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    Dr Scott R Strachan

    Research Fellow

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    Freshwater ecology, especially invertebrates



    • Carey, N., Strachan, S., Robson, B., (2017), Impacts of Indian waterfern (Ceratopteris thalictroides (L.) Brongn.) infestation and removal on macroinvertebrate biodiversity and conservation in spring�fed streams in the Australian arid zone, Aquatic Conservation: marine and freshwater ecosystems, 28, 2, pages 466 - 475.
    • Strachan, S., Chester, E., Robson, B., (2016), Habitat alters the effect of false starts on seasonal-wetland invertebrates, Freshwater Biology, 61, 5, pages 680 - 692.
    • Strachan, S., Chester, E., Robson, B., (2016), Fringing trees may provide a refuge from prolonged drying for urban wetland invertebrates, Urban Ecosystems, 19, 3, pages 1213 - 1230.
    • Strachan, S., Chester, E., Robson, B., (2015), Freshwater Invertebrate Life History Strategies for Surviving Desiccation., Springer Science Reviews, 3, , pages 57 - 75.
    • Strachan, S., Chester, E., Robson, B., (2014), Microrefuges from drying for invertebrates in a seasonal wetland, Freshwater Biology, 59, 12, pages 2528 - 2538.
    • Chester, E., Matthews, T., Howson, T., Johnston, K., Mackie, J., Strachan, S., Robson, B., (2014), Constraints upon the Response of Fish and Crayfish toEnvironmental Flow Releases in a Regulated Headwater Stream Network, PLoS One, 9, 3, pages -.