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    Professor Neil Loneragan
    BSc (UWA) Hons (Murdoch) PhD (Murdoch)

    Professor of Marine Ecology and Conservation and Leader, Environmental and Conservation Cluster

    About me

    Neil Loneragan, Professor of Marine Ecology and Conservation

    I held the inaugural Chair in Fisheries Science at Murdoch University , Western Australia and was the Director of the Centre for Fish, Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems Research from 2005 until 2012.  In 2013, I became the Leader of the of Environmental and Conservation Sciencesat Murdoch, a position that I held until February 2017.  My title changed to Professor of Marine Ecology and Conservation to reflect my increasing research in the interface between fisheries and issues of conservation concern.  I am also a member of the Asia Research Centre at Murdoch and in late 2015 became Chair of the Board for this Centre.

    Prior to joining Murdoch University in 2005, I spent 14 years with CSIRO, based in Queensland, investigating the linkages between coastal habitats, fisheries production (particularly penaeid prawns) and biodiversity and stock enhancement across northern Australia and. This included leading major interdisciplinary research teams on stock enhancement (Fisheries Research and Development Corporation of Australia, MG Kailis Group of Companies, CSIRO), biodiveristy of the Ningaloo reef system (CSIRO Collaboration Fund) and estuaries in Australia and southeast Asia (Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, CSIRO). More recently, I have been developing research in ecosystem approaches to fisheries and cetacean populations, fisheries ecology and fisheries interactions with protected, threatened and endangered species on the west coast of Australia. I have supervised research students in the areas of fisheries ecology, trophic ecology of estuarine and marine ecosystems and the biology and behaviour of crustaceans. Currently I also teach undergraduates in Ecology, Marine and Estuarine Biology and the Sustainable Management of Fish and Wildlife populations.

    In January 2020, I had published over 140 papers in international journals, including major reviews of mangrove fishery linkages and stock enhancement, resulting in citation impact scores on Hirsches’ h factors of 41 in Scopus (5,030 citations,  141 documents, 1533 citations since 2016) and 47 in Google Scholar (8,325 citations, i10 = 118; since 2015 = 28, 2,936 citations, i10 = 84).

    I have been an invited co-editor for four Special Issues of journals – two for Fisheries Research (2006, 2016) and the others for Reviews in Fisheries Science (2008, 2013). Our Introduction and review article in the 2008 Reviews in Fisheries Science is one of the most highly cited articles in this journal. In addition to my publications in international journals, I have published over 40 major reports for funding bodies such as the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation of Australia and the Australian Centre for International Agriculture Research. I have also been an invited member of International Advisory Boards for interdisciplinary research projects for the Australian Centre of International Agricultural Research (Sea cucumber stock enhancement in the Pacific), and the University of Wageningen (Resilience of Coastal Systems in south-east Asia and Enhancement of tuna fisheries in the Western Pacific).

    I was the Co-convener of the 8th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference (Perth, 2009 with over 500 participants), a member of the International Scientific Committee for the International Symposia on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching (ISSESR, 2002 onwards) and the Chair of the International Scientific Committee for the 4th ISSESR (Shanghai, 2011 – over 150 participants) and the organising committee for ISSESR5 in Sydney (2015). I have been councillor for the Asian Fisheries Society (2011 to 2016, 2019-), including time as Vice-President in 2014.

    Teaching area

    My main undergraduate teaching is in the majors for Marine Science, Marine Biology, Conservation and Wildlife Biology and Biological Sciences through the units Sustainable Fish and Wildlife Populations (BIO241), Ecology (ENV241), and Marine Ecology (BIO377).  I am the coordinator of BIO241 and co-coordinate ENV241.

    I endeavour to engage my students in understanding the important concepts and principles in these areas and illustrate them with examples from the primary literature and my research experience in temperate and tropical estarine and near-shore environments.

    I also have a passion for providing students with an understanding of designing studies (experimental design), and ways of exploring and analysing data to answer the main questions of the study.

    Research areas

    My main research interests are in the areas of:
    Population biology and ecology of fish and invertebrates (particularly crustaceans);
    Relationships between aquatic habitats (e.g. seagrass, mangroves and coral reefs) and fisheries production and biodiversity;
    Trophic ecology of estuaries and marine systems;
    Fisheries ecology;
    Interactions of fisheries with the environment and non-target species, such as dolphins;
    Stock enhancement of recreational and commercial fisheries; and
    Approaches to assessing fisheries, particularly when information is limited.

    Much of my research is carried out in collaboration with colleagues at Murdoch University (Assoc. Prof. Lars Bejder, Dr Halina Kobryn, Mr Simon Allen) and other organisations including the University of Queensland (Assoc. Prof. Greg Skilleter), Griffith University (Prof. Stuart Bunn), CSIRO (Mr Mick Haywood, Mr Rob Kenyon, Dr Hector Lozano-Montes, Dr Jeffrey Dambacher), Challenger Institute (Mr Greg Jenkins) and Biospherics (Adj. Assoc. Prof. Jeremy Prince).

    Awards and grants


    2012  William R. and Lenore Mote Eminent Scholar Chair in Fisheries Ecology -– salary and travel costs for up to 12 months.  Award declined because of University restructure.

    1990-92   CSIRO Post-doctoral Research Fellow, Dr Ian Poiner, CSIRO Cleveland Marine Laboratories.

    1989-90:   National Science and Environment Research Council Post-doctoral fellowship.  Professor Geoff Power, University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

    1986:  Commonwealth Scholarship for PhD studies

    Grant income since 2007 (* = category 1)

    Tweedley, Loneragan, Gill (2012). Assessment of the fish fauna on salt production fields for Dampier Salt.  Dampier Salt. Stage 1 ($70,000), Stage 2 ($400,000).

    Hodgson, Loneragan (2011).  Dugong Research Plan for the Chevron Wheatstone development. Chevron ($70,000).

    Hodgson, Loneragan (2011-12). Dugong pre-dredging impact assessment of the Chevron Wheatstone development. Chevron. ($700,000).

    Bejder, Loneragan (2011-2014).  SWMRP – Phase 2 – South-West Marine Research Program.  BHP Billiton, Worsley Alumina Pty Ltd, City of Mandurah, DEC, South West Development Commission, Newmont, Boddington Gold, Bunbury Port Authority, WA Plantation, WA Plantation Resources. ($205,700)

    *Loneragan, Bejder, Allen. (2009-2010). Mitigation of dolphin by-catch in Pilbara Finfish Trawl Interim Fisheries. Co-Investigators: Joll L (DoF), Stewart G (WAFIC).  Funding from FRDC, DoF, Industry ($150,000 over 18 months).

     *McCulloch M (UWA), et al. with Beckley, Loneragan, van Keulen (2010). Advanced Geochemical Facility for Climate and Environmental Change Research: A West Australian Indian Ocean Focus.  ARC LIEF grant. XXX

     *Bejder, Allen, Bryant, Kruetzen, Pollock, Loneragan (2010-2012).  Genetic Structure and Abundance of Fishery-Impacted Dolphin Populations of the Pilbara region  North-Western Australia.  Australian Marine Mammal Centre. $360,000.

    *Loneragan NR, Hesp A (2008-11). Establishment of self-sustaining facility for fisheries modelling and multivariate analysis, and for effective management of extremely large databases. FRDC 2008/304 ($300,000).

    *Suthers (CI) (UNSW), Loneragan (CI), Taylor, Grey (2008-2010).  ARC Linkage. Stocking of fish and prawns at ecologically determined densities into Australian estuaries.  ARC-Linkage.  $174,358.

    Bejder, Loneragan, Bradley (2007-2011).  Large-scale dolphin research program in south-west, Australia. Bunbury Dolphin Discovery, Worsley Aluminium, City of Bunbury, Department of Conservation and Environment, Bunbury Port Authority, Cable Sands.  ($340,000 over 4 years). 2007-2011. – submitted twice for ARC Linkage but not successful.

    Bejder, Loneragan (2007).  An ecosystem approach to evaluating the impacts of tourism and port activity on dolphins of south-western Australia. The Winifred Violet Scott Estate. ($66,000)

    *Loneragan, Beckley, Kobryn, van Keulen. (2006-2011). Reef use, biodiversity and socio-economics for integrated management strategy evaluation of Ningaloo”.  Research Leader:  Professor Neil Loneragan;  Project Leaders from six Universities, Sustainable Tourism CRC and CSIRO.  Funding from the CSIRO Wealth from Oceans Flagship Collaboration Fund.  $2.3 million over 4 years. About $1 million to Murdoch.

    *Loneragan, Hesp, Kobryn (2008).  Assessment of abalone stocks in areas proposed as sanctuary zones of the proposed Capes Marine Park. Co-investigators Hart A – Department of Fisheries WA, Prince J – Biospherics. $58,000 for 12 months.

    Hall, Loneragan, Blockley (2007-2010). Trophic interactions and ecosystem modelling for Ecosystem Based Fisheries Management.  WAMSI $242,000.

    Bejder, Allen, Loneragan (2007). Impacts of Pearl Oysters aquaculture on Bottlenose Dolphins in Port Stephens  NSW. Port Stephens Pearls. $22,468.

    *Loneragan (2006-2010). Evaluating how food webs and the fisheries they support are affected by fishing closures in Jurien Bay, temperate Western Australia. Co-Investigators Babcock, Okey, Dambacher (CSIRO). FRDC $344,887.

    Events and speaking engagements

    * = invited, funded participation in symposia and workshops
    1. Effects of spatial arrangement of estuarine habitats on their use by fish and prawns in a subtropical estuarine system.  Skilleter G, and Loneragan NR.  Special Symposium on Advances in habitat/fauna relationships for the International Symposium on Wetlands, Cairns, Australia July 2006.
    2. Future directions for prawn stock enhancement.  Special Symposium on “Marine Stock Enhancement” at the 7th Asian Fisheries Forum, Penang, Malaysia, November 2004.
    3. Does the arrangement of coastal habitats influence fisheries production and biodiversity.  Special Symposium on “New Approaches to habitat fishery relationships” at the Estuarine Research Foundation Conference, Ballina, NSW, Australia. 20th June, 2004.  Co-organiser (with Dr Greg Skilleter, University of Queensland).
    4. Investigating connections between coastal habitats and fishery production.  Invited key-note speaker for CSIRO Marine Strategic Fund for the Marine Environment (SRFME) postgraduate student symposium.  Perth, Western Australia, 16th June, 2004.
    5. *Potential for the use of prawn populations as indicators for estuarine and coastal ecosystem health.  Indian Ocean Global Ocean Observation Systems, Perth, Western Australia, September 2003.
    6. *Ecological research to enhance understanding and the management of prawn fisheries in northern Australia.  ACIAR funded workshop at the Indian National Institute of Oceanography, Goa, November 2002.
    7. *An approach to evaluating the potential for stock enhancement of brown tiger prawns (Penaeus esculentus) in Exmouth Gulf, Western Australia.  (NR Loneragan,  PJ Crocos, R Barnard, S Lehnert, PC Rothlisberg).  Kobe, Japan, January 31st to 4th February 2002.
    8. *The importance of mangroves to the prawn fisheries of western peninsular Malaysia (NR Loneragan, Adnan AN, MDE Haywood, RM Connolly).  ICLARM workshop on Mangrove/Fisheries relationships.  Penang, Malaysia, November 6 to 8, 2001.
    9. Variability in the ecological role of mangroves for fishes in northern Australia (NR Loneragan, S.J.M. Blaber, G.A. Skilleter, D.J. Vance).  ICLARM workshop on Mangrove/Fisheries relationships.  Penang, Malaysia, November 6 to 8, 2001.

    Professional and community service

    2012-  International Advisory Board for BESTTuna interdisciplinary program at the University of Wageningen

    2011-  Councillor for the Asian Fisheries Society

    2010-  Member of the Research Development and Extension Committee for the WA Fishing Industry Council

    2008-2012  International Advisory Board for RESCOPAR interdisciplinary program at the University of Wageningen

    2007-2011 Chair of the International Scientific Committee for the 4th International Symposium on Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranching.  Shanghai Ocean University, China, April 2011.

    2007-2009 Chair of the 8th Indo-Pacific Fish Conference, Fremantle Western Australia, July 2009.

    2005-10 Scientific member of the Fisheries Research Advisory Board for Western Australia (2005-2010)

    2005- Member of the Ecosystem effects of fishing Scientific Reference Group for western rock lobster

    2002-2006 Member of the International Scientific Committee for the International Symposium of Stock Enhancement and Sea Ranchinng

    2002-06 Invited member of the Scientific Advisory Panel (2002-06) and invited reviewer of ACIAR sea cucumber stock enhancement project


    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    (b)  Supervision of postdoctoral fellows, postgraduate and Honours students

    Postdoctoral research fellow

    2007-2009     Dr Hector Lozano-Montes.  From the University of British Columbia.  Assessing the impact of fishery closures on food webs in Jurien Bay, temperate Western Australia.  (funded by the FRDC).

    1993-1994     Dr Liu Heng.  from the Chinese Institute of Oceanology, Qingdao, Peoples Republic of China.  Response of tiger prawn postlarvae to light and seagrass. (Liu and Loneragan (1997) publication in JEMBE).


    2013-            Marianne Nyegaard: Murdoch Univeristy, Perth.  Biology of sunfish in Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia.

    2011-            Simon Allen: Murdoch University, Perth.  Evaluating abundance, connectivity and threats to bottle nose dolphins in north-western Australia.

    2011-            Vanessa Jaiteh: Murdoch University, Perth.  Predators as livelihoods:  Shark fisheries and their significance to livelihoods in eastern Indonesia.

    2011-            Amanda Buckland: Murdoch University, Perth.  Feeding ecology in estuaries of south-western Australia.

    2010-12       Dr Thea Linke:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Functioning of estuarine food webs in south-western Australia.

    2010-            Julian Tyne:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Spinner dolphins, ecotourism and evaluating the role of area-time closures in managing dolphin-tourism interactions.

    2007-            Shannon McCluskey:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Dolphin prey dynamics in Koombana Bay, south-western Australia.

    2007-            Mark Allen:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Biodiversity of fishes in the Raja Ampat region of eastern Indonesia.

    2007-2011   Dr Faith Ochwada-Doyle.  Restocking eastern king prawns into intermittently closed lagoons of NSW. (University of NSW, Professor Iain Suthers)

    2006-2012    Dr Nathalie Toon:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Factors affecting the behaviour of western rock lobster and its catchability.

    2005-2008   Dr Fiona Webster:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Herbivory and marine protected areas in the Ningaloo Marine Park.  (co-supervised by Dr Mike van Keulen, MU and Dr Russ Babcock, CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Sciences)

    2000-2004    Dr Fiona Manson:  University of Queensland, Brisbane.  Mangroves and fisheries:  are there links coastal habitats and fisheries production (co-supervised by Assoc. Prof. Greg Skilleter and Professor Stuart Phinn, University of Queensland).

    2000-2004   Dr Michaela Guest:  Griffith University, Gold Coast.  Tracing the sources of carbon and nitrogen in estuarine food webs.  (Supervised by Professor Rod Connolly, Griffith University)

    1998-2002    Dr Justin Meager:  Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.  Microhabitat distribution of juvenile banana prawns, Penaeus merguiensis de Man in subtropical eastern Australia and processes affecting their distribution and abundance. Ph.D Thesis. Queensland University of Technology. 221 pp.  (Supervised by Dr Ian Williams, QUT).

    1997-2002    Dr Ben Longstaff:  University of Queensland, Brisbane.  Light regimes and their impact on loss and recovery of seagrass beds (Supervised by Dr Bill Dennison, UQ)

    1997-2002      Simon Constanzo:  University of Queensland, Brisbane.  Estimation of the extent of sewage nitrogen on aquatic primary productivity.  (supervised by Dr Bill Dennison, UQ).

    1997-2005   Dr Darrin Drumm:  University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.  Habitats and macroinvertebrate fauna of the reef-top of Rarotonga, Cook Islands:  implications for fisheries and conservation management. University of Otago.

    1997-           Ahmad Adnan bin Nuruddin:  Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.  Fishery dynamics of banana prawns Penaeus merguiensis on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. (not completed)

    1994-1999   Dr Paul Mayes:  Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane.  Effect of canal developments on larval fish populations. (supervised by Dr Ian Williams, QUT)

    1989-1990  Dr Scott McKinley.  University of Waterloo.  Physiology of sturgeon in northern Ontario lakes.


    20011-12        R Yana Meleessa binti R Haroon Arashid: University of Western Australia.  Marine Fisheries Governance Indicators:  Case Studies in Peninsular Malaysia and Southeast Asia.  (supervisors Assoc. Prof. Kimberley van Neil, Dr Bryan Boruff)

    1998-2001      Rohasliney Hashim:  Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang.  Impact of different mangrove management regimes on the macrobenthic fauna of the Sungai Merbok Estuary, Kedah (awarded 2001)

    1990-1994      Rob Kenyon:  Griffith University, Brisbane.  Interactions between behaviour, habitat and predation on prawn populations.  (supervisor Professor Jane Hughes, GU)

    1989-1990      Yosef Tekligordias:  University of Waterloo, Canada.  Age and growth of Tilapia populations in Ethiopian lake systems. (supervisor Professor Power, University of Waterloo).

    1989-1990      Trevor Friesen:  University of Waterloo, Canada.  Nesting behaviour and impacts on reproductive behaviour of small mouth bass.  (supervisor Professor Power, University of Waterloo)


    2011-12          Douglas Anderson:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Whale shark movement and migration patterns at Ningaloo Reef. (First Class). Co-supervisors Dr Halina Kobryn (Murdoch University), Mr Brad Norman.

    2011               Aurelie Labbe: Murdoch University, Perth.  Developing indicators of ecosystem health from seabirds:  bridled terms in south-western Australia. (First Class). Co-supervisor, Dr Nick Dunlop, Conservation Commission.

    2009               Nick Konzewitsch:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Interaction of the western rock lobster with lobster pots. (Class 2A).

    2009               Adrian Hordyk:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Behaviour of spawning aggregations of orange roughy on the Cascade Plateau, south-eastern Tasmania. (First Class). Co-supervisor, Dr Jeremy Prince (Biospherics, Adjunct Associate Professor, Murdoch University)

    2009               Vanessa Jaiteh:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Behaviour of bottle nose dolphins around fish trawl nets in the Pilbara Trawl Fishery. (First Class). Co-supervisors Mr Simon Allen (Murdoch University), Dr Jessica Meeuwig (University of Western Australia).

    2008               Renae Larson:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Characteristics and biology of octopus in the fisheries of Western Australia. (First Class). Co-supervisor, Dr Martin de Graaf, Department of Fisheries WA.

    2008               Julian Tyne:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Investigating the affect of sponge distribution on sponging behaviour by dolphins in Shark Bay, Western Australia. (First Class). Co-supervisor, Dr Lars Bejder (Murdoch Univesity).

    2006-07          Benjamin Puglisi:  Murdoch University, Perth.  Protected species interactions, particularly flesh-footed shearwaters, in the Albany purse seine fishery.  (Class 2A). (Co-supervisor, Dr Nick Dunlop, Conservation Commission)

    2000               Tim Sampson:  University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.  The spatial arrangements of habitats and their influence on epibenthic fauna. (Class 2A)

    1999-2000      Rodney Duffy: Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.  The influence of seagrass patch dimensions on fish and crustacean communities. (First Class)

    1999                        Michaela Guest:  Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.  Developing sampling strategies for seagrass fish communities over large areas (First Class).

    1996-97  Michelle Winning:  Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.  The use of stable isotope enrichment studies to distinguish between seagrass and their epiphytes as sources of nutrition for juvenile prawns.  (Class 2A)

    1995-96          Ben Longstaff:  University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.  Light regimes and their impact on loss and recovery of the seagrass Halophila ovalis (First class)

    1994-1995     Angela Grice:  University of Queensland, Brisbane.  Impact of light on physiology and ecology of 6 seagrass species in Moreton Bay, south-east Queensland. (First class)

    1989 Darrin Drumm:  University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada.  Impact of tournament fishing on survival of bass (High Distinction)



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