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    Murray Brown
    BJuris; LLB., LLM (W.Aust)., Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Western Australia

    Lecturer in Commercial Law

    About me

    Murray has extensive experience as a teacher, researcher, and practitioner of commercial law.  He also has an interest in the emerging area of privacy law.

    Murray has published in leading journals in Australia and the United Kingdom.  All of his publications are sole or lead-authored refereed articles in, save for one instance, ‘A’ ranked journals.* He has twice been elected to a six month Visiting Fellowship at Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. He has also spent six months sabbatical as a Visiting Member of High Table at Jesus College, Cambridge.

    Murray lectures in BSL165 Principles of Commercial Law and LLB260 Contract Law.  He has previously lectured in BUS228 Workplace Law, BUS206 Finance Law, C210 Banking Law, and C245 Administrative Law.  He has also lectured on the law of consumer credit and tutored in contract law, corporations law, competition law, and the law of commercial property.

    A prize winning law student at The University of Western Australia, Murray spent three years in private practice with one of Perth’s leading commercial law firms, Robinson Cox (now Clayton Utz) before accepting his first academic position.

    *‘A’ ranked: Monash University Law Review, Restitution Law Review (ERA 2010, CALD 2009 & ABDC 2009); Journal of Equity (ERA 2010 & CALD 2009); Australian Property Law Journal (CALD 2009); Australian Business Law Review, Journal of Banking and Finance Law and Practice (ABDC 2009). ‘B’ ranked: Alternative Law Journal (ERA 2010 & CALD 2009).



    Awards and grants

    The University of Western Australia:

    Convocation Prize in the Faculty of Law* 1982.

    Contract Law Prize 1982.

    *Awarded to the student who has shown most promise and ability in the first year of the Bachelor of Jurisprudence degree.



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    • Brown, M., (2012), Applying for a job with Big Brother: Is online vetting of job applicants lawful in Australia?, Alternative Law Journal, 37, 3, pages 186 - 189.
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