Associate Professor Ngaire Donaghue
BSc(Hons), PhD (Melb)

Associate Professor

About me

I am a social psychologist working on questions concerning gender and embodiment. I received my PhD from The University of Melbourne and have been at Murdoch since 1998.



Teaching area

Ngaire is the Academic Chair of the Honours Program in Psychology.  She teaches a unit in the Social Psychology minor (PSY218 Self and Society) and in the Honours program (PSY411 Psychology Honours Seminar).

Research areas

My research investigates questions concerning gender, body image and obesity from the perspective of critical-feminist psychology.

I work with a large and active group of research students (PhD and Honours) and our work explores how social understandings of concepts such as gender and body image shape and constrain the kinds of identities that are developed by men and women of different shapes and sizes.

Doctoral and masters supervisions

You should list the students you are supervising or have supervised and the topic areas covered here.

Research Supervision

Doctoral completions:

Evelina Nikolova (PhD, 2012). Understanding Bystander Responses to Incidents of Domestic Violence against Women Perpetrated by their Male Partners

Susanne Stanley (PhD, 2012). The discursive construction of schizophrenia as a problem of self in relationship.

Renee Carey (PhD, 2011). “What you look like is such a big factor”: Exploring the role of peer appearance cultures in the high school environment.

Anita Williams (PhD, 2010). Psychology and natural science: The relation between the natural scientific attitude, the theoretical attitude and the life-world in ethnomethodology and phenomenology.

Lisa Hartley (PhD, 2010). Going somewhere or staying put? The social psychology of movements that challenge minority-majority relations

Shaun Dempsey (PhD, 2009). The creation of the public image of psychologists: An applied psychological investigation

Rachael Bellair (PhD, 2009). Therapeutic interaction in Anorexia Nervosa treatment

Don Bysouth (PhD, 2007). “A Jolly Good Nutter”: A discursive psychological examination of bipolar disorder in psychotherapeutic interactions

Tim Kurz (PhD, 2004) A psychology of environmentally sustainable behaviour

Vivienne Lewis (DPsych, 2003) Body image in context: The relationship between body image, goal striving and well-being

Currently Enrolled Doctoral Students

Lauren Hall

Avelie Stuart

Margaret O’Neill

Geraldine O’Brien

Olivia Monson

Roberto Paraga-Martin

Melanie Freeman

Alice Goddard

Damien Mellifont



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