); Macquarie University (Debbie Haski-Leventhal)
Murdoch participants: Mentor Judy MacCallum; Project Manager/Research Assistant: Gabrielle Walker
Industry partners: Volunteering Western Australia; Volunteering Australia

Project completed August 2015.

Finding Common Ground Project


Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching – Extension Grant
Project Leader: Craig Whitsed  Role: Team member

Project completed 2012


  • School of Management and Governance small grant funding 2015 R2 – (Kestel, Paull $4500) – Graduate employability – ongoing (collaboration established with Lloyd at Curtin).
  • School of Management and Governance small grant funding 2014 R2–Employee Engagement in Healthcare (Paull, Girardi $7000) – completed.
  • School of Management and Governance Small Research Grant – Future of Homeless Connect – Jointly funded with Volunteering Western Australia/City of Perth ($4000 M&G + $5000 VWA and City of Perth) (Paull, Kestel) – completed.
  • School of Management and Governance Small Research Grant – Understanding leadership reflections (2014) – Industry partner Leadership WA. (Girardi, Paull, Minaee, Whitsed, Boudville) – completed.
  • Murdoch Business School Small Research Grant – Governance in nonprofit organisations – (2011) – 2 industry case study organisations in disability services sector – (Paull, Holloway, Clear, Griffiths, Alam) – completed.
Mentoring provided on small grant
  • School of Management and Governance small grant funding 2013 – (Clear, Klomp mentored by Paull, Girardi – $4500) – Director attitudes to CSR – completed

Events and speaking engagements

I regularly speak at national and international conferences in the areas in which I research.  I also run workshops associated with volunteering and volunteer management.

In recent times these have included university student volunteering, managing older volunteers; bullying in volunteer settings; managing difficult volunteers;  and using feedback to manage poor performance by volunteers.

My approach in all of the workshops I run is to share research I have undertaken and then to facilitate discussion and collaboration among participants to draw on the experience in the room (which will always be far more than I can offer alone).

For details about setting up a workshop please email:  m.paull@murdoch.edu.au





Professional and community service

I have an extensive list of professional and community service activities which include:

Board member Volunteering Western Australia       https://volunteeringwa.org.au/

Board member Volunteering Australia        https://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/

Member Volunteering Australia National Steering Committee Review of the Definition of Volunteering   http://www.volunteeringaustralia.org/policy-and-best-practise/definition-of-volunteering/about-the-national-review/

Chair Research Committee Volunteering Western Australia  http://volunteeringwa.org.au/about/research.aspx

Invited Member Tertiary Community Engagement Committee Volunteering Western Australia

I was previously a board member at Volunteer Task Force   volunteertaskforce.org.au

I am the Murdoch University institutional representative for ANZAM and have served as a stream chair for their annual conferences (HRM, 2012, 2013, 2014, International Business, 2016)  www.anzam.org



Doctoral and masters supervisions

Students interested in undertaking a postgraduate research degree should email BGHigherDegree@murdoch.edu.au for further information on Expressions of Interest and Applications.  I currently have limited capacity to take on new students, but can assist in finding out if any other supervisors might share your interest in a particular area of research.

I am currently enjoying my role supervising and co-supervising students from a range of backgrounds in the following areas:

  • Advocacy and Dissent in Nonprofit Organisations
  • Transfer of leadership skills from volunteering to workplace settings
  • Independent School Governance
  • Schism in nonprofit organisations
  • Leadership in healthcare
  • Socialisation of Newcomers to the Australian workplace
  • Career pathways in higher education professional services
  • Industry connections and HDR candidature
Past supervisions – degree conferred:
I am also currently working with my former students who have had their degrees conferred assisting them to develop post PhD publications and research projects.Their topics were:
  • Change Management in Small Island Economies
  • Public Sector Human Resource Planning
  • Soft Skills in Higher Education
I am the Director of Postgraduate Research for the School of Business and Governance.

Honours supervisions – conferred

  • Managers and triple bottom line reporting
  • Middle managers resistance to change in the public sector
  • SHRM, training and organisational performance:  manager perspectives



Refereed Journal Articles

Clear, A., Paull, M., & Holloway, D.  (forthcoming).  Nonprofit advocacy tactics:  Thinking inside the box.  VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations  doi 10.1007/s11266-017-9907-4

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Edited Book

Omari, M. & Paull, M. (eds) (2016).Workplace abuse, incivility and bullying: Methodological and cultural perspectives. Taylor & Francis/Routledge, ISBN 978-1-315-73972-4.

Scholarly Book Chapters

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Refereed Conference Papers- Full paper published in proceedings

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Industry Reports (excludes confidential reports)

Paull, M. , Paulin, S., & Kestel, J.  (2015).  Future of Homeless Connect Perth. for City of Perth and Volunteering WA.  Perth:  Murdoch University.

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