Professor Peter Irwin
BVetMed, PhD (James Cook), FANZCVS, MRCVS

Principal, College of Veterinary Medicine

About me

I was appointed Principal of the College of Veterinary Medicine in August 2014. Originally I was a graduate of the Royal Veterinary College, London University (1982) and completed my PhD at James Cook University. I joined Murdoch University in 1998 as a Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine, after an academic position at the Vet School at Universiti Putra Malaysia (in Kuala Lumpur) and completing a residency and registrar appointment at the Veterinary Clinical Centre, University of Melbourne.  I’m a combination of veterinary clinician (and registered as a specialist in canine medicine) and veterinary parasitologist – most of my teaching and clinical service has been in companion animal science and all of my research in to do with vector-borne diseases.

In my role as Principal I am responsible for the professional, ethical, and academic affairs of the College of Veterinary Medicine.  Additionally I am currently Program Chair of the postgraduate coursework program in Small Animal Practice (Masters) and I co-supervise clinical residencies and research degrees.  My clinical interests include infectious and parasitic diseases of dogs and cats and my research is predominantly concerned with vector-borne diseases of animals and people.

Teaching area

Since taking the role of Principal the amount of time available for teaching in Small Animal Medicine has reduced. The subjects I teach currently include medical neurology and the diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline infectious and parasitic diseases. In the past I have lectured in gastroenterology, cardiology, endocrinology, urinary tract medicine and immunological diseases.  I teach into clinical rotations (VET585), I coordinate VET622 (Case Reports), VET629 (Infectious and Parasitic Diseases) and VET609 (Medicine 1), units in the postgraduate coursework program.

Research areas

Since participating in an undergraduate research team studying East Coast Fever in Kenya in 1980, I have always had an interest in vector-borne diseases.  For my PhD I studied canine babesiosis, a blood-borne,  tick-vectored parasitic disease of dogs, and my subsequent research has included the study of vector-borne diseases in companion animals (mainly dogs) and wildlife. I am currently co-director of the Vector- and Water-borne Pathogen Research Group (with Professor Una Ryan) and coordinate research into the microbiome of Australian ticks.

Current projects

We are currently researching the bacterial and protozoal microbiome of Australian ticks,  the phylogeny of piroplasms (blood protozoa), and tick taxonomy.

Awards and grants

Peter was awarded the ASAVA Distinguished Scientific Contribution award in 2005.

Events and speaking engagements

Peter regularly speaks at national and international conferences on his research programs.

Doctoral and masters supervisions

HDR Students recently supervised or co-supervised:

  • Gunn Kaewmongkol  – PhD – Detection and characterization of Bartonella species in Western Australia (awarded 2012)
  • Puteri Azaziah Megat Abd Rani – PhD (University of Queensland) – The epidemiology of canine vector-borne diseases in India (completed 2012)
  • Ryan Jefferies – PhD – Emerging canine tick-borne diseases in Australia and phylogenetic studies of the canine Piroplasmida (awarded 2006)

Residency (Research Masters with Training) Students recently supervised or co-supervised in Small Animal Medicine:

  • Amanda Paul
  • Mellora Sharman
  • Sonia McGill
  • Nicholas Russell



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