Ruth Wei  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Dr Ruth Wei


    About me

    Dr Ruth Wei has 30 years of experience in nursing practice, education and research in Australia and China and has expertise in cross-cultural care and quality improvement in nursing.

    I have worked as a registered nurse in China and a scheduled medicines registered nurse (rural and isolated practice) in Australia, with a broad range of experience to provide care to patients in a range of settings from intensive care units, emergency departments, surgical wards to community settings. Currently, I teach and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students with a variety of topics at Murdoch University.

    One of my special areas of interest is palliative care and end-of-life care, and death education. I am the principal investigator on an ongoing research project to explore the expectation, experience, and perceptions of palliative care in Chinese migrants living in Australia and a chief investigator in a work-life integration and well-being research project.

    Teaching area

    NUR123 Professional Nursing Practice2

    BNR359 Clinical Nursing Practice

    Research areas

    I am an active and passionate researcher and committed myself to three primary research areas: firstly, palliative care and end-life-care, with a particular focus on the provision of equitable palliative care to people of all cultures and contributing to the development of multidisciplinary based programs capable of delivering that care and death education. Secondly, due to my early clinical practice and clinical research experience, how to improve the quality of care has always been one of my research interests. Thirdly, my current experience in tertiary teaching has raised my research interests in curriculum development in nursing education, particularly in developing and evaluating innovative teaching methodologies to enhance nursing students’ learning experience and better understanding about nursing and caring. Other recent areas of research include occupational wellbeing, alternative and complementary medicine, clinical audit and peer-assisted learning.

    Current projects


    2019   The expectations, experiences and perceptions of palliative care amongst Chinese migrants living in Australia

    2017  Work-life balance, work-life merge and wellbeing in higher education employees

    Awards and grants

    2019     SHP Small Grant Award  $12,000

    2019    Awarded The Best Mini-Oral by a first-time presenter at The 19th Oceanic Palliative Care Conference, Australia

    2014   Rural and Isolated Practice Endorsed Registered Nurse (RIPERN) course  Scholarship (Queensland Health)                                                       $2300

    2011   Conference Travel Award (Murdoch University)                         $1200

    2007    Outstanding Clinic Educator Award  (Zhuhai People’s Hospital)                 ¥500

    2006    The 2nd Prize in Zhuhua’ Speech Contest  (Zhuhai Government)               ¥1000

    2006     Outstanding Clinic Educator Award ( Zhuhai People’s Hospital)                ¥500

    2000    Awarded Research Grants (Health Department, Zhuhai)                              ¥3000


    Professional and community service

    • Death cafe Murdoch founder (2019 – current)
    • Australian Chinese Health Professional Association committee (2019 – current)
    • Palliative care WA member (2017 – current)
    • Sigma  (2018 – 2019)
    • WA Simulation in Healthcare Alliance (WASHA) (2017 – Present)
    • WA Palliative Care Research Collaboration (2017 – 2018)                

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    Masters candidate: Holly Clegg: Required wound content for entry to practice registered nurse curricula (Associate supervisor)

    Masters candidate: Jing Ning: ‘What do they want to know and how?’- A qualitative study to understand the information needs of family members of Intensive Care Unit patients (Associate supervisor)

    PhD candidate: Ruixue Bi: The Needs and Experience of Family Caregivers of People[RW1]  with Dementia in Nanchang, China (Associate supervisor)



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