Michael Borowitzka  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Emeritus Professor Michael Borowitzka
    BSc (Hons), PhD, FAICD Dip

    Professor of Marine Phycology

    About me

    I work on algae – their taxonomy, biology, ecology, physiology, biochemistry and their uses etc.

    At the Algae R&D Centre we can culture many types of algae in many different culture systems from small scale (several mL) to large-scale (10,000 L and more). We isolate news species and strains, develop new ways of culturing them and manipulating their composition, and try to take the most promising to commercial scale, something which we have succeeded at several times.

    My projects take place all around the world and I work and have worked on algae projects in countries such as China, Taiwan, India, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Chile, Cuba, Brazil, New Zealand, USA, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Spain, UK, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi and South Africa.

    Please also visit our research team Web-site  Algae R&D Centre

    Teaching area

    I teach in the following Units:

    BUS 215 Business Feasibility & Management Concepts (Unit Coordinator)

    BIO 384 Marine & Estuarine Biology

    BIO265/287 Plant Diversity

    BIO 300 Industry Practicum (Unit Cordinator)


    Current projects

    Current projects:

    • Algae as sources of valuable chemicals (several projects)
    • Photophysiology of halophilic unicellular algae
    • Manipulating dark respiration
    • Commercial-scale culture of microalgae
    • Tropical Cyanobacterial Mats (physiology and ecology)
    • Ecophysiology of algae in commercial culture systems
    • Algae calcification
    • Sponge-algae symbioses
    • Intertidal ecology
    • In-culture evolution


    Events and speaking engagements


    • November 2012: 5th Algae World Asia, Singapore. – “Non GMO Improvements and Strain Limitations
    • September 2012: SAE 2012 Powertrains, Fuels and Lubricants Conference, Malmo, Sweden - “Next Generation Biofuels
    • May 2012: International Symposium on Microalgal Biofuel from Wastewater (ISMBW), Seoul, Korea. – “Development of microalgae as economic and sustainable sources of biofuels
    • April 2012: 2nd Algae World Australia, Perth, Australia. “Future directions”
    • February 2012: Technology Roadmap for Algal Biomass Energy Development, Tokyo, japan. – “From the lab to the production plant: a journey in commercial-scale algae culture
    • February 2012: Alternative Aviation Fuel Initiative in Asia & ASEAN Algae Biofuel Initiative Conferences, Singapore – “Algae Mass Cultivation Systems
    • November 2011: Bioenergy Australia Conference: Queensland
    • September 2011: Geoengineering Symposium, Australian Academy of Science, Canberra. Canberra. - “Ocean fertilization”







    Professional and community service


    International Phycological Society

    • Executive Committee (1998-2001)
    • Vice President (2012-2014)
    • President Elect (2014-2017)

    Asia-Pacific Society of Applied Phycology

    • President (1994-2000)
    • Secretary (2001-2002)
    • Executive Committee (2012-2015)

    International Society for Applied Phycology

    • President (2005-2008)
    • Vice-President (2002-2005; 2008-2010)
    • Executive Committee (2011-2014)

    Australian Institute of Company Directors

    • Fellow (since  1990)


    • Committee Member (WA Branch) (2007)

    Australian Biotechnology Association

    • Committee Member (WA Branch) (1986)
    • Treasurer (WA Branch) (1987-1989)
    • Chairman (WA Branch) (1990-2001)

    Australian Marine Sciences Association

    • Council Member (1983-1988)
    • Treasurer (NSW Branch) (1980-1982)
    • Committee Member (WA Branch) (1983-1985)
    • Treasurer (WA Branch) (1986-1988)

    Australasian Society for Phycology and Aquatic Botany

    • Planning Committee member (1979)
    • Executive Committee Member (1980-1986)
    • Newsletter Editor (1980-1982)
    • Treasurer (1982-1986)

    Australian Coral reef Society

    • Council member (1979, 1981-1985, 1987-1988)
    • Conservation Committee (1985-1988)

     British Phycological Society

    Phycological Society of America

    Royal Society of WA

    Australian Ecological Society

    Royal Society of Western Australia



    Journal of Applied Phycology (Springer)

    • Editor-in-Chief (2005 -  present)
    • Associate Editor (1992-2005)
    • Editorial Board member (1988-1992)

    Developments in Applied Phycology (Book Series published by Springer)

    • Series Editor (2006 – present)

    International Seaweed Symposium

    • Editor-in-Chief (2007 – present)

    Botanica Marina (de Gruyter) – (1983-2005)

    Coral Reefs (Springer) – (2001-2003)

    International Journal of Salt Lake Research (Springer) – 1991-1998)

    Biorecovery (1986-1995)

    Australasian Biotechnology

    • Guest Editor (1993, 1994)

    Australian Journal of Biotechnology (1988-1991)

    Australasian Aquatic Botany Newsletter

    • Editor (1978-1980)

    Australasian Society for Phycology & Aquatic Botany Newsletter

    • Editor (1980-1982)

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    CURRENT PhD Students:

    • Andreas Isdepsky - Algal culture for biofuels production
    • Samuel Hair – Bacteria in abalone aquaculture
    • Indrayani – New algae with commercial potential
    • Jason Webb -Photosynthesis and calcification in coccolithophorids

    CURRENT Masters Students

    • Zije Zhang – Culture of Botryococcus
    • Ganjar Saefurahman – Limits to growth in Large-scale cultures
    • Phillip Nowotny – Limits to growth

    Completed PhD Students:

    • Penny Farrant (1985) Autecology of the symbiont-containing temperate soft coral Capnella gaboensis (co-supervisor R Hinde USyd)
    • Heather Lawlor (1989) Tissue culture of brown algae (co-supervisor J. McComb)
    • Tom Mercz (1995) Lipid forming microalgae
    • Roberta Townsend (Cowan) (1996) Systematics and phylogeny of the Corallinales (co-supervisor AWD Larkum USyd)
    • Donelle Trautman (1996) Ecology of a tropical symbiont-containing sponge (co-supervisor R. Hinde USyd)
    • Mike Van Keulen (1998) Water flow in seagrass beds
    • Michelle Buttery (2000) Culture studies on toxic dinoflagellates
    • Janet Howieson (2001) Carotenogenesis in Haematococcus pluvials
    • Navid Reza Moheimani (2005) Carbon dioxide bioremediation using coccolithophorids
    • Jeff Cosgrove (2007) Use of fluorescence to study nutrient limitation in phytoplankton (co-supervisor L Twomey)
    • Sophie Fon Sing (2011) - Microalgae for lipid production
    • Lachlan Strain (2014) Algae for the nutrition of abalone

    Past Masters Students

    • Kuniji Harada (1980) A study of colonization of benthic macroalgae at an exposed site off Sydney
    • Francoise Pironet (1985) Physiological study of a tropical sponge and its symbiotic blue-green algae (Co-supervisor R. Hinde USyd)
    • Chandra Chrismadha (1994) Culture systems for lipid producing microalgae



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     This listing of publications is derived automatically from the University database and the citations are therefore not complete (or up-to-date) in some cases due to the limitation of the University Research database.