Rebecca Bennett  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Rebecca Bennett
    PhD Communications and Cultural Studies


    About me

    I am a mid-career multi-disciplinary teaching and research academic in the Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre (KAC) at Murdoch University in Western Australia. My PhD in Communications and Cultural Studies was conferred in 2008, and I have since developed expertise in academic development, critical pedagogies, digital pedagogies, qualitative research methodologies, critical ethnography, educational psychology, and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). My diverse research interests are connected through a consistent passion for education, social justice and social equity. In my current role, I co-develop and co-lead large- and small-scale research projects with Aboriginal colleagues and students in our emerging Aboriginal Culture Education and Equity (ACEE) research lab; coordinate, co-design and co-teach Indigenous-specific and whole of university courses focused on developing allyship skills and social equity literacies; supervise HDR students, with a focus on developing research and teaching career pathways for Indigenous scholars; and Chair the university’s LGBTIQA+ Advisory Committee and Inclusive Curriculum Working Party.

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    Teaching area

    My teaching experience at a university-level is diverse and comprehensive, spanning over fifteen years. As well as units in Cultural Studies, Media Studies, Intercultural Communication and Masters-level Education, I have designed and developed several innovative multi-disciplinary foundation, enabling and acculturation courses, units and workshops for a range of cohorts, including ad-hoc, pre-university, undergraduate and postgraduate courses for International students, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, Whole-of-University students and university teaching staff. I won and Australian Award for University Teaching and a Vice Chancellor’s Teaching Excellence Award, as part of the K-Track Indigenous Enabling Pathway team (Programs Category; 2017) and an unsolicited nomination for a Vice Chancellors Award for Excellence in University Teaching (2013) for my intercultural acculturation course for international postgraduate students from developing nations on Australian Award supported scholarships and my cross-institutional collaborations with a Chinese university, where I was responsible for the design and delivery of an offshore academic acculturation course for Chinese undergraduate students on an articulation pathway to complete their studies at Murdoch University.

    Currently, a large portion of my teaching load is dedicated to mentoring early career university teachers, supervising Students as Partners to promote LGBTIQA+ inclusion in the university, and to supervising HDR students, with a dominant focus on fostering a strong community of practice for current and emerging Indigenous women scholars, and allies. I am committed to ceding space in the academy to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander voices and knowledges and to supporting the Indigenisation of higher education in all aspects of academic work.

    Research areas

    Racism; Higher Education; Educational Equity; Cultural Studies and the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL).


    Current projects

    In my current role, I co-develop and co-lead large- and small-scale research projects with Aboriginal colleagues and students in our emerging Aboriginal Culture Education and Equity (ACEE) research lab. My current research includes a Category 1 Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Indigenous project ($585,000; 2020 Round) to develop and test a tripartite model for understanding racial microaggressions experienced by Indigenous youth.  I am also co-leading a National Centre of Student Equity in Higher Education (NCSEHE) funded project ($35,000) exploring the relationship between use of student support services and Indigenous university student progression and completion rates and leading an internally funded (LEAD Academy $3000) project that involves co-designing resources for LGBTIQA+ inclusive curriculum design with LGBTIQA+ undergraduate students. Other projects have focused on Aboriginal women’s experiences in higher education (Bennett, Uink and van den Berg, 2020; Uink, Bennett and van den Berg, 2021), the role of non-Indigenous Allies in Higher Education (Bennett et al., 2018), the impacts of Covid-19 on Indigenous university students (Bennett, Uink and Cross, 2020; Uink, Bennett et al, 2020) and innovative pedagogical approaches to Indigenous bridging course curriculum (Bennet and Bennett, 2019; Bennett, Strehlow and Hill, Forthcoming 2021).

    Awards and grants

    2017 – Winner:  Australian Awards for University Teaching, Programs Category, ($25,000): Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

    2017 – Winner:  Vice Chancellors Award for Teaching Excellence, Programs Category, ($5,000): Murdoch University



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