Sharryn Batt  from Murdoch University in Perth Australia.

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    Sharryn Batt
    RN, DipHSc (WACAE), BN (ECU), GDipAdvN(Ed) (La Trobe), MHP (Curtin)


    About me

    I graduated as a Registered Nurse in 1989 and completed a 12 month graduate program at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in Perth.  Following this, I gained experience in various clinical, education, management, occupational health, primary health care, public health and research roles in the Australian Army, civilian organisations and other Australian universities.

    Early in my career I developed a love of teaching and completed a Graduate Diploma of Education at Latrobe University in Melbourne.  I began teaching at Murdoch University in 2008.  Since that time I have coordinated a number of undergraduate and post graduate units at the School of Health Professions, and taught in several study skills units both on campus and online for other schools of the University.  I have special interests in teaching and learning, the online learning environment, health promotion and behaviour change.



    Teaching area

    2016-2018: BNR150 Health and Human Behaviour

    2015-2018:  BNR100 Transition to Nursing

    2014: SHP511 Leadership in Health Care

    2013:  ISU 111 Wellbeing

    2012 – 201: NUR 611 Strategic Leadership in Health Care and NUR 612 Managing in a Health Care Environment

    2011:  NUR 234 Indigenous Culture and Health Care

    2010 – 2012:  SSK12 Introduction to University

    2010:  FDN 102 Food for Thought

    2009 – 2012: NUR 301 Family and Community Health

    2009:  NUR120 Health Mathematics, NUR 105 Physical Assessment in Nursing

    2008 – 2010:  NUR 103 Holistic Nursing

    Research areas

    My future research interest lies in the areas of health promotion, and teaching and learning.

    2017-2018:  A nursing identity project within the Murdoch University School of Health Professions.

    2016:  A health needs assessment for an Australian Army Reserve Brigade.  The aim of the study was to identify the health promotion needs, concerns and interests of soldiers serving in an Australian Army Reserve Brigade in Western Australia.  The results of the study were used to identify recommendations for future targeted, collaborative and participative health promotion programs that are community specific and appropriate.

    2016: A Peer Assisted Study Sessions project with the Murdoch University Centre for University Teaching and Learning.

    I have previously assisted with the following research projects:

    2012: Curtin University and Royal Life Saving Society of Western Australia ‘Don’t Drink and Drown and Keep Watch Health Promotion Program Evaluation Review and Recommendation’ project.

    2010:  Curtin University ‘Physical Activity and Nutrition for Seniors’ project

    2005 – 2008: Australian Army Malaria Research Institute  ’Japanese Encephalitis Virus Vaccine Study’

    2001: University of Western Australia ‘Kidskin’ project

    Current projects

    Graduate Readiness for Industry Program project

    Work-Life Merge Among University Academics project

    Nursing Inherent Requirement study


    Awards and grants

    2008 Chief of the Australian Army Commendation

    2008 Commander of the Australian Special Forces Commendation

    2007 Australian Safety Compensation Council National Safe Work Australia Award – Category 5 Best Individual Contribution To Workplace Health And Safety

    2007 Safety, Rehabilitation and Compensation Commission Award – Category 4 Best Individual Contribution to Health and Safety

    2007 Defence Safety Award

    2007 Army Safety Award

    The above awards were received for an occupational health promotion program  developed and implemented for the Australian Army Special Forces.

    1998 Queens Trust for Tomorrows Leaders Award

    1997 Western Australian Minister of Police Award

    1996 Royal Australian Army Nursing Corps Association Award

    Events and speaking engagements

    Geerlings, P., Cole, H., Batt, S., & Martin-Lynch, P. (2015). Peer assisted study sessions (PASS): Does gender matter? Paper presented at the Australasian PASS and Peer Learning Conference 2015, Melbourne, Australia.

    Professional and community service

    2016-2018:  Member of the School of Health Professions School Board

    2014-2015:  Member of the 2016 BN Curriculum Development Team

    2012:  Member of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Teaching and Learning Committee

    2011:  Chair of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Teaching and Learning Committee, member of the Faculty Learning and Teaching Committee, member of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Curriculum Review Committee.

    2010-2011:  Member of the School of Nursing and Midwifery Teaching and Learning Committee

    2010:  Member of the 2010 BN Curriculum Development Team

    Doctoral and masters supervisions

    I am presently completing the Enhancing Post-Graduate Supervision Unit in S2 2015 and am not currently supervising any post graduate students.


    Browne, C., Wall, P., Batt, S., & Bennett, R. (2018). Understanding perceptions of nursing professional identity in students entering an Australian undergraduate nursing degree. Nurse Education in Practice, in press. 

    Fetherston, C., Browne, C., Andrus, P., & Batt, S. (2018). Renewal of an entry to practice baccalaureate nursing curriculum: Adapting to complexity. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 8(2),104-115.

    Geerlings, P., Cole, H., Batt, S., & Martin-Lynch, P. (2016). Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS): Does gender matter? Journal of Peer Learning, 9, 10-25.

    Batt, S., Geerlings, P., & Fetherston, C. (2016). Health characteristics and self-identified health promotion needs of Army personnel in Perth Western Australia. Journal of Military and Veterans’ Health, 24(2), 6-13.

    Batt, S. (2011). Inspiring students to consider a future in primary health care. Australian Nursing Journal, 19(3), 40-41.;dn=332537933468982;res=IELHEA

    Batt, S. (1996). Medical assistant training at norris barracks Portsea. Grey and Scarlet, 1(1), 47-51.