Nado Aveling  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Nado Aveling
    BEd; MEd; PhD

    Senior Lecturer

    About me

    I am a Senior Lecturer in Education at Murdoch University with responsibilties for teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in social justice studies. My research is grounded within a critical, postcolonial framework and while broadly focusing on anti-discriminatory education, my more recent research has focused on the use of action research to deconstruct the normativity of ‘whiteness’ and the social construction of gendered and racialised subjectivities.

    Teaching area

    Australian Indigenous Education

    Education for Social Justice

    Aboriginal Studies Across the Curriculum


    Research areas

    Social Justice

    Critical Whiteness Studies

    Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Education

    International Education

    Qualitative Research Methodologies

    Gender Issues

    Critical Peadagogies

    Current projects

    Indigenous Studies as Cross-curriculum Priority: Challenges and possibilities

    Gender, Science and Representation: The ongoing dilemma

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Completed Theses

    • 1997, Helen Hatchell, Exploration of girls’ entry into higher secondary sciences, MEd (Hons).
    • 1998, Christine Cunningham, Aboriginal and Islander Education Workers: an important and unique occupation within education, BEd (Hons.)
    • 1998, Viv Brown, The Aboriginal Studies Curriculum: a teacher’s guide for Western Australian primary schools, BEd (Hons).
    • 1998, Liz Scott, The webs of significance: cultural factors affecting academic performance of Indonesian students in an Australian university, MEd (Hons).
    • 1999, Audrey Satar, Under the Mosquito Net: Gender and Cultural differences in Art History, MEd (Hons).
    • 2002, Pat Muller, Remembering teachers, valuing teachers: narratives of past secondary school students, EdD.
    • 2003, Helen Hatchell, The shaping of subjectivities through the interweavings of gender, class and ethnicity, PhD.
    • 2003, Rita Pasqualini, Language transfers on the Infobahn: trans-cultural communication problems in electronic text exchanches using English, PhD.
    • 2003, Amanda Collins, Critical literacy and Indigenous students, MEd.
    • 2005, Anna Targowska, Development of racial attitudes in young children in Australia, PhD.
    • 2005, Peter Wakholi, Perspectives in Diasporic African Cultural Education: Developing an approach, MEd.
    • 2006, Brad Gobby, Trainee Teachers: Perspectives on Boys’ Education, MEd.
    • 2006, Glenn Savage, Silencing the everyday experiences of youth? – Issues of subjectivity, corporate ideology and popular culture in the English classroom, MEd.
    • 2007, Ed Rush, Constructing Anti-sexist Narrative and Practice among Undergraduate Students at a Rural Thai University, MEd.
    • 2008, Zsuzsanna Milleil, A genealogical study of ‘the child’ as the subject of pre-compulsory education in Western Australia, PhD.
    • 2008, Jane Maw, Teaching Hatha Yoga: An auto-ethnographic study, MEd.
    • 2010, Elizabeth Jackson-Barrett, Sacred Turf: Investigating the teaching of Aboriginal Studies within West Australian Schools. MEd.
    • 2010, Christine Cunningham, Critical Democracy in an American International School, PhD.
    • 2010, Jacky Lovegrove, See Me, Hear Me:  from professional learning to classroom practice in Aboriginal Education, EdD.
    • 2011, Audrey Satar, After the Last Ship: A Post Colonial Reconstruction of Diaspora, PhD.
    • 2012, Haw Hwa Tan: Educating gifted and talented students: From teachers’ thinking to thinking teachers, PhD.
    • 2012, Paul Watson, Sexual Health in Indigenous Communities: What about the women? MEd.
    Theses in progress

    • PhD. Normae Bennett: Annie’s Mob: A story of an Aboriginal family by one of their own
    • PhD. Yvonne Duffield: Using Critical Discourse Analysis to Research Substantive Equality Policy and the VET Sector
    • EdD. Sushmita Datta Roy. Experiences faced by Overseas Teachers in WA Public Schools
    • EdD. Embly Leilani Mumu. Exploring Indonesian EFL teachers’ beliefs and classroom practice: The knowledge of integrating cultural aspect in EFL
    • MEd. Jocelyn Kickett: Aboriginal Girlsʹ High School Education: Is there something missing?
    • MEd. Andre Georgieff: Facilitating Critical Pedagogy: Challenges & Rewards




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    2012, ‘Don’t talk about what you don’t know’: on (not) conducting research with/in Indigenous contexts. Critical Studies in Education. DOI:10.1080/17508487.2012.724021