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    Professor Rikki Kersten
    BA, BA (HON), D.Phil

    Dean, School of Arts

    About me

    Professor Rikki Kersten specialises in Japanese history, politics, security policy and foreign policy. She has a special interest in Australia-Japan relations, and in the US-Japan alliance.

    Educated at Adelaide and Oxford universities, Professor Kersten has held research attachments to various tertiary institutions in Japan, including the University of Tokyo and Keio University. Previously, Professor Kersten spent five years in the Australian Foreign Service, and served in the Political Section of the Australian Embassy in Tokyo.

    Professor Kersten has taught modern Japanese history at Sydney and Leiden Universities and served as Director of the Research Institute for Asia and the Pacific at the University of Sydney. Before joining Murdoch, she was Dean of the College of Asia and the Pacific, Dean of the Faculty of Asian Studies, and a Professor of Modern Japanese Political History at the Australian National University in Canberra.

    Research areas

    Modern Japanese History; political thought; foreign policy, security policy, the US-Japan alliance, the

    US ‘rebalancing’ policy, Australia-Japan relations

    Rikki is attracted to the intangible realm of political thought, particularly the history of political ideas in modern Japan. She aspires to communicate and analyse Japanese political thought for

    non-Japanese audiences,  and to integrate Japanese thinking into global scholarship in the humanities and social sciences. She works extensively with primary sources in the vernacular. Her main areas of research interest are: democracy and fascism; debates over war apologies and war guilt in Japan; contemporary Japanese politics and foreign policy; historical and philosophical revisionism. Her second area of specialization is Japanese security policy, including Australia-Japan security relations and the US-Japan alliance.


    Current projects

    Researcher’s projects

    1. Japan’s place in US global strategic thinking after the pivot, conducted under the auspices of the Endeavour Executive Award 2012 and the Harold White Fellowship at the National Library of Australia, 2013-14.

    2. Japan’s Strategic Dilemmas.  Monograph. 2013-2014.

    3. Broadening and deepening the Australia-Japan security relationship. Project conducted in conjunction with the Australian Department of Defence and the National Institute for Defence Studies Japan, 2012-2013.

    4. Military Force as Social Good: the legacies of Operation Tomodachi. Project led by Prof Mark

    Mullins at the University of Auckland 2013-2014.

    5. Turning to the nation in postwar Japan: tenko and transwar Japanese political thought. Monograph (ongoing)

    6. Japanese Political Thought after WWII. Contribution to Routledge Handbook of Political Thought. 2014-2015




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    Article by Rikki Kersten for The Interpreter published 23 July 2013 on Japan’s half upper house election in July 2013.


    http://www. abc. net.au/news/2013-07-23/japanese-prime-minister-wins-control-over/4839242



    Rikki Kersten interviewed by Kesha West for Australia Television’s program Newsline on the re-election of Shinzo Abe, broadcast 23 July 2013





    Article by Rikki Kersten entitled ‘Undercurrents of Sino-Japanese discord’, in The Interpreter,

    16 October 2013.


    • https:1/crawford.anu. edu. au/events/2544/japan-update-2013?tb=vid#tab


    Rikki Kersten speaks on trends and prospects in Japanese politics at the Japan Update 2013 on 5 November 2013


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