Mi Kyung Lee  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Mi Kyung Lee
    BSc, GradDipHSc, MA, PhD

    Senior Lecturer

    About me

    I came to Australia with my parents from (South) Korea when I was 17.  It was a new beginning and I loved learning all about Australia, everything from Kangaroo paws to kookaburras.  I enjoy living in Perth and in a multicultural society where different cultural values are appreciated.

    I have worked at Murdoch University since 2002.  I returned from six months working at Cambridge University as a visiting researcher in 2002 and visited a friend who was working at Murdoch.  Learning that the Chiropractic course had been established at Murdoch I became interested in the newly developed School of Health Sciences (later became a Faculty and then the School of Health Professions).  I assisted the Dean to develop other courses within the Health Sciences and became involved with developing Japanese Chiropractic Programs and subsequently managed these offshore programs as a project manager during 2004-2010. I have been teaching the nutrition units within the School since 2004 (initially within the Japanese programs and later onshore programs).

    Prior to joining the University sector, I worked for the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing in Canberra in the areas of nutrition and aged care.  My work included developing nutrition policies and dietary guidelines, evaluation of aged care and assessment of projects for funding.  I was also seconded to work for the Department of Tourism at the Taejon Expo ’93 in Korea for the Australian Pavillion as the only bilingual administrator.  This administrative experience at a world Expo has enhanced my communication, negotiation and crisis management skills.

    As a health professional, I feel passionate about raising awareness of healthy living and improving the long term health of the disadvantaged in our society and in our region.  Undertaking studies in nutritional science and public health nutrition have taught me the importance of adopting healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle for myself and in the community.  My work involves teaching students to think for themselves, based on the available scientific evidence, and to know where to find necessary resources to assist their clients in their chosen health profession.

    I received auditing training with the AUQA and became an external expert with TEQSA. I was involved with the accreditation of the initial Sports Science and Exercise Physiology course and I am an accreditation committee member within the Chiropractic Discipline. 

    My hobbies include travelling, mountain trekking, swimming and reading.  I have two dogs (Cavalier King Charles, all cared for at Murdoch Veterinary Clinic).

    Teaching area: Human Nutrition

    Nutrition Units:

    CHI100 Food, Nutrition and Health;

    Nutrition units in the 4th and 5th-year chiropractic course

    Teaching area

    I teach Human Nutrition:

    • CHI100 Food, Nutrition and Health (online unit)
    • Nutrition in Year 4 and Year 5 Clinical Chiropractic units

    Research areas

    Nutrition and public health

    Current projects

    My research projects revolve around my interests in public health nutrition and multicultural issues in education.  Current projects include:

    • Joint research on ‘Dietary Guidelines in the Asia-Pacific region’ (Australia, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Papua New Guinea) and reviewing ‘Dietary Supplements within the Asia-Pacific region’.
    • Community project (in collaboration with a medical centre) investigating pregnant and young mothers in northern suburbs in Perth and their dietary, health and feeding practices 2018-2020
    • Continued collaboration in research in infant nutrition in our region


    Awards and grants

    The awards and scholarships I have received include:

    • Postgraduate summer residential program in Korean Culture at the Academy of Korean Studies, 1995
    • Australia-Korea Foundation scholarship and a travel grant, 1997
    • Asia Pacific Academic Consortium for Public Health (APACPH) scholarship, 1997
    • Australian Postgraduate Research Awards (APRA) to undertake PhD studies at Curtin University, 1997-2000
    • Received Vice Chancellor’s commendation at the graduation for high quality PhD thesis (the top 5%) in 2000
    • Curtin postgraduate scholarship to attend an international conference in 2001


    Events and speaking engagements

    Events in 2018 include:

    • An organising committee member and the Program Chair of the Asia-Pacific-Korea Conference on Science and Technology (AKC2018), organised by the KASEA (Korean Academy of Scientists and Engineers in Australasia) and supported by the Korean Government, 21-23 November 2018, Brisbane
    • Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) Annual Scientific Conference, 27-30 November, Canberra
    • Continue collaborative research on nutrition with colleagues at other universities in WA and in the Asia-Pacific Region.

    Professional and community service

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    None is currently supervised.

    Supervision of two group projects of the 4th and 5th-year chiropractic students



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