Ralf Cord-Ruwisch  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Ralf Cord-Ruwisch

    Senior Lecturer in Fermentation Biology

    Teaching area

    My original background is microbiology. Over the years in teaching in biotechnology, I have shifted towards environmental biotechnology and bioprocessing.

    Research areas

    Environmental Biotechnology. Environmental Engineering. Microbial Bioprocesses. Biological Water Treatment. Anaerobic Digestion. Microbial Fuel Cells. Low Energy Desalination Technology

    Current projects

    Ongoing projects are:
    Novel bio-electro-chemical processes such as microbial fuel cells and biosensors
    Energy from waste by microbial processing
    Improved biological removal of water pollutants
    Commercializing improved nitrogen removal technology wastewater treatment (PND)
    Low Energy Desalination using salt brines as energy source


    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    • Liang Cheng (PhD 2012) Biocementation by surface application.\
    • Lee Walker (PhD 2011) Optimisation and modelling of the DICOM process, a hybrid reactor for the conversion of solid wastes into biogas and compost”.
    • Ka Yu Cheng (2010) Electrochemically catalysed hydrogen production from acetate in microbial fuel cells.  (50%, with Co-supervisor Dr GE Ho)
    • Mitchell Lever (PhD 2010) An environmentally sustainable process for the production of fuel ethanol from lignocellulosic waste (50%, with Dr GE Ho as principal supervisor)
    • Donny James – (PhD 2010) Microbial reductive dechlorination of Hexa-Chloro-Butadiene in the presence of organic electron mediations”.
    • Salwa Al-Thawadi (PhD 2009) Optimisation of biocementation by using urease active bacteria”.
    • Leonie Hughes (PhD 2008) Advanced biological nitrogen removal by using a twin biofilm reactor system comprising storage driven denitrification and nitrification”.
    • Gibbs Brenton (PhD 2005) Online control and optimization of simultaneous nitrification of sequencing batch reactor technology for waste water treatment.
    • Herawati Budiastuti (PhD 2004) Intensification of single stage continuously stirred tank anaerobic digestion process using carriers. (Dr Pratap Pullammanapplallil principal supervisor)
    • Katie Third (PhD 2003) Oxygen Management for Optimisation of Nitrogen removal in a Sequencing Batch Reactor.
    • Victoria Whiffin (PhD 2003) Microbial CaCO3 precipitation for the production of  biocement
    • Gunawan Wibisono (PhD 2002) Anaerobic single baffled reactor as an alternative domestic wastewater treatment system in Indonesia. (20% with Dr GE Ho principal supervisor).
    • Andrew Poole (PhD 1999) Biological treatment of highly polluted industrial effluent, with application to the wool scouring industry.
    • Yang Yu (MSc1999) Oxalate Degradation by Anaerobic Bacteria and the Utilization of External Electron Acceptors. (50%, Co-supervised with Dr Graham O’Hara).
    • Choon-Yee Ho (PhD 1996) Modelling and reaction kinetics in anaerobic ecosystems with consideration of thermodynamic principles.
    • Naomi Carnaje (MSc 1995) Development of a control technique for the automated safe operation of anaerobic digesters at high loading rates.



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